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Amanda Mespelts, 17, Missing from Boise, ID … Possibly Met Someone on Internet

When will these teenage girls ever learn? Conversations on the web are hardly ever what they are made out to be in real life. Such seems like the situation for 17 year old missing Amanda Mespelts of Boise, Idaho. Mespelts was last seen on February 15, 2007. It is feared that she ran off with someone that she met on the internet.

Amanda Mespelts

(Amanda Mespelts)

They say it began with a conversation the girl had with someone on the Internet.

There are more questions than answers as to Amanda’s whereabouts.

She was last seen around noon six days ago.

NewsChannel 7 talked with Amanda’s mom who says she’s pretty sure that wherever her daughter is — there’s sure to be a stranger she met online with her. (WKTB)

Amanda Mespelts apparently left early from school the day of Feb 15. with supposedly someone she met on the internet. Amanda failed to show for her usual ride home.

“Like we said, we know she’s been online. We know there’s an individual, possibly from Georgia, that is somebody they’re looking at, somebody from Horseshoe Bend that we’ve learned about, that the police are aware of,” said Emory.

Judging by the date that Amanda went missing, we can surmise how the conversation on-line went between Amanda and the person she ran off with. The Valentine connection is too much a coincidence to overlook as to why she ran off with someone who may have been feeding her a line to especially meet for Valentine’s Day.

Amanda Mespelts’ Open Pal page

Blonde in Boise looking for you!!

Im just a fun girl looking for fun! i like to go out and have fn and if i sound like the type of person u want to be friends with then you should email me or whatever!!

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