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Silver Lining to a very Dark Cloud … Stalking Bill Introduced from Jodi Sanderholm Murder

The tragic and terrible story of the murder of Jodi Sanderholm has at least a silver lining to it. Joshua Thurber stalked, raped  and murdered Jodi Sanderholm. As a result of this terrible crime new stalker bills are being submitted to hopefully prevent such actions in the future and hopefully nip such stalking events in the bud.

The Department of Justice says eight to twelve percent of women will be stalked at some point in their lives.

“It is a growing problem in our nation, no doubt,” says Rep. Kasha Kelley of Arkansas City.

Kelley introduced House Bill 2473, aimed at cracking down on stalkers.

She worked with law enforcement after Sanderholm’s murder to try to prevent something similar from happening in another community.

“It seeks to bring a tighter definition to what stalking is,” says Kelley.

The current law says stalking occurs when the situation poses a credible threat. (KBSD 6)

Ark City Teen Inspires Anti-Stalking Bill

With Jodi in mind, Kelly introduced a bill into the House that would increase the severity level for stalkers. The bill would put the crime of stalking at a higher level and would require longer sentences. (KAKE)

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