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Trenton Duckett Possibly Shipped to Korea?

Could the missing Trenton Duckett actually have been sent to Korea? Investigators into the disappearance of Trenton Duckett are actually looking into that angle. Investigators are looking at flight records around the time of Trenton’s disappearance to see if that nay have actually happened. Police are looking into the over 12,000 passengers who traveled to Korea that weekend. There do not seem to be any solid leads that would have police look in this direction; however, all scenarios need to be investigated.


Detectives in the search for missing Trenton Duckett are now poring over international airline records trying to determine whether the toddler was whisked out of the country, WKMG-TV has reported. Now, investigators are looking into the possibility that Duckett sent her son to Korea.

“We do have certain individuals who stated that Melinda had talked about her roots and possibly sending little Trenton back to his roots,” Marion County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Chris Blair said. “We are working with customs and issuing some subpoenas. They are aiding us in trying to obtain information on people who were located on certain flights.”

However, Marion County investigators said they believe Duckett, who was born in Korea but was adopted by a New York family when she was a baby, may have handed off her son to someone near a Belleview restaurant last year. (News4)

Trenton Duckett’s Father Gives New Items To Detectives

Local officials said they are working with U.S. Customs officials to check the manifests on every U.S. to Korea flight on the weekend that Trenton disappeared in August. Those manifests include the names of 12,000 people.

Investigators are cross-checking those names to see if anybody connected to Trenton’s mother, Melinda Duckett, match those names. (WESH)

UPDATE I: Joshua Duckett meets with police behind closed doors.


Leesburg police made new requests for DNA. A hair brush and toys that may have Trenton Duckett’s DNA on them still. Police are making a comparison of a pillow and pillow case found thrown away at Melinda Duckett’s house.

UPDATE II: Could Melinda Duckett’s former co-workers offer any insight into the disappearance of Trent Duckett? Is this the speculation that is causing police to believe that maybe Trenton Duckett was sent to Korea?

Carolyn Kendrick is a chiropractic clinic manager in Sumter County. Melinda Duckett worked there when Trenton was 6 months old.

Duckett is considered the prime suspect in her son’s disappearance. She killed herself in September, just weeks after she reported the boy missing
That same month, Kendrick described Duckett’s desire to find her Korean birth mother.

“The only thing she really expressed to me was that she wanted to go back to her roots, which is Korea,” Kendrick told WESH 2 News.

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  1. On the Nancy Grace show tonight on Thursday, Nancy finally covered some of the Trenton Duckett case where Nancy is alleged to have assisted and been connected to assisting in Trenton’s mother’s death. Nancy finally spoke about some of the information that Trenton is likely overseas right now, which I suspected from Day-One in many of my posts on the sites that cover some of Nancy’s illegal and unprofessional conduct. She sure is slow now-a-days getting to the up-to-date facts. That news is more than four months old already. I guess the stress she is experiencing facing the potential loss of millions of dollars is finally starting to get to her demeanor. It has already cause Nancy to fire her first two-of-three Damage-Control Specialist Firms, and has gotten her on an in-patient status three times since Nancy contributed to Melinda’s untimely death. Nancy had on Josh, that scum-bag sorry-excuse-of-a-father idiot and he just proved himself useless again on the show. Hopefully, Josh ends up with sanctions after the upcoming cases against him and Nancy get some true justice. Like MSNBC television has stated before, Nancy is scared to death right now. Good for Nancy. She should stop victimizing non-convicted victims. .

    Comment by Michelle from Madison | January 25, 2007

  2. MICHELLE, Nancy got a bum rap….She was only doing her job. These charges are rediculous…I don’t think she is sweating anything…your statements are very accusing toward her.

    You should be focusing against the criminal “Melinda”..what did SHE do with Trenton? That is the question. She obviously had this all planned…the disposal of her son and your suicide… She took her own life, Nancy did not help her!!

    Comment by Sharon Chicago | January 27, 2007

  3. Sorry correction in statement “her suicide” not yours…

    Comment by Sharon Chicago | January 27, 2007

  4. I think based on reading some of the articles on this case that Melinda was suicidal for a long time…She wanted to meet her mother from Korea. She was adopted as a baby and lived in NY and was raised there….why all of a sudden she wants to find her real mom and then also weekend of Trenton’s dissappearance she wants to visit her father in law who is in prison.

    Was the search for her mother and visit to her father in law to say good-bye?

    She was so vengeful and full of hatred toward her x-husband to either kill her son or give him away and then take her life….that is criminal!!

    Comment by Sharon Fetters | January 27, 2007

  5. She probably had set all of this up with one of her “friends” that she had through her porn business. The person probably tricked her into thinking that they would set Josh up and they would hide Trenton somewhere, maybee Korea, where Melinda and Trenton would be later reunited. But Her “friend” doulble crossed her and sold Trenton off. Once she realized what had happened and LE was comming down on her she decided to kill herself instead of facing the fact that she had basicly given her child away into slavery. After all Human trafficking is huge in Florida.

    Comment by Ongbak | February 4, 2007

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