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Search for Jodi Sanderholm Continues, Texas EquuSearch Helps to Find Missing Ark City Teen (UPDATE)

As was reported last night, Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch were asked by authorities to help search for missing 19 year old Jodi Sanderholm. They arrived today to discuss a game plan with authorities and should begin searching.

Mr. Miller is awaiting further contact and will be on a plane to the area within hours. Please keep Jodi and her family as well as all involved in this search in your prayers. (Texas

Searchers focus on lake: Residents are asked to check outbuildings for woman’s car

(Wichita Eagle)

The search for a missing Arkansas City woman focused Monday on Cowley State Fishing Lake. Divers explored the lake on U.S. 166 near 256th Road, about 15 miles east of downtown Arkansas City, for any trace of 19-year-old Jodi Sanderholm, who has been missing since Friday.

“We’ve recovered evidence out there, and we’re continuing to recover evidence,” interim Police Chief Sean Wallace told The Eagle.

Jodi Sanderholm’s Myspace account

From Greta Van Susteren, “On the Record“.

VAN SUSTEREN: What kind of car was she driving?

WALLACE: She was driving a 2003 black Dodge Stratus four-door. It’s got a Kansas tag of WOT-921. And on the front of the car, there is a personalized tag in airbrushed “Jodi” on the front, and does have a sunroof.

VAN SUSTEREN: So by now, she would have had – if she were driving someplace, would have had to probably get gasoline. I take it that you’ve checked to see if her credit cards, gas cards have been used.

WALLACE: We’ve been following her credit cards and her gas cards and there’s also – the vehicle’s in NNCIC (ph). If it were to get pulled over anywhere or stopped anywhere, it would show as a missing person’s vehicle. That’s one of the things that makes us concerned.

VAN SUSTEREN: Any activity on the credit cards?

WALLACE: No activity whatsoever.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Now, there was someone that you – that was investigated on Sunday, I think, is that right? Someone was talked to?

WALLACE: Yes. Because of some previous reports we had about an individual who had stalked some dance line girls and had showed some interest in them, and because of their fears of this individual, we did talk with him. He was interviewed, and he – we arrested him on some unrelated charges that were based on an investigation that we had ongoing prior to Jodi coming up missing. So he’s in jail right now on about a $35,000 bond for two unrelated charges. And we’ll continue to work that avenue and continue talk with him through his attorney, as he’s asked to not talk with us without her.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. So you have not cleared him, in short.

WALLACE: Not completely, no.

UPDATE: Within the noon hour, police brought two tow trucks and an ambulance to the scene at the lake where they’ve been searching.

Police aren’t saying if they’ve located anything, or specifically what the tow trucks and ambulance are for. They did tell Eyewitness News yesterday, that they recovered what they call “evidence” in the case of the missing 19-year-old. (KWCH)


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