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Melinda Duckett Lawsuit Against Nancy Grace Moved to Federal Court

The lawsuit against CNN and Nancy Grace filed by the family of Melinda Duckett has been moved from Circuit Court to Federal Court.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed against CNN’s Nancy Grace, claiming she pushed the mother of a missing toddler to suicide through aggressive questioning on her talk show, has been moved to federal court.

The case was moved from Circuit Court in the Lake County seat of Tavares to U.S. District Court in Ocala, according to a notice of removal filed Dec. 20.

Lawyers for Grace and Atlanta-based CNN asked that the case be transferred to federal court, a move allowed when opposing parties in a lawsuit reside or are headquartered in different states. The provision ensures a state court will not be biased in favor of a party from its own state. (Gainesville Sun)

The lawsuit also names Joshua Duckett, Trenton Duckett’s father as well. The Eubanks, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the estate of Melinda Duckett is also asking for a court ordered accounting of the Trenton Duckett Family Charitable Trust Fund.

Trenton’s father, Joshua Duckett, who was estranged from his wife, also was named in the lawsuit, though he had filed a response in Circuit Court demanding that he be dropped from the case.

The Eubanks want a court-ordered accounting of the Trenton Duckett Family Charitable Trust Fund, which Joshua Duckett established to solicit donations to help him search for his missing son. Their lawsuit said they “seek to ensure that any and all funds donated for locating [Trenton] are used for said purposes and not for any ill-conceived or improper purpose . . .”

The fund is run through (Orlando Sentinel)

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  1. Ratings, Ratings, Ratins *said in Gomer Pyle voice*

    Nancy Disgrace is just that. She intimated and scared Melinda Duckett. As if that mother didn’t have enough things to worry about without a vile, forceful, vitriolic meance coming at her a trillion miles an hour.

    Nandy Digrace only wanted ratings and to bring Melissa Duckett to her knees on National TV so that she could look like the saviour of the child. Beating further
    down an already beaten woman.

    Nancy Disgrace deserves to have her pants sued off her. No wait a second *that would be horrific*. Nancy Disgrace deserves to pay big bucks for interfereing and inserting herself into a police investigation.

    Ms Disgrace is totally unlikeable and a bully.

    Comment by Nancy Disgrace | December 31, 2006

  2. On the Nancy Grace show tonight on Thursday, Nancy finally covered some of the Trenton Duckett case where Nancy is alleged to have assisted and been connected to assisting in Trenton’s mother’s death. Nancy finally spoke about some of the information that Trenton is likely overseas right now, which I suspected from Day-One in many of my posts on the sites that cover some of Nancy’s illegal and unprofessional conduct. She sure is slow now-a-days getting to the up-to-date facts. That news is more than four months old already. I guess the stress she is experiencing facing the potential loss of millions of dollars is finally starting to get to her demeanor. It has already cause Nancy to fire her first two-of-three Damage-Control Specialist Firms, and has gotten her on an in-patient status three times since Nancy contributed to Melinda’s untimely death. Nancy had on Josh, that scum-bag sorry-excuse-of-a-father idiot and he just proved himself useless again on the show. Hopefully, Josh ends up with sanctions after the upcoming cases against him and Nancy get some true justice. Like MSNBC television has stated before, Nancy is scared to death right now. Good for Nancy. She should stop victimizing non-convicted victims. .

    Comment by Michelle from Madison | January 25, 2007

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