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The Dana Pretzer Show Tonight – 9 PM – Special Guests Attorney Jay Paul Deratany, Dave Holloway, Pat Pedraja, and Bree Smith

The Dana Pretzer Show for tonight will feature these special guests.

Be sure to listen in here, or catch the one of the fastest growing podcasts in the country. We will have the show available for download about one hour after the show finishes.

the Dana Pretzer Show

December 7th, 2006 at 11:11am Posted by | Jennifer Hagel Smith | one comment

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen;

    I was watching Nancy Grace on CNN several minutes while she was grilling Melinda Duckett about her missing son, Trenton Duckett, about the time in question. On or about Sept. 8th. 06.

    I saw and heard enough to turn my stomach, so when I had enough I would switch stations. When I would come back
    night after night, hour after hour she, went on and on about that sad situation.

    If need be I will attest to this statement.

    Comment by Harold L. Smith | January 5, 2007

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