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Police Say Trenton Duckett May Still Be ALIVE!

After months of searching for 2 year old Trenton Duckett, Marion County police on Trentonduckett cfnWednesday said they believe Trenton Duckett may still be alive.

Marion County police on Wednesday said they believe Trenton Duckett may still be alive after a witness reported seeing the 2-year-old with his mother hours before his reported disappearance at the end of August.

The witness said she saw Trenton Duckett with his mother, Melinda Duckett, in Belleview hours before his reported disappearance, said Capt. Jimmy Pogue of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (Fox News)


Officials Say Missing Boy May Be Alive

Melinda Duckett remains the primary suspect, Pogue said.

“He could still be alive, and we need people to start looking for him and stop assuming he’s passed away and that we’re not looking for him,” Pogue said.

The witness reported seeing Melinda Duckett with the boy at a restaurant in Belleview on Aug. 27, Pogue said.

“She believes she saw Melinda and the baby during the time that Trenton is unaccounted for,” he said.

These new details provide hope for Joshua Duckett as he has been stating for a month that he believed his son was still alive.

Trenton’s father, Joshua Duckett, said investigators now share his belief that his son is alive. He also declined Tuesday to release new information about the investigation.

“They’re just going on the same theory I’ve been going on,” he said. “I’m still 100 percent confident he’s alive and well. It’s just a matter of finding him.” (Casper Star Tribune)

New Witness Comes Forward In Search For Trenton Duckett

There’s a new witness in the search for a missing Lake County toddler. Trenton Duckett, 2, was reported missing August 27.

Investigators said the witness is a fast food employee who works in Marion County, but released no further information about the person. (WFTV)

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