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Paul Shuman-Moore, Missing Grinnell College Student Added to National Center for Missing Adults’s list

Paul Shuman-Moore, a Grinnell College student has been missing since September. Paul Paul Shuman-Moore 3Shuman-Moore was just added to the National Center for Missing Adults’s list.

In September, hundreds searched for Shuman-Moore in the Grinnell area. Now police are asking local farmers and hunters to keep an eye out for any evidence of Shuman-Moore. Grinnell police are also hopeful they will find him alive, but don’t have evidence that supports that claim. (WHO TV)

Shuman-Moore has medium length brown hair and brown eyes. He is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 138 pounds.

Paul Shuman-Moore’s parents have created a web site, please check it out.

According to a website his family put up, the note could also be read as an announcement that he wanted to disappear for awhile. So they’ve been putting up posters in Chicago and other areas, describing Paul and saying simply, “Please come home or let us know that you are okay. We love you. Love, Mom and Dad.” (WHO TV

Paul Shuman-Moore 2

Anyone with information about Paul is encouraged to call the College’s Office of Safety and Security at 641-269-4600 or the Grinnell Police Department at 641-236-2650.

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  1. Body Found is Missing Grinnell Student
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    April 17, 2007– The Iowa DCI says a body found in a covered pool at the Grinnell Country Club, is that of missing Grinnell College student Paul Shuman-Moore. The body was found Monday morning by an employee of the country club.

    The DCI says dental records were used to determine the identity of the body. They continue to investigate, but say there isn’t any compelling evidence that leads them to think foul play was involved in Shuman-Moore’s death.

    Shuman-Moore disappeared from Grinnell College’s campus September 25th, 2006. He was last seen by his roommate early that morning. An apparent suicide note was left behind.

    Shuman-Moore’s parents and friends have maintained their hope that Paul didn’t kill himself and that he may have simply run away. His parents issued this statement through the Grinnell police after they were notified of the identification of the body, “For the past six months, we have hoped and prayed that our dear son Paul was alive. Now that he has been found, we are devastated. We thank everyone who helped search for Paul and who has given us comfort and support. We also thank the media that helped us get the word out about Paul and now we ask that they respect our need to grieve in private.”

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    Comment by William Smith | April 18, 2007

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