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There are no Innocent Parties in the Trenton Duckett case, but that of Trenton Duckett Himself.

There are no hero’s in this story. Both Melinda and Josh Duckett should both be ashamed of themselves. Melinda is now dead of an apparent suice and Josh Duckett goes on TV and plays the adoring concerned dad. If both Josh and Melinda actually cared about Trenton Duckett and not themselves, maybe Trenton would not be missing or worse.

During his first two years of life, Trenton has been shuffled back and forth between his parents, his paternal grandmother, his maternal great-grandparents and into foster care. (WESH)

Is it possible by an act of God that maybe someone took this child away from all of these individuals to make a better life for Trenton Duckett? One can hope, pray and dream.

As the search for Trenton Duckett continues, information comes from the family courts as to what had transpired between the two parents and Trenton Duckett. Like with any terrible marriage and divorce between two adults, the child is always pout in the middle. The marriage and subsequent divorce of Melinda and Josh Duckett was no different. Trenton Duckett was and is the only innocent party in this entire matter and is the only one without blame. The court records were released and as usual both parents should be ashamed of themselves for using their child as a pawn. Its always the innocent that suffer the most.

Records: Experts critical of parents Court-ordered evaluation says Ducketts were unfit, another saw child as pawn

Judge reviewing DCF files involving Trenton Duckett

Doesn’t this sound rather familiar in the sad life of Trenton Duckett? On the day that the judge decides to have a hearing, Josh Duckett is off to NYC to appear on TV. If both Josh and Melinda made the situation about Trenton, maybe none of this would ever have happened.

On Wednesday, Hallman agreed with Sentinel attorney Susan Bunch, who argued that the public interest in Trenton Duckett’s DCF case outweighed his individual privacy rights.

DCF does not object to the release of the records in question, said Tim Bottcher, an agency spokesman. He said DCF officials suspect a public release of the records may help investigators determine what happened to Trenton.

Joshua Duckett, the boy’s father, did not appear at the hearing. He was on his way to New York City to appear on television and make another national plea in the search for his son.

But on Tuesday Joshua Duckett told the Sentinel he wants the DCF records revealed to the public.

“There’s stuff in there that should be released,” he said Tuesday. “In my eyes, they [DCF] screwed up. They were passing Trenton back and forth between the families.” (Orlando Sentinel)

DCF Releases Timeline Of Trenton Duckett’s Turbulent Life


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  2. Its a tragedy. But I also see where there is some sterotypical behaviour by “the system”

    That is that all things being equal, we somehow think the “mom” is the best choice for the child.
    Both were immature – Trenton went to mom.
    Both used the child as a pawn so say the records, Trenton went to the mom.

    Joshua complained several times to authorities about the mothers treats and abuse of Trenton, still Trenton went to the mom. The mother was instiutionalized for 24 hours, still Trenton went to mom.

    Yes Joshua failed to fill out paperwork, and for that Trenton was givent to “mom”

    They both went to counseling at a church, who no doubt was woefully un prepared to get to issues, and Trenton went to mom.

    Trenton was placed in Foster care at least once, but then returned to Mom.

    According to reports at least one DCF officical noted the mothers bad behaviour, yet Trenton went to “mom”

    My faith compels me to believe that Trenton is hopefully in a better place.

    With so many crying out in this case prior to the mom taking her life, prior to the dad now being plastered all over the news, prior to Trenton missing, why WASN’T ANYONE LISTENING?

    WHY was this gift from God so abused, now missing, probably dead not taken care of by family, church, the system, his parents? Why indeed….

    In Pennsylvania a mother gave us her two year old son, because she wanted to go with her new love who she met at a carnival. He was a “carny” Told her she could go with the carnival to the next town and be his girl, but the kid had to stay back. So what did she do? Being in love, she abandoned the kid with family and left town. The kid was eventually placed in foster care. Eventually we were called for possible adoption. As we moved through the process, “Grandma and the rest of the family who was too busy to take care of the kid and let the child go into foster care in teh first place” thought hmmmmm, now wait just a minute, we need to set up some guide lines for you…’our rights and all is what they were really saying’.

    When I told them this was an adoption not a baby sitting service, the family seemed to find the long lost “carny daughter” who had been gone for months and months eventually came home faced a mountain of legal claims etc. But guess what? The child was taken out of foster care, the adoption process stopped and the child given back to the “MOM”. The child cried horrifically, no doubt confused and emotionally straught. Later I found out that authorities didn’t feel the original dad, who had a job and wanted the child before foster care and adoption were options, wasn’t fit. He now has a second family and doing fine. The mom continues to struggle. No one knows how much this affected the child.

    We need to fix the system and realize that in most cases the “mom” no doubt is the best choice for the child, but when it is not, we must be brave enough to say so.

    Comment by Skyboxx | October 1, 2006

  3. TO SAY/OR INSINUATE that Nancy Grace is responsible for Melinda’s death is rediculous… The police had/have Melinda as the prime suspect in Trenton’s dissappearance.
    I think one can assume that he probably is dead, unfortunately.

    If so, Melinda is the evil one, murderer, and Trenton and the news media/Nancy Grace are also victims of this
    crime being lied to by Melinda.

    Comment by Sharon Chicago | October 1, 2006

  4. I feel like the social serivces are respoable for this little boy they let this mother have this child back 3times i blame the husband and all faimily because they knew what was going on with the mother why wasn’t the child taken out of the homefor good? Could it be she sold the baby for $900.00 when they found all his toys his play pen she knew he was not comming back home this women needed medical help

    Comment by Betty | October 2, 2006

  5. I just read an update:
    Credit Card Latest Clue In Search For Missing Leesburg Toddler

    POSTED: 5:57 pm EDT October 2, 2006
    UPDATED: 6:04 pm EDT October 2, 2006

    LEESBURG, Fla. — A gas credit card is the latest clue in the case of missing 2-year-old Trenton Duckett. Monday, investigators revealed Melinda Duckett bought gas at a BP station on U.S. Highway 27 in south Leesburg the day before Trenton was reported missing.

    VIDEO: Search For Missing Toddler May Expand

    The revelation means one more hour of Melinda Duckett’s timeline has been filled in, but police don’t know if Trenton was with her there, because she paid at the pump and there are no surveillance cameras outside.

    From a piece of Melinda Duckett’s old mail, investigators discovered she bought gas at the BP on Saturday, August 26 at 5:25pm, just about an hour after her last confirmed sighting when she left her grandparents’ house.

    “It forces us to consider she didn’t go north to the Ocala forest area,” said Capt. Steve Rockefeller, Leesburg Police Department.

    The credit card purchase plugs in an hour in the 15-and-half-hour gap where detectives don’t know where Melinda was the day before Trenton was reported missing.

    After Melinda committed suicide about three weeks ago, investigators focused much of their attention on Melinda going to the Ocala National Forest from her grandparents’ home in Lady Lake.

    Police said Melinda drew a map for her attorney, showing that’s where she went. But if she was at the gas station in south Leesburg, police now think she could have traveled south before going north.

    “And now going south, that kinda opens up a whole new area,” Rockefeller said.

    That means the search for the missing 2-year-old could expand to even more wooded areas.

    “South Lake County is a very rural area. We have lots of different lakes and woods in that area and it’s definitely an area we didn’t’ know she was at previously,” Rockefeller said.

    Leesburg police said next detectives will try to recalculate possible routes Melinda could have taken before going to the Ocala National Forest.

    Comment by Heather | October 2, 2006

  6. While I realize that law enforcement agencies are still investigating the disappearance of little Trenton, I find it quite odd that his father, Joshua, has not organized any volunteer search efforts for him as Mark Klaas suggested several times during appearances on “Nancy Grace”. It would have been virtually impossible for Trenton to have been abducted through the 10″ window screen opening, which was one reason that the police named Melinda as the prime suspect in his disappearance. If Joshua believes Trenton is alive, then where would he be and who would be taking care of him? That thinking is in direct opposition to Melinda having the capability of harming her son, her lack of cooperation with police prior to her suicide and the suicide itself. So, what is going on here? I’m really not understanding Joshua’s passive attitude toward Melinda and the strong possibility that she killed their son. He’s been missing for over a month and why isn’t Joshua’s family out there begging the public for information as to where Melinda may have been during several unaccounted for hours on Sat. night Aug. 26, which could lead to Trenton’s location?

    Comment by Tera | October 6, 2006

  7. I thought he [Trenton] was probably dead, but then I was watching NG last night and they said out of all the things that had been thrown away in the dumpster, there was not a single stitch of clothing thrown away! Makes ya think Huh!!!!!!!

    Comment by maria dunn | October 7, 2006

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