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Kevin Brown, 2, Missing in Alvarado, TX in Johnson County (UPDATE: FOUND ALIVE)

The search continues for 2 year old Kevin Brown in Alvarado, TX who wandered away Kevin Brownfrom his home at approximately 8:00 pm Thursday night. According to reports, the father was given a polygraph test and passed.


The Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, Burleson police and the Texas Department of Public Safety are all involved in the search. The search is concentrated along County Road 405 north of FM 2415.

A DPS helicopter from Austin has been searching along with people on foot, horseback and vehicles. Bloodhounds are being brought in, and some are diving into and dragging area stock ponds.

The FBI is now assisting in conducting interviews, questioning registered sex offenders in the area and searching six homes, and said everything checks out. (NBC5)

 No sign of missing two-year-old

Kevin Brown disappeared from his front yard around 8 p.m. Thursday. Search dogs detected his scent on the family’s property, but were unable to trace it further.

Kevin Brown 2

Kevin Brown was playing with his 4-year-old brother when the brother was bitten by fire ants and went inside, Johnson County sheriff Cpl. Pam Jetsel said. The parents were treating the ant bites with medicine inside the house while Kevin played outside. When the parents went to look for him, the toddler was gone. (WFAA)

Anyone with information about Kevin should call the Johnson County sheriff at 817-556-6055.

‘Help me find my son,’ mother pleads

A 2-year-old Johnson County boy remained missing Friday night, more than 24 hours after he was last seen playing with his brother outside his home, and a $12,000 reward was offered for information, authorities said.

Kevin Brown’s parents asked the public for help, saying they are sure the boy was abducted.

“Please, all the mothers out there, help me find my son.” (Centre Daily)

UPDATE: Alvarado toddler missing for nearly three days found alive

2-year-old boy was found about a mile from his home today, nearly three days after he was reported missing, authorities said.

A helicopter pilot doing his final search sweep of the day spotted Kevin Brown drinking water from a stock tank. Authorities said he was ill and covered with scratches and ant bites, but was otherwise unharmed. (Houston Chronicle)

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Mother Killed and Baby cut from womb; 7 year old DeMond, 3 year old Ivan and 2 year old Jinela Missing (UPDATE: Children found dead)

This story defies all sense of reality and offends the all conscious thought. A woman has been arrested for killing her cousin and cutting her cousin’s child from her womb. The murdered woman’s children are also missing: 7 year old DeMond, 3 year old Ivan and 2 year old Jinela.

Police sources said a child was cut from the womb of a woman whose body was Baby_snatchfound behind an East St. Louis home Thursday.

Police have arrested the victim’s cousin for the murder. She was taken into custody late Thursday night.

Friday morning, police announced they were looking for three children last seen with the suspect. They were searching part of Frank Holten State Park for the children.

The missing children are 7 year old DeMond, 3 year old Ivan and 2 year old Jinela. The suspect is not the mother of the missing children. Police did not issue an Amber Alert for the children, but they told NewsChannel 5 they are concerned because the children are missing and were last seen with a woman now accused of killing her cousin and cutting her cousin’s child from her womb.


Woman Questioned About Killing Mother, Stealing Fetus; Victim’s 3 Kids Missing

A 26-year-old woman who police called a “person of interest” was in police custody Friday. Local FOX affiliate KSDK reported that the woman being questioned is the victim’s cousin.

On Thursday there was a funeral for a baby who the woman in custody claimed was hers and had been stillborn, East St. Louis Police Chief James Mister told the Belleville News-Democrat.

An autopsy will be performed on the baby Friday to determine if it was removed from the dead woman’s womb, Mister said. (Fox News)

UPDATE: Three Missing Children all Found Dead

Three missing children have been found dead, days after their mother’s body was discovered with the fetus cut from her womb, authorities announced late yesterday.

The bodies of the children were found hours after a woman was charged and jailed on US$5-million bail in the deaths of Jimella Tunstall, 23, who was seven months pregnant.

The two boys, ages 7 and 2, and their one-year-old sister were found together in an apartment in the East St. Louis public housing complex where their mother lived. (Calgary Sun)

3 children drowned and then put in washer and dryer

Good God, how could this story get any more sick and twisted. Woman accused of killing a pregnant woman and her fetus now admits to drowning three young children and putting them into a washer & dryer.

A woman accused of killing a pregnant woman and her fetus told police she drowned the woman’s three young children and stuffed them into a washer and dryer at their apartment, an official said today.

Preliminary autopsies on the dead children Sunday appear to show they were drowned, Ace Hart, a deputy St. Clair County coroner, told The Associated Press.

According to today’s autopsies, there were no signs of physical abuse or trauma on the children – ages 7, 2, and 1 – and toxicology tests were pending “to see if they were poisoned or possibly drugged,” Hart said.

“They were not drowned there in the wash machine,” Hart stressed.

Today, the community turned to prayer to understand the slayings at a service for the slain family. (Houston Chronicle)


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Alfonso Rodriguez Jr, Dru Sjodin’s Killer Sentenced to Death

The murderer of the University of North Dakota student, Dru Sjodin, was sentenced to death. It became North Dakota’s first death penalty case in over a century. Alfonso Rodriguez Jr, received the sentence that he deserved. He will no longer be able to walk among us and harm innocent people.

Rodriguez, who got out of prison about six months before the killing, was charged under federal law because Sjodin was taken across state lines.

U.S. Attorney Drew Wrigley, in his statements to jurors, said the death penalty would be the “right thing, in the right case.” He stood near her portrait and asked for justice. Fox News)

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Missing Marine Lance Cpl. Lance Hering Bought Bus Ticket after Hoax Disappearance

The case of missing Marine Marine Lance Cpl. Lance Hering is all but considered a hoax. As the days went on in searching for the missing Marine who’s parents thought that maybe he had been the victim of foul play, it now appears that they are coming to the reality that their son faked his disappearance. It is being reported that Lance Hering purchased a bus ticket the day after he faked his disappearance.

A California-based Marine who vanished weeks before his scheduled return to duty bought a bus ticket in Denver the day after staging a bogus story about injuring himself during a hike in the Colorado mountains, authorities said Thursday.

Lance Cpl. Lance Hering, 21, bought the ticket using a different name at about 6 a.m. on Aug. 30 as search crews were gearing up to look for him, Boulder County sheriff’s Commander Phil West said.

West, who did not immediately return a call seeking more details, did not say where Hering might have gone or what alias he used. He said the video obtained with help from Greyhound Bus Line officials would not be released because it is considered evidence. (Mercury News)

Although the Marines position is innocent until proven guilty, it is becoming more and more obvious that Lance Cpl. Lance Hering planned and faked his disappearance. What a mess this has become for Hering. Lance Hering will now face the following charges if it is determined that this was a planned hoax to create the image that he disappeared.

  • He is wanted on a felony charge of failure to comply with terms of a deferred sentence from a 2004 burglary charge.
  • He is also wanted on a misdemeanor charge of conspiracy to commit false reporting to authorities.
  • Lt. Esteban Vickers said if it turned out Hering was purposely absent he could be charged with desertion

Video of Hering found

With the aid of a little videotape, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office is on Lance Hering’s trail.

The Sheriff’s Office informed the media Thursday that, with the assistance of Greyhound Bus Line officials, Sheriff’s detectives obtained video footage of Hering purchasing a bus ticket at the downtown Denver bus depot shortly after 6 a.m. on Wednesday, August 30.

At the same time, Sheriff’s deputies were mounting a search effort for Hering in Eldorado Canyon, southwest of Boulder, based upon the claim of Mr. Steven Powers that Mr. Hering had been injured and incapacitated in a fall while hiking the previous evening. (Colorado Daily)

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