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Sister in Law, Dorothy Torrez contacts authorities … Abigale Lynn Woods Safe … Suspect Shannon Beck Arrested in Abduction/Kidnapping

The abduction of Abigale Lynn Woods has some to a safe and happy conclusion. Abby was AbigaleLynnreturned safe, unharmed and in excellent condition on Tuesday according to reports. The FBI have arrested a suspect in the brutal kidnapping. The suspects name is being reported as Shannon Beck, a woman who lived nearby the Ochsenbine residence and who was pregnant but who supposedly recently miscarried. The suspect amazingly fit the exact profile that the FBI had initially put forth.

FBI agent Roland Corvington identified the suspect as Shannon Beck, who had been pregnant recently but was believed to have had a miscarriage.

Abby was taken Friday when a home invader stabbed her mother.

Shannon Beck was passing the story that she had given birth; however, her sister-in-law became suspect of the story. The hero in this event is Shannon Beck’s sister in law, Dorothy Torrez, who confronted Beck when she noticed the strawberry birth mark on the baby’s forehead

Four days later, the case broke when Beck’s sister-in-law, Dorothy Torrez, contacted authorities.

Torrez became involved Sunday when Beck contacted her to say she had given birth, Corvington said. Torrez visited Beck on Monday and noticed what appeared to be makeup on the baby’s forehead, Corvington said. When she rubbed the forehead, a small birthmark became evident.

In publicizing the abduction, police had described Abby’s strawberry-red birthmark. Her suspicions aroused, Torrez confronted Beck, who gave her the baby, Corvington said. (Chicago Tribune)

Suspected Arrested supposed name is Shannon Beck

The woman, intially identified by police as Shannon Beck but who later claimed to have a different name, was arrested in connection with the disappearance of 11-day-old Abigale “Abby” Lynn Woods, who became known as “Baby Abby.” The woman’s age was not immediately known.

Beck miscarried a full-term fetus on Friday, the same day Abby was abducted and the baby’s mother, 21-year-old Stephanie Ochsenbine, was attacked with a knife, authorities said. Beck lived several miles away from Ochsenbine’s residence, said FBI Special Agent Roland Corvington. (Watch investigators discuss how the baby was found — 3:09) (CNN)

The suspects observant sister-in-law noticed the much publicized baby Abby’s birthmark and began to question where the suspect go the baby. Not taking no and the fabricated stories as the truth, Dorothy Torrez confronted her sister-in-law and she finally admitted what she had done.

Beck called her sister-in-law, Dorothy Torrez, on Sunday to say she had given birth, and Torrez visited Beck on Monday and Tuesday, Corvington said.

While accompanying Beck to a doctor’s appointment Tuesday, Torrez noticed makeup on the baby’s forehead, the special agent said. Police reports had indicated the baby had a birthmark on her forehead.

While Beck was inside the doctor’s office, Torrez rubbed Abigale’s forehead with her cap and the makeup came off, revealing a birthmark, Corvington said. Torrez called her own husband and Beck’s husband before confronting Beck, asking her if she had attacked the infant’s mother, the agent said.

Beck told Torrez she found the baby along a road, Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke said.

The district attorney is expected to announce charges against Beck Wednesday morning, Toelke said. (CNN)

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  2. HELPFUL INFORMATION I FOUND OUT ABOUT ABBY WOODS. A Trust fund for abigale at farmers and merchants bank in st.clair missouri . (this will go for things to help the couple with anything they may need for abby and her big brother connor during their rough time.. (talk to dotty at the bank when donating )

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