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37 Year Old, Unidentified, Ohio Woman Missing Aboard Carnival Cruise Ship, “Imagination” (Tammy Grogan)

Authorities are reporting that an unidentified 37 year old woman has Imaginationbeen reported missing from a Carnival Cruise Line ship that was going on a 4 day cruise from Key West, FL to Mexico.  

The Miami-based cruise line said relatives last saw the woman Saturday night, but did not report her missing until Monday, when the ship returned to Miami. FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said, however, that she was not aware of any delay in reporting the disappearance.

(Washington Post)

What is going on during these cruises? This now makes 3 people that have gone missing in 5 months aboard a ship this year. Carnival Cruise is stating that they do not believe foul play was involved in the disappearance on the “Imagination”. The latest in a line on non-foul play missing persons.

  • Daniel DiPiero,  fell off a cruise ship to the Bahamas after a night of heavy drinking with friends.
  • Elizabeth Galeana, 22, of Naples, Fla., apparently fell off a cruise ship in July and drowned
  • Unidentified 37 year old

Cruise passenger missing; foul play not suspected

Her family last saw her in her room at 1:30 a.m. Sunday, when the ship was at sea.

“We do not suspect foul play,” FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said.

Such incidents have drawn heightened attention since the unsolved disappearance last summer of George Smith IV from a Royal Caribbean International ship. Smith’s widely publicized case led to congressional hearings on how cruise lines handle the investigation and reporting of shipboard crimes.

In a statement, Carnival said the Ohio woman had been traveling with family members, who last saw her early in the morning on Sunday, several hours after the ship had sailed from Calica, Mexico, which is near Playa del Carmen.

Coast Guard spokesman Dana Warr said Monday that there were no planes or vessels launched to search for the woman because it had been nearly 36 hours since anyone had last seen her.

“We did notify the Mexican Rescue Coordination Center,” Warr said, and sent a radio message to mariners in the area where Imagination sailed Sunday.

The message asked fishing, cargo and other vessels to call the Coast Guard if they see anything unusual. The area is about 400 miles from Miami, Warr said.

(Contra Costa Times)

Carnival: Passenger Missing From ‘Imagination’

According to CBS4′s Gary Nelson FBI officials do confirm the victim was on the ship at its last stop in Mexico. They are unsure how the woman dissappeared and don’t know if she jumped off or fell off the ship.

The Coast Guard was alerted about the man overboard report around 9:30 a.m. Monday when the Imagination tied up in Miami, O’Neil said.


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Melinda Duckett Now Becomes Focus of Police Investigation of Missing Trenton Duckett

The police investigating the disappearance of two year old Trenton Duckett Melinda Duckett 2have shifted focus to Melinda Duckett. Suspicion has been raised into her possible involvement in Trenton’s disappearance following Melinda Duckett’s suicide.

Police have stated , “that common sense kind of dictates that we loom at her connection.” Melinda Duckett was found shot in a closet of her grandparents home of which the wounds appeared to be self inflicted. The bizarre set of circumstances obviously dictate that the police must investigate this angle if they had not already been doing so prior to her death. The authorities have stated that the focus of the investigation may change again. However, as we have witnessed in missing child cases, everyone is considered a suspect.

Police Examine Melinda Duckett’s Diary; Toddler Still Missing


Leesburg detectives said they’re now looking at pages of a diary that belonged to Duckett. Her estranged husband, Josh, confirmed for WESH 2 that she did keep a diary.

Investigators said the pages could explain her state of mind before committing suicide on Friday while at her grandparent’s home.

By analyzing the pages of her writings, detectives said they hope it will shed more light on what may have happened to Trenton.

Leesburg police said there is a 28-hour gap between the time Melinda Duckett reported her son missing and anyone else who saw the toddler alive.


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