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Hoax? Was Lance Hering really Missing? Police believe Hearing Faked his Disappearance.

Five days after Lance Hering went missing in Eldorado Canyon State Park, the police have called off the search and now believe the disappearance may be a hoax.

After five days of searching to no avail, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office now believes that the Marine who was lost in the mountains was never missing and may have staged his disappearance.

Lance Hering disappeared just days before he was set to return to Iraq, Denver TV station KMGH reported.

Steve Powers, Hearings friend who told the police that Hering fell and hit his head while both were rockclimbing has been arrested for providing a false story to the police.

Powers, 20, was arrested Wednesday night after he admitted during police questioning that he made up the story about the hiking accident and helped Hering stage his disappearance, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office said.

“There were a number of inconsistencies in his story and as we pursued that with him in an extensive interview last night, he ultimately confessed that he and Mr. Hering had colluded in staging this whole event,” Boulder County Sheriff’s Lt. Phil West said.


Sheriff Says Marine Disappearance Staged

DENVER – Authorities who spent five days searching for a Marine after a friend reported him lost in a hiking accident have arrested the friend and said Thursday they believe the disappearance was staged, so the serviceman could avoid returning to duty.

Authorities are still trying to find Hering, 21, who returned from Iraq in July and was due back at Camp Pendleton, Calif., this month.

(The Sentinel)

Marine’s friend jailed, Boulder authorities believe Iraq veteran’s disappearance staged

Steve Powers was arrested by Boulder officials for filing a false missing persons report to police. Powers admitted admitted to investigators that he made up the story because his friend did not want to return to the Marines.

BOULDER – A man arrested for filing a false police report about a missing Marine pleaded guilty in 2004 to felony burglary – a crime in which the Marine also took part.

Police, who spent five days searching for Lance Cpl. Lance Hering, said Thursday they believe his disappearance was staged so the 21-year-old Marine, who served in Iraq, could avoid returning to duty.

(Rocky Mountain News)

First Disappeared, Now a Deserter

Whether Hering has taken off to Mexico, is living off the land in the Rocky Mtn. foothills, or is just on an extended walkabout before reporting (and probably facing time in the brig) remains unclear. It’s pretty clear,though, that this is a case of the general military disaffection with the unpopular war in Iraq striking home in the person of one confused Marine.

(New West)

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