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Casey Crowder Found Deceased

According to authorities in Arkansas, a female body was found about 3:30 pm on Saturday Casey Crowder 2in a rural area near Dumas. Initially the police could not confirm the identity of the body. However, it has now been confirmed that the body was that of the missing Pine Bluff teenager  Casey Crowder. Casey, God Bless and Rest in Peace.

DUMAS, Ark. — A Pine Bluff teenager missing for a week was found dead Saturday east of Dumas, a state police spokesman said.

The body of Casey Crowder, 17, was found, although state police spokesman Bill Sadler referred other questions about the case to Desha County Sheriff Don Smith or Sheriff-elect Jim Snyder.

(Fox News)

PB teenager found dead near Dumas, state police say

The sheriff-elect would say only that the body of a female was found by ground search crews about 3:30 p.m. Saturday in a rural area near Dumas. He would not describe the condition of the body, but said investigators couldn’t tell how old the person was.

He said the body was turned over to the state medical examiner for positive identification.

The Crowder investigation was continuing, he said, and authorities were seeking any information that might be helpful to the case. He said the toll-free number 1-888-688-8549 was set up to receive calls about her disappearance.

(Pine Bluff Commercial)

If anyone has any information or any tips in the disappearance and death of Casey Crowder, please go to Casey

Toll Free Tip Line – 1-888-688-8549

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Shannon Nicole Paulk, Teresa Melissa Dean and Heaven Ross … Is there a serial Killer Responsible for all three?

Could the Police be dealing with an “Anniversary Killer”?

Could it be possible that these three cases are connected? Could they have been committed by the same person? Is there a serial killer he takes 11 year old girls from trailer parks in the August 15–19 time period, exactly two years apart? Investigators into each of the three disappearance are starting to question whether there is a pattern and if the three cases are connected. It appears that the same man may have committed the three crimes.

Trailor Park Victims 3

The Shannon Paulk Task Force, formed shortly after Shannon disappeared, announced Tuesday that investigators believe Shannon’s case is related to Teresa’s disappearance and that of Heaven Lashae Ross of Northport, Ala. A statement cited “striking” similarities among the three cases.

  • All three girls were 11 years old.
  • All three were abducted from trailer parks where they lived.
  • All three girls disappeared two years apart – but within days of each other in August.
  • In all three cases, construction, such as commercial construction, roadwork or bridge building, was being done nearby.


Shannon Paulk, Teresa Dean and Heaven Ross’ cases all have a striking similarity. Shannon Paulk disappeared from her Candlestick Trailer Park in Prattville, Alabama on August 16, 2001. Shannon’s remains were found on October 6, 2001 seventeen miles from her home in the Autauga County Wild Life Management Area.

Teresa Dean and Heaven Ross both disappeared from their trailer parks in mid-August, exactly two years before and after Shannon’s disappearance. Could the three cases have been done by the same individual. Is it possible that it is just a bizarre coincidence that all three girls taken from trailer parks, exactly two years apart? Seems very unlikely. Many of the characteristics of the three disappearance seems similar. Although at this point only Shannon’s body has been recovered.

A composite sketch was done of an individual who was last seen talking to Shannon Nicole Paulk. 3 girls colorcompositeThis individual; is wanted for questioning.

3 girls blackwhitecomposite 1








The man had a mole under his eye that had two hairs growing out of it.  His skin was very tanned and he had creases around his eyes, mouth, and across his brow.  He is described as being 5’11” to 6’ tall, with a stocky build and a medium beer belly.  His arms were very muscular and hairy.  His teeth were yellow and crooked.  There is a bump on the bridge of his nose as if his nose was broken.  He is described as having hazel eyes, sandy blonde hair with darker roots and gray streaks.  His goatee was darker than his hair.


Shannon disappeared on August 16, 2001 from Candlestick Trailer Park in Prattville, Alabama.  She was last seen talking to a man around 2:30 p.m.

Shannon Nicole Paulk

(Shannon Nicole Paulk)

Heaven LaShae Ross was 11 when she vanished on Aug. 19, 2003, while walking the 150 or so yards from her house in Willow Brook Trailer Park to the bus stop at the end of her street.

Heaven LaShae Ross

(Heaven LaShae Ross)

Northport abduction could be serial crime (Disappearance of Heaven LaShae Ross)

Heaven LaShae Ross received a jolt Wednesday when investigators said they were looking into a possible link between her disappearance and those of two other girls under similar circumstances.

“Since Teresa and Heaven are still missing, a definite connection cannot be made,” said a statement released Tuesday by investigators, “but the similarities are striking.”

This has prompted the task force to release two drawings of a man witnesses said was seen with Shannon about 2:30 p.m. on the day she vanished.

The task force describes him as follows:

“In this case the task force really wants to bring attention to the mole under his eye which was described as having two hairs growing out of it toward his nose.

(Tuscaloosa News)

Eleven-year old Teresa Melissa Dean was last seen around eight o’clock in the evening near her home. She has not been seen or heard from since. Despite an extensive search, police unearthed no clues to help them discover what happened to her. Teresa was last seen on August 15, 1999 on Lawrence Drive in Macon, Georgia.

Teresa Melissa Dean

(Teresa Melissa Dean)

Teresa’s photo is shown age-progressed to 17 years. She was last seen on August 15, 1999.

Missing Twiggs girl may be victim of serial abductor (Teresa Melissa Dean)

 An 11-year-old Twiggs County girl who disappeared seven years ago might have been the victim of a serial abductor.

Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum is headed to Prattville, Ala., today to discuss the disappearance of Teresa Melissa Dean seven years ago with authorities investigating disappearances of two Alabama girls.

“If I can stay in office long enough, we’re going to solve this case. That’s my goal,” said Mitchum, who has Teresa’s picture and a composite sketch of a suspect hanging in the lobby of his office.

Mitchum and his colleagues plan to meet with representatives of the “America’s Most Wanted” television program.

“What we’re trying to do is get America’s Most Wanted to do a story on it,” Mitchum said. “We’re going to take this opportunity to get exposure for our case.”

Alabama authorities believe the same person could be responsible for all three cases.


Were there other victims? Police explore possibility of serial abductions

Prattville Police Sgt. Robert Furlong, the lead investigator on the Paulk case, declined to go into details of the investigation, but said the similar circumstances in each case led detectives to take a closer look at the Dean and Ross disappearances.

(Montgomery Advisor)

America’s Most Wanted will be doing a TV show Saturday, September 2, 2006 spotlighting this case.

At around 2:30 p.m. on August 15, 1999, 11 year-old Teresa left her trailer in Twiggs County, Ga. to go to a neighbor’s trailer to play with some puppies.  The neighbor told Teresa that if she could catch one of the puppies, she could take it home. Police say that Teresa told the neighbor was she going home to get her brother to help her bring a puppy home.

Teresa never made it home. She also doesn’t have a brother.

  • Police say a neighbor, who lived a few doors down from Heaven’s home, saw her walk by. And another neighbor, close to the bus stop, says she didn’t see the child at all. 

Discussion Forum regarding 3 similar cases can be found here.

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