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Teenager, Natascha Kampusch, held in Dungeon for 8 years as sex slave

Natascha Kampusch was ten when she was kidnapped on her way to school Natascha was then imprisoned in a tiny pit dug into the garage floor of her captor’s. What is only more unbelievable than Natascha’s story of being held as a sex slave is her dramatic escape and the fact that she is alive after all this time.


This is the tiny cell where sex slave victim Natascha Kampusch was held captive by her abductor Wolfgang Priklopil. The tiny pit was dug into the floor of her captor’s garage. See more pictures here. (Getty)

Natascha Kampusch, who was ten when she was kidnapped on her way to school, was imprisoned in a tiny pit dug into the floor of her captor’s garage.

Natascha told officers she was kept as a sex slave in a tiny windowless cell behind a heavy metal gate. She was forced to call her captor ‘Gebiete’ – an old-fashioned term for ‘Master’ used in fairy stories.

Initially, it was reported that she had escaped from Priklopil’s car when his BMW was stopped for a routine police check.

But it emerged that she had fled from his two-storey house in Strasshof near Vienna and was found by an elderly woman. Police quickly raided the property, finding Natascha’s passport and her tiny cell. Priklopil had already fled after discovering she was missing.

(The Daily Mail)

UPDATE (8/29/06): Sex slave ‘pregnant by kidnapper’

The girl held for eight years as a sex slave in a tiny cellar in Vienna, is pregnant by her captor, it was claimed today.

Natascha Kampusch, now 18, escaped the clutches of pervert Wolfgang Priklopil last Wednesday, but now according to German newspaper reports, it is feared she is carrying his child.

(Daily Mail)


UPDATE: Natascha Kampusch does first MEDIA Interviews

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John Karr’s Father and Half brother Doubts whether Karr is guilty

The longer and more information that comes out on the “confession” of John Karr in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, the more it looks like its a hoax. Many have speculated that the Boulder, CO DA best have more up their sleeve than a confession from what can best be described as a less than stable individual. Could the DA possibly have brought John Karr all the way from Thailand to CO and arrested him on only a confession?

Now the family of John Karr is stating that he was with them for Christmas 1996. John Karr’s father and half brother are both stating that he is not guilty and that Karr was most likely in either Atlanta or Alabama.

Asked if John Karr, who now sits in a Colorado jail awaiting charges in the Ramsey case, could have been involved in the girl’s death, the suspect’s half brother, Nate Karr. said, “Absolutely not. Emphatically, absolutely without a doubt impossible.”

About his son’s apparent television confession in Thailand, Karr’s father, Wexford Karr, added, “I don’t believe a word of it.”

Asked whether Karr was with his family on Christmas 1996, Nate Karr told ABC News, “Well, I can say almost without question that from the time that John had children he has never missed a Christmas with his family — and that’s any Christmas. So, whether it be in Atlanta with us or with Lara in Alabama, we are positive that from the time period that he had children that he’s never missed a Christmas with his children.”
(ABC News)

John Karr was also provided an alibi by his ex-wife who stated he was not in Boulder, CO.

Karr’s family has said that he was not in Boulder, Colo., at the time of JonBenet’s killing. Lara Karr told ABC News affiliate KGO-TV in San Francisco that she was with her former husband in Alabama, where they lived at the time of JonBenet’s killing, and that she did not believe he was involved in the slaying.

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