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Mary Winkler, Suspect in Murder of Husband, Out of Jail on $750K Bond

Mary Winkler released from jail today on $750K bond. Mary Winkler is accused of killing her husband, Pastor Matthew Winkler, with a 12 gauge shotgun.

Mary Winkler, 32, is charged with killing Matthew Winkler with a blast from a 12-gauge shotgun as he lay in bed at the parsonage in Selmer, about 80 miles east of Memphis, Tennessee.

She has been behind bars on a charge of first-degree murder since March 23, the day after his death, awaiting trial in late October.
(Fox News)

With the fact that her emotional state had been deemed fragile, one does wonder whether this is the right decision. Not having constant supervision as in jail may not be a good think for Mary Winkler. She will be allowed to see her daughters, but does have many restrictions and will be monitored by the state probation office.

Wife accused of killing preacher walks out of jail

(CNN) — A preacher’s widow walked Tuesday out of the Tennessee jail where she had been held since her March 23 arrest for allegedly killing her husband with a single shotgun blast.

With eyes cast downward, Mary Winkler clutched the hands of her lawyers, Steve Farese Jr. and Leslie Ballin, and sighed as she walked out the McNairy County Justice Center in Selmer, Tennessee, shortly before noon.

Attorneys for Mary Winkler Say Client Had ‘Life Threatening Experience’

What was the reason given why Mary Winkler allegedly killed her husband. According to her attorneys, the Winkler marriage was not a happy one; however, Mary Winkler did not want to speak ill of her husband.

VAN SUSTEREN: And what did she — what did he say on the record she said?

BALLUM: Well, she did not want to talk about why. She didn’t want to talk badly about her husband. She didn’t do it in life and she was persisting in that closed mouth, if you will, and not talking bad about him after his death. She did not want his name smeared in public.

VAN SUSTEREN: Leslie, I know that both of you only talk about what’s public and on the record that we could dig up elsewhere so let me ask you this. Was there any sort of explanation given or presented in court as to whether or not this was an unhappy marriage?

BALLUM: There was an explanation given. At one point in the interview Mary Carol talked about a life-threatening event of some six years earlier. She went on to further explain that as of the year preceding March 22nd, the date of the event that things had gotten bad again. So, she talked about her life being threatened. She talked about things being bad.

VAN SUSTEREN: Leslie, so what was it? What was — I mean, not Leslie, Steve, what was it? What was bad?

FARISE: Well, their situation was bad. As Leslie has talked about there was a situation some years ago. She only spoke in general terms because she was being very careful to protect her husband. But it was very clear to us, as it was to the interviewers that something terribly wrong had occurred and she again was trying to protect him, so she didn’t go into any details. In fact, at times she said things like “Let me be the bad person in this.”

Read the full transcript from Greta Van Susteren here.

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