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Craig R. Gregerson, 20, Arrested in the Murder of Destiny Norton

As reported early this morning, the body of 5 year old Destiny Norton was found in the basement of neighbor Craig R. Gregerson. Gregerson’s property abutted the back yard of the home where Destiny Norton lived.


(20-year old Craig Gregerson has no previous criminal record, but was arrested for a domestic violence incident in 2004)

Police Chief Chris Burbank said the body of the child missing since July 16 was found at 8:30 p.m. Monday in the basement of Craig R. Gregerson, 20, whose property abutted the back yard of the Nortons.

The sudden shock of the reality of the sorrow, grief and the pain was overwhelming to those in the crowd and the family. In light of this horrendous and tragic discovery, many began to question how on earth with all the searching that was done for Destiny could she have been so close?

Neighbors and friends gathered outside the home of 5-year-old Destiny Norton and asked how the girl’s body could have gone undiscovered when it was so near.

“They told us they searched these buildings four f—— times,” Norton family spokeswoman Jeannie Hill said of police. “They did not do their jobs”.

(Salt Lake City Tribune)

The sad reality is that Destiny Norton may have been killed immediately. However, for those who followed the Jessica Lunsford case we discovered after the fact that Jessica was alive when the police were still looking for her as a missing person in the house where John Couey lived.

“All I know is the cops searched the whole freaking area and didn’t find nothing until today,” said Zach Willner, one of the 10 young people, including the Nortons, who lived together. “The person who got her had better freaking pay for it.”

Jeannie Norton, a friend of the family for 10 years, said police had said they searched the buildings four times.

The police did not release any information as to the cause of Destiny Norton’s death. Gregerson was booked in the homicide of Destiny Norton, but did not answer any questions.

Burbank earlier had announced the discovery of the body and told a news conference that Gregerson had been booked for investigation of homicide. He did not answer questions, and no information was released as to the cause of death or how long the girl had been dead.

The police did release a mug shot of Craig R. Gregerson from a previous arrest.

Police did release a mug shot of Gregerson that was taken when he was arrested in 2004 for investigation of domestic assault.

(ABC News)

UPDATE: Destiny’s body found in Salt Lake City: Victim discovered in home of neighbor

Destiny Norton uncle

Michael Brandy, Deseret Morning News
Destiny Norton’s uncle, Peter Brooks, is conforted by a family friend Monday night.

The outpouring of grief over the news that Destiny Norton’s body was found right under everyone’s noses in almost too much to bear. The extensive and exhausting searches and she was right there, so very close.

The search for 5-year-old Destiny Norton ended in tragedy as police recovered the little girl’s body Monday night.

Destiny’s body was discovered in the basement of a home just two buildings behind her own home, from which she vanished on July 16.

“I can’t understand how someone can do this to a child,” sobbed Destiny’s uncle, Peter Brooks. (Desert News)

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  2. God bless Destiny and her family & friends–It make me wonder too how hard they really searched for her.

    Comment by bc | July 25, 2006


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  4. I am so terribly terribly sorry for your loss. When I was 5 I was abducted from Town West in Wichita Kansas. Luckily the security at the mall got a hold of him before he could get me into the vehicle. The guy who tried to kidnap me, yet my mother never told me his name, was a convicted child molester. I am thankful to be alive. I am now 16 and i am involved in finding missing children. Again I am sorry for you loss.

    Comment by Destiny Ryals | September 10, 2006

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