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Florida Judge Tosses out John Couey Murder Confession of Jessica Lunsford

How else can a victim and family be violated? The confession of sex offender John John Evander CoueyEvander Couey that he murdered Jessica Lunsford has been thrown out by a judge on the grounds that sex offender, rapist and murdered John Couey had previously asked for a lawyer on multiple occasions prior to his confession.

The confession of a man charged with kidnapping, raping and killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford isn’t admissible in court, but the discovery of her body can be used as evidence, a judge ruled Friday.

John Evander Couey, a 47-year-old convicted sex offender, gave the confession to detectives, but also told them that he wanted to consult a lawyer. He wasn’t given the opportunity to do so.


John Couey

This is the face of a sex offender that our legal system seem to provide more right to than the innocent victims that they rape and kill

Although it is reprehensible that this judge has thrown out the confession of this child rapist, murdering pig who buried poor 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford alive after he had violated her; one has to wonder what the hell the police officers were thinking? Did they want to blow this entire case for the prosecution? The unfortunate facts of life is that scum bag child killers are afforded rights even though it is unimaginable that they should be afforded anything. Especially since Couey was already convicted of sexually molesting a 5 year old. The fact remains that the police violated the most simple of legal protections afforded to people accused of crimes.

John Couey 1

“This is a material and a profound violation of one of the most bedrock principles of criminal law,” Circuit Judge Ric Howard said in issuing the ruling Friday.

On the taped interview, parts of which were played in court, Couey spoke freely with the detectives about his criminal past, use of crack and relationship with his family. When the topic crept closer to Lunsford, however, Couey repeatedly mentioned wanting a lawyer.

The overall outrage of this case comes from the fact of what was done to 9 year old Mark_lunsfordJessica Lunsford by this previously convicted sex offender and that he buried her alive. These actions shocked the collective conscience of a country and the fact that the police acted so recklessly in jeopardizing a case is just pathetic. Its like the family being violated all over again. Mark Lunsford, Jessica’s dad, has already been through a living hell having his daughter ripped from him. Now he gets the slap in the face that his daughter’s murderer has more rights than were afforded her.

Jessica was found kneeling and clutching a stuffed animal, hands tied with speaker wire and fingers poking through the garbage bags in which she was buried alive in February 2005. Two days earlier, Couey told detectives he had kidnapped, raped and killed the girl, and he told them where to find the body.

Jessica lunsford

Maybe the police and the prosecution need to be asked as well why the other people that lived in the house where Jessica was raped and murdered were not also arrested. They knew what was going on.

This case also shows the reason why most of us have utter contempt for defense attorney and the scum they represent. Defense attorney Dan Lewan falls into that category as he screams that his client, John Couey’s, constitutional rights were violated. Funny, he didn’t seen to care too much about Jessica’s now did he?

Defense attorney Dan Lewan has portrayed the detectives as overzealous and unconcerned about Couey’s constitutional rights. When his client asked for an attorney, Lewan argued, the detectives spoke over him in a confusing interlude before simply dropping the issue.

Lewan also asked the discovery of Jessica’s body be inadmissible in court because Couey told authorities where to find her.

Jessica lunsford 2

This is the only victim in this case that anyone should have been worried about protecting the rights of. Innocent children like Jessica.

Don’t worry though Attorney Lewan, your client won’t have to worry too much of that in the future because of the fact that the DNA evidence and subsequent finding of Jessica’s body is still allowed in as evidence. With the death penalty on the table, trust me … John Couey won’t have to worry about his right in the future.

A consent search at the mobile home where Couey was living turned up a bloody mattress which tested positive for Jessica’s DNA the day they began excavating at the mobile home following the confession. Further, disturbed ground near a shovel in the yard was suspicious enough to investigate after officers had already singled Couey out as a person of interest, Ridgway said.

“With (DNA results) they would’ve gotten a search warrant for the home,” Ridgway said.




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  1. FYI – Once the suspect asks for an attorney the cops are suppose to stop asking questions. Basically the case ends. Do you think that if the cops stopped talking to this reprobate and waited for an attorney to show up the questioning would resume as seen on TV? No, the attorney would tell the reprobate to shut-up. By continuing to talk to the suspect all that is lost is the confession which they would not have had anyway. Also, the statement of the suspect does still have some important uses in court – sentencing-impeachment.

    Comment by Alan Johnson | September 29, 2006

  2. I really feel for this little girl and her family. This despicable cretin, who looks at least 25 years older than his actual age, as far as I’m concerned, gave up his so-called rights when he so violently destroyed the innocent life of little Jessica. I remember reading about her love for animals. A sweet gentle soul, murdered by the most reprehensible filth imaginable, who would have in all likelyhood grown up to be a kind and giving adult. The complete antithesis of her killer and the loathesome fools who protect the guilty. How that idiot “judge” and slimebag lawyer look at themselves in the mirror and not feel any shame is beyond tragic. RIP little Jessica.

    Comment by Glenn | October 11, 2006

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