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Patsy Ramsey, mother of murdered 6 year old JonBenet Ramsey, dies of ovarian cancer

Patsy Ramsey, the mother of 6 year old JonBenet Ramsey who was murdered in  Patsy.ramsey CNN1996 and the crime never solved, died Saturday from ovarian cancer. There was so much speculation in the news, tabloids and books  as to the suspicion of who killed JonBenet Ramsey.

JonBenet, who competed in beauty pageants, was found beaten and strangled in her parents’ Boulder, Colo. basement on Dec. 26, 1996. A grand jury investigation ended with no indictments, and no arrests have been made.

JonBenet’s death became fodder for tabloids and the subject of books.

The Ramseys said an intruder killed their daughter but a cloud of suspicion hung over the couple. The district attorney and a federal judge in Colorado have said it is likelier that an intruder was responsible.

JonBenà ©t Patricia Ramsey Wiki  (August 6, 1990 – December 25, 1996)


Everyone will remember the rather bizarre circumstances that followed the disappearance of JonBenet Ramsey.All that took place within the Ramsey’s home.

Patsy Ramsey said she found a ransom note on the back staircase of the family’s home demanding $118,000 for the safe return of JonBenet. John Ramsey said he found his daughter’s body in a basement room eight hours later.

An autopsy concluded JonBenet suffered a skull fracture, and was strangled and beaten.

(AP via Yahoo News)

Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet’s mother, dies

A grand jury investigation into the death of the child beauty pageant winner Patsy Ramseyended without charges in 1999.

JonBenet’s beaten and strangled body was found in the basement of the family home in Boulder, Colorado, the day after Christmas.

The Ramseys said an intruder committed the crime, but they remained the subject of suspicion and speculation.


Patsy Ramsey Dies Of Cancer

JonBenet’s Mother – Once A Suspect – Never Found Daughter’s Killer

“I think people will remember Patsy as some one who was falsely accused in connection with the death of her daughter,” Lin Wood, the Ramsey’s attorney, said on CNN, “when she should be remembered for being an incredibly loving mother, a wonderful wife and a person who showed great courage in fighting a vicious disease.”

Wood said Ramsey had been battling cancer since 1993 and had suffered a recurrence three years ago. Her husband, John, was with her at the time of her death.


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  1. God Bless you Patsy and family–my prayers & thoughts are with you.

    Comment by bc | June 24, 2006

  2. I still think think one of the Ramsey”s killed Jobnet and the boy knows who dd it either the mother caught john molseteing her or patsey did it becaue no child wets the bed unless that thst child is going threw stress full in her live

    Comment by betty | June 25, 2006

  3. [...] For years the family of JonBenet Ramsey had been under a cloud of suspicion in the death of their 6 year old daughter. Patsy Ramsey, the mother of JonBenet, went to her grave in many respects still under that cloud. Patsy Ramsey recently died of ovarian cancer. [...]

    Pingback by Scared Monkeys | August 16, 2006

  4. To BETTY and all the other losers out there. You people make me sick. accusing someone of something without any hard evidence. people like you have ruined the ramseys life. not only did they lose their daughter but they had to contend with disgusting humans like yourself.

    Tom Schiller.
    SM: It was unfortunate what the Ramsey’s went through; however, in many respects it would be even normal for todays standards. The confluence of events were such that would have made them suspects. Even today, police always point toward the parents if a child goes missing under their roof. In more a majority of the cases they are correct.

    Between circumstances and some police work that had a lot to be desired … a bad situation to say the least.


    Comment by Tom | August 17, 2006

  5. Betty and all of us who strongly believe the Ramseys’ are involved in their daughter’s murder did not ruin the Ramseys’ lives. They ruined their own lives by what they did to JonBenet. Why can’t we all discuss topics like this without name calling and resorting to childish comments? Some of us believe the Ramseys are killers, some of us do not. It’s just a difference of opinion, that’s all.


    Debbie K.

    Comment by Debbie | September 10, 2006

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