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Mary Winkler indicted for premeditated murder of her husband Matthew Winkler

Mary Winkler, the wife of Tennessee pastor Matthew Winkler, was indicted for Mary Winkler 3premeditated murder of her husband. Mary Winkler had previously confessed to the murder of Matthew Winkler; however, has never given a motive. Mary Winkler has not yet entered a plea and remains jailed.

Mary Winkler, indicted by a McNairy County grand jury, has been in custody since the day after the March 22 slaying of her husband, Matthew Winkler. Authorities have said she confessed but they haven’t disclosed a motive.

Matthew Winkler, 31, a minister at the local Church of Christ, was found dead in his bedroom after he failed to show up for an evening service. (AP via Yahoo News)

Mary Winkler indicted on first-degree murder charge

The McNairy County Grand Jury indicted a Selmer minister’s widow Monday on a charge of first-degree murder in the March shooting death of her husband.

Mary Winkler

Mary Winkler will be arraigned on the charge during a 9:30 a.m. session Wednesday of the McNairy County Circuit Court, a circuit court clerk said.

Police have said Winkler confessed to firing the single shotgun blast that struck her husband, Matthew Winkler, in his back, killing him. Authorities believe she planned the murder. (Jackson Sun)

Slain Preacher’s Wife Indicted with 1st-Degree Murder

A Memphis grand jury returned Monday a first-degree murder indictment against Mary Winkler.

No official details were given. A first-degree murder indictment means she was accused of killing her husband, Matthew, with premeditation. (WTVF)

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  1. This is such a sad story but what is the reason ?
    I personally think that the woman as serious mental difficulities . JMO
    This must be looked at but if they are saying premeditated Murder that pretty much leaves out insanity as a defense .

    Comment by Jerry from Ohio | June 13, 2006

  2. I know murder is a crime, but maybe their was something going on in that house whole that no one new about.. Sometimes things and people are not what they apier to be.. the woman seems to be at peace when they show her on T.V. and she has not told at this point what her actions were at the time of the murder..

    Comment by Freebird | June 13, 2006

  3. There has to be something more here than meets the eye. Sounds like there was a dark side to this home and info is being withheld to protect the children. If it’s what I think, then she killed him to protect her little girls. The truth will come out sooner or later. She does not look like an eveil person.

    Comment by Kimstanju | June 21, 2006

  4. What do you think was the hidden “Darkside” in
    the Winkler home??

    Comment by mechz | June 30, 2006

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