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After 11 Years Missing Iowa News Anchor Jodi Huisentruit Remains May have been Found

Jodi Huisentruit, the missing news anchor almost 11 years from CBS affiliate KIMT inJodi Huisentruit 1 Mason City, Iowa may have finally been found. The suspicions of an Iowa farmer, Duane Arnold, may lead to the discovery of Jodi Huisentruit’s remains.

Police have wondered what happened to Jodi Huisentruit, who worked for CBS affiliate KIMT in Mason City, Iowa, since she did not show up for work on June 27, 1995. They have pursued several leads, but a breakthrough in the investigation has been elusive.

They hope an Iowa farmer will be able to give them new clues in the search. Duane Arnold owns a cabin near Eagle Lake, Iowa, and 10 years ago, he said, he reported seeing what he believed was a grave near his cabin. Investigators found nothing, but Arnold remained Jodi Huisentruitconvinced they had dug in the wrong area.

“I really, truly believe she’s right there somewhere,” Arnold said. “I gotta know. I gotta know. It’s just eating me up, lost a lot of sleep. You can’t get it out of your mind.” (ABC News)

This past April, Duane Arnold paid an engineering firm with ground penetrating radar to survey the land around his cabin.

Using radar, the firm said that it had found something that could be a body. Jared Lampe, spokesman for National Ground Penetrating Radar Services Inc., said the area looked like a grave site.

For those not completely familiar with this nearly 11 year old case. It is believed that Jodi Huisentruit was was abducted from the parking lot of her apartment complex in the Key Apartments about 4:30 a.m. on June 27th, 1995. She has never been found.

Read the full account of the case here.

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After 10 years, no arrests

“Just help, help. That’s basically all I heard,” said Keith Walsh. According to police records, at least five neighbors heard those cries for help. Two people described the cry as not a horrified scream, but one of surprise. Yet no one called police.

“I just thought it was somebody playing in the park,” said Betty Walsh.

Police went to check on Jodi around 7 a.m., after she failed to show up for her morning anchor job at KIMT-TV in Iowa.

They found her personal things scattered around the parking lot by her car.

The police originally questioned John Vansice, the last person to see Jodi Huisentruit. Although Vansice’s story seemed a bit obsessive and strange; however, authorities could never link him to the disappearance.

One of the first people police questioned was John Vansice, the last person to see Jodi. She had stopped by his house the night before to see a videotape of a surprise birthday party he had thrown for her.

“I even named my boat after her just because she’s Jodi. She’s been such a big part of my life lately and she just makes me feel so good,” Vansice said. Police files help create a time-line of Vansice’s whereabouts. One woman told investigators Vansice was supposed to meet her at 6 a.m. for their daily walk, but was running late.

Records show an hour later, about 7 a.m., Vansice met another friend at a gas station, and told him, “Jodi is gone.” When the friend asked what he meant, Vansice told him she didn’t show up for work.

That conversation took place at roughly the same time police arrived at the scene. Vansice and his friend went to look for Jodi at her apartment. When the landlord asked what he was doing there, records show Vansice replied, “I’m looking for Jodi” and said he wanted to see what time they were going water-skiing that day. (KSTP-TV)

Possible New Developments In Jodi Huisentruit Case

Possible new developments in the case are happening near Eagle Lake in Hancock County, about 30 miles away from Mason City. The marshy area known for its duck hunting cabins has been searched before, with no success. (KWWL TV)

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  1. Well I hope for her family’s sake that the remains belong to Jodi. I can’t imagine wondering for 11 years what happened to my child. Of course she was a young woman, but she is someone’s child and that someone certainly deserves some closure.

    Comment by da_wench | May 9, 2006

  2. Too bad we didn’t have the missing person stuff in place eleven years ago that we have today (some of it brought to light when it was used in the Natalee Hollway case). I remember this case — I hope they find her body AND her killer. Thank goodness for this man — who could not give this up and had the “gut feeling” she was out their by his cabin. If she is found he is a hero — for not giving up when he had the feeling she was there — and ended up spending his own money when he heard of more advance ways to search the ground!! (If he had been a suspect — the police would have checked him out 11 years ago !)

    It has been too long that these people (all perp’s) have gotten away with abducting and murdering people!!!!

    America is beginning to wake up and look for their missing people and thru the use of better DNA and forensic’s are starting to nail these people.

    Thank goodness that America doesn’t have a statute of limitation on murder!!! At the end of one of those TV show’s for cold case files, they stated many of these murderers have gone on to live FINE lives and it is not fair that someone dig’s into a cold case and wrecks their great life (the killer). They then went on to ask if people felt that it was right to pursue these cold case files and nail these people after decades in some cases. I was shocked that ANYONE (except the murderers and their family members who love them) would dare to feel that way!!!

    That being said, — each case needs to be looked at individually. There is a BIG difference between someone who was in a group and someone accidently dies (like that poor lady who was into 60″s rebellion, got involved with the wrong people and a bank guard died. When she turned herself in they gave her 99 years in prison and suspended sentences for the others involved (none had been the bank guard killer) — now THAT is not just.

    But I don’t mean that type of cold case, I mean this type where a girl was murdered and the body hidden (NO BODY — NO CASE….. Van der Sloots famous words!) No matter how much time has passed the killer needs to be brought to justice….. and not with a suspended sentence!!!!

    OK I’ll get off of my soapbox…….I guess this pushed by buttons!!!!

    Comment by NOT AS STUPID AS YOU THINK | May 10, 2006

  3. Jodi Sue Huisentruit was murdered by
    Keith Dwayne Nelson
    Federal Inmate Number: 07440-031
    Terre Haute FCI (Federal Death House)
    Nelson owns a mid-1980′s white Ford Econoline Van. Jodi’s clothing recovered from this van when Nelson was captured in 1999. He killed SEVERAL young ladies over the past decade. Jodi Huisentruit was victim number 2.
    Jennifer Renee Odom of Blanton Florida
    Jodi Sue Huisentruit of Mason City, Iowa
    Julie Ann Holmquist of Hallock, Minnesota
    Kansas City, Kansas area waitress (since identified)
    Michanne Mattson of Kansas City, Kansas (survived)
    Pamela Butler of Kansas City, Kansas (Last Victim)
    Nelson is a “souvenir” serial killer, he kills his victim and then takes souvenirs from each victim. Woman’s dark brown dress slacks, matching woman’s vest, woman’s white blouse with ruffles along front buttons and ruffles on cuffs, small woman’s purse and gold ring (wide band) with diamonds (chips) all belonged to Jodi and were recovered from Nelson’s van by Kansas City Kansas Police Department. Jodi’s body was left in Minnesota and Keith Dwayne Nelson KNOWS EXACTLY WHERE! Nelson’s van has Kansas license plates the reason Lt. Ron Vande Weerd couldn’t find the van. Nelson stabbed Jodi to death after he raped her. The partial palm print from Jodi’s red Mazda Miata will match Nelson’s palm print. He is on death row in Indiana for the kidnapping, rape and strangulation murder of Pamela Butler. ALL OF THE VICTIMS ALL LOOK ALIKE! Jodi saw his van!
    Curtiss Dale Cedergren DID NOT MURDER JULIE ANN HOLMQUIST! He was in CANADA on his honeymoon and his widow can prove it! A well-known Canadian Politician can vouch for this as well. He was meeting and greeting them at the time of the murder! It is impossible to be in TWO PLACES at the same time! Julie’s blue jogging shorts, red T-shirt and boyfriend’s class ring were ALSO found in Nelson’s van. Julie’s clothing was found in a Kansas crime lab 744.8 miles from the scene of her murder! How do the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and Kittson County Sheriffs Office explain that?


    M&E: Do you know if this person was ever looked at as a suspect? If there is reason to believe there is a connection, wouldn’t they have … I would hope? This case did draw a lot of attention.


    Comment by James L. McIntyre | May 27, 2006

  4. Jodi Huisentruit was murdered by . . . {{IMO}}

    Keith Dwayne Nelson
    Federal Inmate Number
    Terre Haute FCI (Federal Death House)
    Jodi’s clothing recovered from Kansas City, Kansas Police Department during murder investion of Pamela Butler, Kansas City, Kansas. Keith Nelson owned a white Ford Econoline van that was recovered by Kansas City, Kansas Police.


    M&E: Is this who you are referring to?

    Comment by James L. McIntyre | October 10, 2006

  5. someone out there has recently given police information about jodi huisentruit. they are giving the information to Iowa investigators. Yet when will Iowa investigators contact that person is up to Iowa. The person who gave the information did not participate in the heinous crime, just knows a lot of information.

    Comment by concerned person | November 21, 2006

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