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Jennifer Kesse’s Parents will Discuss Safety Tips at University of Central Florida

Jennifer Kesse has been missing since January 24, 2006. Drew and Joyce Kesse Jennifer Kessehave desperately searched for leads and tips into their daughters disappearance. Like so many other families of missing persons, the Kesse’s also give back to the community at large as they realize the pain and anguish of dealing with a missing child.

Drew and Joyce Kesse will be speaking at the University of Central Florida to discuss Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance and provide safety tips to students. Jennifer Kesse was an alum of the University of Central Florida.

Drew and Joyce Kesse, the parents of missing University of Central Florida alumna and Orlando resident Jennifer Kesse, will discuss their daughter’s disappearance and provide safety tips for students and residents during a presentation Friday, April 21, at UCF.

The Kesse’s will speak at noon in the Key West Ballroom, Room 218, of the Student Union. They will discuss safety tips related to homes and vehicles and will answer questions from the audience. The presentation, which is sponsored by UCF Victim Services, is free and open to the public.

Like all families in the unfortunate fraternity of missing persons; the Kesse’s wish to get the word out regarding their daughter Jennifer and in any way provide helpful information that may save some one else the nightmare that they presently endure.

“We hope to educate people on basic personal safety issues, as well as bring people up to date on Jennifer’s abduction,” said Drew and Joyce Kesse. (UCF News)

For more an detailed information for Jennifer Kesse, visit the family website at Jennifer Kesse


  • Age: 24
  • Description: 5’ 8”
  • Sandy Blonde Hair
  • Green Eyes 135 Lbs.
  • TIPS: Call Crimeline At 1-800-423-TIPS

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Body of Sitha Say of Provo, UT Found in Provo River

Police have identified the body that was found Monday in the Provo River as that of Sitha Say22-year-old Sitha Say of Provo. The body had been discovered earlier this week while workers were clearing a log jam. Sitha Say had been missing since last October, 2005.

Police confirmed Say was last seen leaving his home in October. He was reported missing three days later.

Detectives say Say’s driver license was found in his pockets, and his dental records confirmed his identity.

So far, the cause of death is unknown. Investigators do say, however, there’s no evidence of foul play.


Provo River yields body Sitha Say search

PROVO — Rescue workers spent Monday afternoon removing a body found floating in the Provo River. Jason Olson, Deseret Morning NewsProvo police and Utah County sheriff’s personnel Monday recover a body from the Provo River just off Center Street. The body was discovered at about 2 p.m., just off Center Street at about 3800 West.

Two employees from the Challenging Leadership Adventure Systems Inc. Ropes Course, located just east of where the body was found, had taken a canoe onto the river to clear a logjam when they discovered the body pinned against the debris.

(Deseret News)

Update: Police ID body found in river

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Prosecutor To Hold Off on 2004 Rape Charges Against Steven Avery

For now prosecutors will no decide on whether to pursue an allegation that Steven Avery sexually assaulted a teenage girl in 2004. They will make the determination after Steven Avery stands trial on murder and rape charges against Teresa Halbach.

The teenage accuser agreed with the decision and does not want her allegation prosecuted at this time, District Attorney John Zakowski said.

“We believe this decision to be in the public interest after considering all the circumstances, and certainly in the best interests of the complainant,” he said.

Zakowski was asked to evaluate the sexual assault allegation made in Manitowoc County in August 2004, more than a year before Avery was accused in the murder of Teresa Halbach, also in Manitowoc County.

One wonders whether this rape allegation would have ever seen the light of day if it had not been for Steven Avery’s involvement and arrest in the rape and murder of Teresa Halbach? It would appear that the that due to the release of Steve Avery in 2003 after spending 18 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit; authorities were none too anxious to try Avery on another rape charge.
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