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Natasha Browne Found SAFE in NYC!!!

The search for the Jersey City girl, Natasha Browne, who in a bizarre “Law & Order” type scenario text messaged her parents as to her abduction has come to a happy ending. Natasha Browne was found this morning in Manhattan. Natasha, who was reported to have been communicating by text message

Missing NJ Teen Located

A Manhattan taxi driver called the family’s home early Thursday to say he had Natasha Browne in his cab and that she was in shock, her father said.

Jersey City Police Chief Robert Troy told the New York Daily News an Amber Alert for Natasha wasn’t issued as there wasn’t enough evidence to show she was abducted, if she was in danger or if she was the one actually sending the text messages.

The chief said one of Natasha’s messages came from near a mall in Jersey City, and another came from Fairview, nine miles from her house.
(Fox 6 San Diego)

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