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Sex Offenders Missing From Texas Database

What can be worse than a missing persons case? If that is possible. How about sex offenders missing from a state database? That seems to be the case being reported in Texas. The problem came when they went looking for convicted sex offenders living in Harris County and Houston from the Texas’ sex offender database.

The station obtained a list from the state prison system. It contained all the names of inmates who served time for sex-related offenses and who were released without any parole stipulations except the requirement to register as sex offenders.

The Troubleshooters checked all 320 names on the list and found some surprising results.
Eight came back as absconders, or fugitives, from the law.
Thirty-three were back in jail or prison.
Four had their address listed as homeless streets.
One listed a post office box as an address.

To make matters even worse some came back with addresses, unknown.

But he is more concerned about the offenders whose addresses came back as “unknown” on the Department of Public Safety’s sex offender database.

The Troubleshooters found four of those.

Then, there were those offenders who came back with no address — meaning they never registered.

It is going to be rather difficult to protect the law abiding citizens from sex offenders if the system has no idea where they are or how to track them.

“We have offenders that are just coming out, discharging their sentence. They’re not under parole. They’re not under probation supervisions. Unfortunately, we have to take them at their word where they are residing. There is no checks and balances,” Kahan said.

The Troubleshooters found 12 former inmates with no record — meaning the state has no idea where they are.

How are we supposed to keep children and women safe, let alone reduce the occurrences of sex related crimes if the most basic standards of keeping track of them are not followed? The following is a eye opening statement that should cause fear and anger to the good citizens of Texas. However, somehow I doubt whether the state of Texas is alone in this problem.

Add that to the loophole that no one checks to make sure the offenders even register.

Of the more than 500,000 sex offenders registered nationally, 25 percent are out of compliance with their parole officer. That adds up to more than 25,000 missing sex offenders.

Keep in mind that does not include all the ones who serve their full sentence, got out and never registered.

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