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Hat Found in River of Missing St. Cloud State Student Scot Radel

The North Carolina Tar Heels cap of Scot Radel was found in the Mississippi River. Upon the discovery of the cap, the parents of Scot Radel called off the search for the missing 21-year-old from Owatonna, MN.

The student’s father, Allan Radel, confirmed that the baseball hat found in the river matched the North Carolina Tar Heels cap worn by his son when he disappeared nearly two weeks ago.

The father says now the scope of their search will change from finding the man to looking for a body.

But Allan Radel says investigations into how his son fell into the river will continue. Radel says he believes Scot was the victim of foul play.

Hat of missing student found in Mississippi River

Searchers for the hat belonging to Scot Radel around 11 a.m. near a Mississippi River dam. Radel’s father confirmed that the hat was his son’s.

Police Chief Dennis Ballentine said he believed Radel’s body was also the river, but a search with an underwater camera was put off because of unsafe ice.
(Pioneer Press)

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Four MIA US Service Men’s Remains ID’d in Vietnam

The remains of four “Missing in Action since Vietnam” US servicemen were identified and will be returned for their proper burial. Thirty-five years later, the four service men have come home.

All from the Army’s 101st Airborne Division, they are Maj. Jack L. Barker of Waycross, Ga.; Capt. John F. Dugan of Roselle, N.J.; Sgt. William E. Dillender of Naples, Fla.; and Pfc. John J. Chubb of Gardena, Calif.

Chubb will be buried in Inglewood, Calif., this week. Barker, Dugan and Dillender will be buried in April in Arlington National Cemetery, said the Defense Department POW/Missing Personnel Office.

Their helicopter was shot down on March 20, 1971, the office said in a statement.

From the Vietnam War, 1,807 Americans are still unaccounted for, 364 of those from Laos. Another 839 have been accounted for in Southeast Asia, 208 of those from Laos.

(Seattle PI)

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America’s Most Wanted Profiles Jennifer Kesse and Some Help from Beth Twitty

The disappearance of Jennifer Kesse has made national news as her parents haveKesse 2 appeared on some of the MSM 24-7 shows. Now the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse is be spotlighted and profiled by John Walsh’s Americas Most Wanted.

Help End This Family’s Nightmare Since January 24, 2006 nothing has been the same for friends and family of Jennifer Kesse, 24, of Orlando. When she didn’t show up for work, her employer called Jennifer’s mother — that’s when the Kesses’ nightmare began. No one could find Jennifer — the beautiful young woman had simply vanished.


  • Aliases: Jen
  • Sex: Female
  • Race: White
  • Age at Disappearance: 24
  • Age Now: 24
  • Height: 5’8″
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Hair: (Color, Description, Facial Hair)
  • Blond Eyes: (Color and Correction) Green

The family of Jennifer Kesse also got some helpful tips this afternoon in a telephone call from Beth Twitty, mother of missing Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

The family is also getting help from the mother of Natalie Holloway. Holloway is the Alabama girl who disappeared in Aruba last year. Her mother, Beth Twitty, recently called Jennifer Kesse’s mother to offer some advice. She told the Kesses to think of the search as job and don’t give up hope.

Jennifer Kesse’s mom, Joyce Kesse, made the following statement as any caring parent would.

“This is our new job and our new jobs are to find our daughters and each week we will make a strategy of what we want to accomplish that week and each night when we go to bed, we at least we’ll know what we are going to do the next morning.” (WFTV)

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Hawaii Creates State Web Site to Locate Missing Children

The state of Hawaii, Department of Human Services, has set up an on line web site to help track missing children. No money could be better spent.

The state hopes that the public can help locate foster children missing under the state’s care.

The Department of Human Services has launched a Web site with photos and information on the children. All of the children are reported runaways from foster homes.

At any given time, there are about 2,700 children in foster homes around the state.

Go to the website address, for the list of missing children.


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