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New Details In Disappearance Of Jennifer Kesse (Cell phone package)

Today police are releasing new information and details in the disappearance of Jennifer Kesse. Police seem to think that Jennifer Kesse may have been looking for a roadside mail box on Monday night or into Tuesday morning to mail a package containing a cell phone. The package never arrived to its destination.

Police are confirming that Jennifer may have left her home at Mosaic at Millenia on Monday night or Tuesday morning looking for a roadside mailbox to mail a package. They will not say where or whether she made it there, but the package is also missing.

Jennifer’s family now confirms her younger brother Logan had stayed at her condo with several of his friends while she was on vacation the weekend before she vanished. Police have had that information from the beginning.

“Absolutely they’ve looked at them. They’ve had multiple discussions with them. They will go through the same thing everyone else will go through,” said Jennifer’s father, Drew.

According to reports, the cell phone belonged to one of the friends that had stayed at her condo.

Channel 9 has also learned one of those friends left a cell phone at Jennifer’s condo and asked her to overnight it. The Monday night or Tuesday morning she disappeared, she may have left her condo looking for a roadside drop box to mail that cell phone. The package is missing and never made it to its destination.

Dont forget to go to the family web site for Jennifer Kesse

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  1. you guys say her cell phone is missing right along with her purse well can you get whatever phone company she is in to trace her calls to see who was the last person she called and who called her and see what state, county, or maybe even what country she was or is in

    Comment by quitta | February 10, 2006

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