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Maureen Smith regarding George Allen Smith: “My son’s life is not going to be in vain.”

“We have truth on our side,” Mrs Smith says firmly. “My son’s life is not going to be in vain.”

Another detailed account of the George Allen Smith IV account and the may other incidents that have occurred within the cruise ship industry that casts much speculation on safety issues and jurisdiction of investigations.

But however horrific the Smiths ordeal might sound, it is in no way unique. In the past two years alone, 14 people have gone missing from cruise ships. Disappearances at sea are not tracked by any governmental or industry body and crime appears to be rife.

Between 1994 and 1998, for instance, the operator Carnival Cruise Lines received 108 complaints of sexual assault. Royal Caribbean reported 58 sexual assault cases over the same period. Anecdotal evidence abounds of thefts on-board.
(London Telegraph)

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Henry Lee Plans on Investigating Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship in George Smith Disappearance

Will renowned forensic scientist Henry Lee be able to shed new light or recreate what may have happened to George Smith? From what reports have previously stated, Henry Lee will be given less time on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship that some media types have had access. He may also be given certain restrictions. It is hard to imagine after all this time since July, when George Smith went missing that new clues will surface. Especially when the carpet from the state room that George Smith was in. One can only wonder how sanitized the room has become?

Forensic scientist Henry C. Lee plans to board the cruise ship Brilliance of the Seas in Miami Monday to look for evidence in the disappearance of George Smith IV of Greenwich during his honeymoon cruise last July.

Despite Lee’s almost supernatural ability to reconstruct a crime scene and detect what others have missed, the degree of difficulty for this assignment is high.

Royal Caribbean Cruises has tentatively agreed to allow Lee a two-hour visit, and during a lengthy interview Friday, he detailed his investigative strategy.

Lee has three focal points for gathering evidence:

  • Stateroom 9062, the Smiths’ cabin, where obscure bloodstains were detected on the carpet. The room has been cleaned virtually daily and its carpet may have been replaced.
  •  The balcony outside the Smiths’ stateroom, also cleaned and exposed to the weather for nearly seven months.
  •  A metal canopy that covers lifeboats and is beneath the stateroom balcony. A significant amount of blood was seen and photographed on the canopy by passengers on the Mediterranean cruise on the morning of July 5, the day Smith disappeared. The canopy was power-washed later that day and has since been subjected to weather and rough seas. Lee said he still is not clear on whether the canopy was later repainted.

(Hartford Current)

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