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Missing Man Francis L. Wooten May be Living in Car (New Orleans)

82-year-old Francis L. Wooten has been missing since November 23, 2005. Francis L. Wooten is a former New Orleans resident who had been staying with his daughter following Hurricane Katrina. He may be living in his vehicle somewhere in Orleans or Jefferson Parish.

A former resident of New Orleans, Wooten had been staying with his daughter at her home in Arrow Wood Estates near Abita Springs since not long after the storm.

Detective Dale Galloway of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office said when Hurricane Katrina was approaching Wooten packed some of his belongings into his vehicle and headed toward Florida. Somehow in the process, Galloway said, Wooten ended up living in his vehicle in a parking lot in Mobile, Ala.

Detectives believe he may be doing the same thing again. Wooten left the home on Cherokee Drive at 1 p.m. Nov. 23 in his 2003 gold-colored, four-door Kia Rio and never returned. The car bears the license plate KJY315.

Wooten was last seen wearing khaki pants, a blue button-up shirt and black-colored slippers. He is a white male, with gray hair with strawberry blond streaks.

Contact Galloway at 875-2178 with any information about the whereabouts of Wooten or his vehicle.

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Melinda Superville; A Pictorial View of Access of Abandon Home

Melinda Superville’s body was found by members of Texas EquuSearch on December 9 after being missing since December 2. She was found in an abandon house that was known to be frequented by the homeless. The abandoned house is located at 2111 Antoine, is located at the intersection of Antoine & Hammerly.

Superville 2111 Antoine

The house where Melinda was found in, 2111 Antoine

Superville Backdoor of 2111 Antoine

Back door that was already open, door off hinges

Melinda Superville was missing for one week before she was found in the back bedroom, seen below. In an abandoned home that was frequented by the homeless Melinda was found and at her side was an undischarged gun and pills. So we are supposed to assume that a suicide scene with pills and a gun was kept intact for one week in a home frequented by the homeless. That is remarkable that nothing was touched.

A “large quantity” of assorted pills was discovered at the scene, and physical evidence indicated that Superville, 43, had ingested a large number of them, Houston police Sgt. Nate McDuell said Saturday.

A pistol was also found at the scene, but it had not been fired, and there was no sign of physical trauma to the body, police reported Friday.

McDuell did not know whether a suicide note was found.

Superville back bedroom

Back Bedroom where Melinda was found.

The Chiro clinic, Superville’s home and the abandoned house at 2111 Antoine are all in close proximately to one another. To walk from the office where the keys were found in the door to the abandon house where Melinda was found takes approximately 4 minutes and 15 seconds. The street is extremely busy with nonstop traffic and multiple businesses along the way.  She was wearing a bright red sweatshirt in the middle of the day and no one saw her.


Superville chiro1

The office that the keys were left in the door

Here is an interesting thing that was noticed when approaching the abandoned house.The house she was found in, 2111 Antoine, is located at the intersection of Antoine & Hammerly.  The front of the house, driveway, and both sides of it are clearly visible from this intersection.  It would be extremely risky to drive a vehicle up this driveway  especially in broad daylight to the secluded back entrance.
However, there is a more less noticeable way to get to the same location. If one stays on Harland heading towards & passing Hammerly & taking a right on Todd St. and came up the backside of the house she was found in 2111 Antoine by accessing a paved driveway that winds around to it (from Todd St).  The houses immediately behind 2111 Antoine are also vacant and the houses along with a garage block anyone’s view should you need to park.   
2111 Antoine Dr, address of abandoned house where Melinda Superville was found.
2061 Antoine Dr, address of Chiro Office.


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Communications Nightmare, Only One Miner Survives. Initial story incorrect … (Miracle Miners!!! Relatives were yelling “They’re alive!”

UPDATE: A terrible update to report on the fate of the 12 trapped miner. Initial reports were inaccurate. From grief to hope back to grief. A miscommunication and people’s want and need for good news regarding the 12 trapped miners made a terrible story even worse. As CNN reports, Grief, anger as all but one miner found dead.

TALLMANSVILLE, West Virginia (CNN) — Rescuers found the sole survivor of an explosion that trapped 13 miners in a West Virginia coal mine “by the sounds of moans,” mining officials said Thursday, about 12 hours after family members learned the initial report that their loved ones were alive was erroneous.

Without giving a reason for the miscommunication — and without assigning blame — mining executive Ben Hatfield said he deeply regrets “allowing the jubilation to go on longer than it should have.”

Original story … unfortunately proved to be premature:

With the news that was coming out today, no one could have seen or expected this. 12 Miners found alive after 41 hours underground following the blast can only be described as a miracle. Mine 2

Twelve miners caught in an explosion in a coal mine were found alive Tuesday night, more than 41 hours after the blast, family members said.

Bells at a church where relatives had been gathering rang out as family members ran out screaming in jubilation.


CNN: BREAKING NEWS Family members say 12 men have been found alive in a West Virginia mine, nearly 40 hours after they were trapped. One man died.

Family members say 12 miners found alive (CNN)

Friends and family members erupted in cheers and the town’s church bells began ringing as the report became known

“Believe in miracles,” said West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, who has expressed optimism throughout the ordeal.

Fox News: All Twelve West Virginia Coal Miners Found Alive

A West Virginia Miracle (Fox) Mine celebration1

Helen Winans, whose son Marshall Winans, is one of those trapped said she believes there was divine intervention.

“The Lord takes care of them,” she said. Breanna Williams, whose sisters’ father Jesse Jones is among the trapped, said she heard the miners had been found from other families who ran from the church proclaiming, “Praise the Lord, they are alive.”

read the rest here…

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