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A Letter from Chris Breaz; the Brother of Texas Chiro Melinda Breaz Superville

Recently the body of Melinda Breaz Superville was found in a vacant house by volunteer members of Texas EquuSearch. In some news reports, they claimed that the death was being investigated as an apparent suicide due to the pills present at the scene. According to these reports, there were pills found near her as well as a gun that had not been discharged. There was also initially a report that there was a wound to Melinda’s head.

“… said Sgt. David Crain, with the Houston Police Department. “There is a wound to the body about the head, but I can’t tell specifically where or from what.”

There was also no suicide note and her keys were initially found hanging in the door lock of her office that she shared with her husband. Melinda Superville’s home, office and vacant home where she was found are all in close proximity to one another. Later news reports would say that there was no sign of physical trauma to Melinda’s body.

With the many conflicting stories and the fact that it was unknown what happened to Melinda Superville, everyone figured they would wait for The Harris County Medical Examiner’s office to determine the cause of death. At least that’s what Melinda’s family thought.

That was until the Paris News published an article where Lamar County Judge Chuck Superville, the brother of Tom Superville, made the following statement regarding the death of his sister-in-law Melinda.

Superville said he expects his sister-in-law’s death to be ruled either an accidental or intentional overdose of prescribed medications.

“She was wrestling with some problems of depression that I did not know about,” Superville said.

Then there was a surprising obituary that was written. Surprising in the fact that it actually referenced the cause of death being a suicide as nearly all never do. Even more surprising in the fact that the ME’s office had not officially announced the cause of death.

MELINDA MARIE BREAZ SUPERVILLE’S spirit was liberated on December 2, 2005 due to an accidental overdose. She was 43.

As one can imagine I am sure Melinda Breaz Superville’s family may be none too happy with prematurely stating, let alone discussing their family members death. Prior to an official announcement as to a cause of death it is at best “bad form” to discuss it. Judge Superville’s comments and the Paris New’s printing of a cause of death as if it were fact is a bit troubling.

However, not a troubling as Christopher Breaz’ attempt to get equal time to present Melinda’s family side in her death. We at Scared Monkeys can only speculate as to what happened with the many clues and leads that were present at the crime scene and leading up to the discovery of her body. That is why one generally waits until the final autopsy to make such a comment as to rule that it was a suicide. It is rather strange that the same was not afforded in this case. The following is the letter that Chris sent to the Paris, TX paper that was not printed. Even though they allowed certain comments to be printed in their paper from Judge Superville regarding a suicide prior to any confirmation.

You will not see this printed in the newspaper, but you will here. The following is Chris Breaz’s letter in its entirety.

Dear __________, (name deleted)

I am a brother of Melinda Breaz Superville.

Firstly, in your article it was stated the “…Houston police found her body…”. That is inaccurate and can be verified with the police. I found her body as a participatory in a Texas EquuSearch SAR team. You were correct in stating Melinda was found close to their office (and also their home). Extremely close…roughly 200 yards away.

Secondly, I have a problem with the repetition of Judge Superville’s expectation of cause of death, although the final ruling may well be a pharmaceutical overdose. It is, in my opinion, unfair to make that statement prior to the issuance of an official ruling from the Harris County Medical Examiner’s office. This seems to unfairly paint my sister in a negative light, one which she can not defend herself against. Why can’t we wait until the official ruling? Are we not presumed innocent until proven guilty? What is to be gained from this premature statement?

Thirdly, I would like to know which doctor(s) the good judge spoke to regarding Melinda’s “…problems of depression…” that he – I assume previously – did not know about. Who are these doctors to divulge confidential doctor-patient information, and why were they not interviewed and quoted? What were the causes of Melinda’s supposed depression? Did the judge share that there were domestic violence incident reports filed against his brother, Thomas Paul Superville, for physical abuse of my sister and even my mother who was 73 at the time of his breaking my mother’s finger? Perhaps the judge’s statement that Melinda had been “wrestling” with some problems was right on the mark.

Lastly, I have to wonder why Judge Superville’s statements about my sister were so important to publish, and why the Supervilles insisted on adding to the obituary that Melinda’s cause of death was an accidental overdose (in spite of a refusal of ruling by the ME’s office), especially when his own brother, James/Jimmy Francis Superville (who was present in Houston during this entire time), was never acknowledged as a survivor in their own mother’s obituary published in your paper in November of 2002.

I appreciate your consideration of the above mentioned questions. Please feel free to contact me should you care to.

Best regards,

Christopher Breaz

We appreciate Chris for sharing this letter with us. He brings up many good points. Among them, how about just some common courtesy and decency for the dearly departed.

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Fundraiser To Be Held For EquuSearch

Fundraiser announced for Texas EquuSearch

HOUSTON — Recent searches for missing Houstonians has put a financial drain on Texas EquuSearch, so a fundraiser will be held Wednesday night, KPRC Local 2 reported.

The public is invited to attend the event at 6:30 p.m. at Pappasito’s Cantina, located at 10409 Katy Freeway. Meal tickets will be sold for $15 each, with the proceeds going to EquuSearch.

The non-profit organization has been involved in several long-range searches recently. Volunteers have been looking for missing UH student Nate Hendrickson, 24, since he disappeared on Nov. 30.

For those not in the Houston area and unable to attend, donations can also be made directly to the Texas EquuSearch web site.

The website to donate via credit card is:

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Florida State Dive Team joins Search for Gary & Hannah Tillman

Florida State University dive team in its search for missing Rome insurance agent Gary Tillman and his 16-year-old daughter, Hannah.

The search, which was called off over the Christmas weekend due to foul weather, resumed Monday but has turned up no new leads in the last two days.

The addition of the FSU underwater criminal investigations unit adds another boat with sonar to the recovery operation, which is being conducted within an area encompassing approximately five square miles, said Sgt. Charles Mulligan of the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office.

“This brings some new expertise to the search,” including a remote operable vehicle, “which is basically an underwater robot with a camera,” Mulligan said.

Weather has been a problem throughout the nine-day search and threatens to halt operations again today, as the forecast calls for isolated thunderstorms.

“A little rain won’t stop us, but heavy winds will,” Mulligan said.

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Special Prosecutor Ed Parkinson to Help Prosecute Maurice Wallace in Olamide Adeyooye Murder Case

Special prosecutor Ed Parkinson confirmed that he has been asked to help with the McLean County case, the murder of Illinois State University student Olamide Adeyooye.

McLean County State’s Attorney William Yoder has asked the state appellate prosecutor’s office to assist with the case against Wallace, 27, of Normal, The Pantagraph has learned.

Parkinson is part of the state’s prosecution team preparing for the Maurice LaGrone Jr. triple-murder trial set to begin Feb. 21 in McLean County. LaGrone and former girlfriend Amanda Hamm of Clinton are accused of drowning Hamm’s three young children in Clinton Lake in September 2003.

Maurice Wallace has been charged with three counts of murder in the death of Olamide Adeyooye.

Wallace stands accused of the death of Adeyooye, a 21-year-old ISU student who disappeared from her apartment Oct. 13. Police found Adeyooye’s body Oct. 21 in a burned-down chicken house in rural Mississippi.

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Help Search for Nate Hendrickson on Wednesday, 12/28

PLEASE HELP SEARCH ON WEDNESDAY! If you can not help, maybe you know some people who would like to help. The meeting place tomorrow is a still at George Bush Park, but at the pavilion area, which is west of the pond that we have been stationed at. (there we will have bathrooms, sinks and shade.) Remember to wear boots and jeans, hats and long sleeves. Meeting time is 9:00 AM. THANK YOU!!!!!!

George Bush Park

PLEASE READ – I am re-posting this from Nate’s sister’s myspace:
Hat Tip: festa

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