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Police have searched the home of a friend of Adre-Anna Jackson’s parents

Police have searched the home of a friend of Adre-Anna Jackson’s parents as part of their investigation into the disappearance of the 10-year-old girl.

The home was searched Thursday, KIRO-TV reported. Police seized clothing and other items. The man told KIRO-TV that officers accused him of sexually molesting the girl. He denied the allegations.

Police have said that in addition to talking with Adre-Anna’s parents, they are questioning anyone the parents or their daughter knew as part of the investigation.

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Case of missing girl, 10, baffles police

Frustration, fear and frayed nerves are plaguing the people who know Adre’Anna Jackson, a 10-year-old Tillicum girl who disappeared three weeks ago somewhere between home and school.

Detectives are working to identify and interview approximately 51 sex offenders who live in the immediate area, Farrar said. But it has been time-consuming since officers have had to confirm that the offenders were where they said they were at the time Adre’Anna disappeared, he said.

“Nobody’s been ruled out as a suspect, but then nobody’s risen to the level of a prime suspect,” he said. “We don’t have any good, solid information to lead us to one theory or another, so everything is still on the table.”

Anyone with a connection to Adre’Anna has been questioned and re-questioned, Farrar said. The FBI is involved in the search and put a national spotlight on Adre’Anna’s case, he said.

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