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Search For missing Adre-Anna Jackson Called Off

Adre-Anna Jackson disappeared Friday after she left her apartment to walk to school.Adreanna_Jackson Police state that they called off the search on Saturday, even though her location was still unknown.

Lakewood Police on Saturday called off their search for a 10-year-old girl missing since Friday, even though her location was still unknown.

Adre-Anna Jackson disappeared Friday after she left her apartment for a five-minute walk to Tillicum Elementary. Her family said they didn’t realize she was missing until late Friday afternoon because they didn’t know the school was closed because of snow.

On Saturday, Lakewood Police searched the girl’s apartment, as well as nearby American Lake for clues to Adre-Anna’s disappearance.Andrea LOSTGIRL_P2

“We haven’t given up hope,” Hall told The News Tribune Saturday night. “But we have searched all logical and available places where this young girl could have gone. “Right now we don’t have a whole lot,” Hall said. “But we’re going to continue interviewing and re-interviewing people to make sure we don’t miss anything.”

Adre-Anna’s disappearance is being treated as a missing person’s investigation

Her mother said the fourth grader was carrying a black and pink backpack. She was wearing blue jeans, possibly a blue shirt and white tennis shoes. She’s just under 5 feet tall and weighs approximately 78 pounds. She has brown hair with reddish highlights. She may have been wearing a puffy black coat or jacket.

The News Tribune: Police halt search for Tillicum girl andrea map

The girl, described as artistic and well-spoken, disappeared Friday after she left her apartment to walk to Tillicum Elementary a few blocks from her home. But due to the snow, the school had closed that day. Family members said they didn’t realize the girl was missing until late Friday afternoon. They called the police.

The fourth-grader was last seen walking from her family’s apartment off Wads-worth Street Southwest toward Tillicum Elementary, about a five-minute stroll away. Standing outside the police command center in the Tillicum Elementary parking lot Saturday, Hall said there’s been no indication yet that Adre-Anna had been a victim of violence or been snatched by a stranger.

Police, family and rescue workers have “knocked on almost every door in Tillicum,” as well as searched the nearby American Lake and parks. Some even crossed Interstate 5 on the neighborhood’s eastern border to look in that area. Still, no sign of the girl.

Bloodhounds were brought in to find the girl’s scent, but didn’t find a trail, while divers searched American Lake without finding any clues.

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  1. This case is so sad , it is less then 10 miles from my house.
    The FBI just stepped in, I pray they find something..
    I am weary even the night before my kids knew there was NO school due to the snow we had.. It is a gimme here if we get more then 2 inches during the night either a late arrival or cancelation.. I know the area well and it isnt the greatest part of town, Gangs, military base across the highway, and alot of drugs
    alot of low income home… I know there searching the lake she would have to travel through private property to reach the lake if she went through the park it is a confined swimming area enclosed with a horse shoe dock… My thoughts are prayers are with this little girl and her family

    Comment by Sue | December 6, 2005

  2. FBI searches for missing girl
    Divers, agents will continue efforts at American Lake, park piers

    PAUL SAND; The News Tribune
    Published: December 7th, 2005 02:30 AM

    Enlarge image
    An FBI diver searches off the end of a pier Tuesday at Harry Todd Park in Tillicum for clues in the disappearance of 10-year-old Adre-Anna Jackson.

    Enlarge image
    FBI forensics agents vacuum an American Lake dock Tuesday at Harry Todd Park in Tillicum in the search for Adre-Anna Jackson, who’s been missing since Friday.

    Enlarge image

    FBI agents searched American Lake and the piers at Harry Todd Park in the Tillicum area Tuesday but didn’t find any signs of 10-year-old Adre-Anna Jackson, who’s been missing since last week, a Lakewood police official said.
    The divers and forensics agents will renew the search today about 8:30 a.m., said Lakewood police Lt. Bret Farrar. The search could stretch until the end of the week, he said, noting that use of underwater sonar equipment is “pretty time-consuming.”

    Investigators have received no tips that had led to the water search, but a search dog did track Adre-Anna’s scent to the water Saturday, Farrar said. Adre-Anna’s mother, Yvette Gervais, has also told investigators her daughter liked to play near the lake, he said.

    “We’re just trying to cover all the bases,” Farrar said. “We’re working anything and everything we can think of.”

    Search dogs sniffed areas of the park and the lake Tuesday, but turned up nothing, he said.

    Adre-Anna’s parents were the last ones to see the girl Friday morning. After watching television weather reports, the girl’s mother, Gervais, and father, Jon Federici, sent her to school to see if it had been closed because of snow and ice. Gervais said Frederici watched Adre-Anna walk down the street from their apartment on Wadsworth Street Southwest toward Tillicum Elementary School.

    The couple called police later Friday after they realized school had been called off and Adre-Anna hadn’t returned home.

    Investigators have found no one who saw Adre-Anna snatched off the street and forced into a car. Officials who were at the school Friday said they didn’t see Adre-Anna.

    “We have run across nobody that saw her walk to school,” Farrar said.

    Lakewood police have not issued an Amber Alert in Adre-Anna’s disappearance because investigators have no suspect or suspicious vehicle information.

    On Tuesday afternoon at Harry Todd Park, six FBI agents swept the ground in front of the four piers, pushing yellow or orange evidence markers into the wet grass here and there. A handful of agents, dressed from head to toe in gleaming white suits, were on all fours vacuuming every nook and crevice of the piers.

    Investigators used a sonar device on a boat loaned from Fort Lewis police. It scanned the bottom of the lake and located an object. Divers later discovered it was an old shopping cart.

    Police spoke with Adre-Anna’s parents and gave them cell phones to keep in touch during the investigation, said Gervais, her mother.

    “There’s leads, but they can’t tell me” about them, she said.

    Family friend and neighbor Cynthia Maguire sat on a concrete picnic table, watching the investigation and trying to keep warm for much of the afternoon. She’s lived across the street from the family for two years, and she said her daughters helped Adre-Anna with her homework last Thursday.

    “When they get a new lead she feels very hopeful,” Maguire said of Gervais. “But then there’s times when she’s realistic that maybe (Adre-Anna) is not with us anymore.”

    Comment by Sue | December 7, 2005

  3. I think someone unintentionally went to far, may have hit too hard, and may have removed the evidence. I think someone is aware, is troubled, but is covering up for the other person. I think all parties involved in the disappearance are being torn apart by guilt. I think they know God wants them to do the right thing–tell the police all they know.

    Have the police used luminol in the parent’s house? Would the parents consent?
    Have the police used the cadaver dogs around areas such as houses?
    Have the police looked for freshly cemented areas?
    Have they checked sewer grates?
    When was the last time anyone beside family members saw her?
    Have they searched the areas where trash is deposited (such as city dump?) Someone was seen wheeling the trashcan. She was a small girl.

    I pray that God punishes this evildoer and anyone who supports the evildoer is evil as well.

    Comment by Anna O | January 13, 2006

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