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Steven Avery Says Teresa Halbach May Still Be Alive

So now Steven Avery plans on playing games with the Halbach family by making wild claims that Teresa Halbach may still be alive. Avery

Steven Avery said he thinks the 25-year-old photographer he’s accused of killing may still be alive.

In another jail house interview, Avery said Teresa Halbach, “Could still be out there.”

Avery claims the case against him is all a set-up.

If this was not so cruel it might be comical. It is instead just hideous. Now the Avery family is setting up a defense fund. Who is their right mind would give to this?

Avery’s family is setting up a defense fund for him. “It will go toward Steven no matter what, 100 percent,” said niece Carla Avery.

“It will be used for cash bail or defense. We are looking into regular attorneys instead of public defenders.”

AP NewsBreak: Avery thinks Halbach may be alive

Instead of just doing the right thing we see where Steven Avery is going with his pseudo-insane act.

“Any person who would have killed Teresa Halbach “ain’t got a right mind,” Avery said. “There is no way I could kill somebody,” he said. “That would be too hard.”

Avery’s Family Stand Behind Him

A day after Steven Avery speaks out from jail, his family echos Steven’s assertion that Teresa Halbach may still be alive.

Dolores Avery, Steven’s mother starts the conversation by claiming her son’s innocence.

Steven Avery’s mother and niece, Carla, are quick to proclaim Steven’s innocence and although they are not quick to admit it, they are taking steps to try to prove he had nothing to do with Teresa Halbach’s disappearance or murder.

It seems to run in the family as Carla Avery, Steven’s niece, went on to say that for all she knew the bone fragments could be sheep bones even though the “State crime lab tests show the bone fragments were that of an adult female and that teeth found were human”.

Timeline in Teresa Halbach murder case

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  1. Ok, another “no actual body, no proof, no crime case huh? The scarey part is that IF SOMEONE is trying to frame him, and the girl is still alive, then what are they doing with or to the girl?
    And if someone is really so monsterous as to fram the man twice, then what else are they capable of and what are they trying to keep hidden? Just like the British COlumbia pig farm, all those women murdered, all the bones and body parts finally found, all those years, and others being blamed, and no one went out to the pig farm to investigate. Who is in that community that could be a psyco killer other than Avery? Surely he cant be the only one. No in todays society. Humm, where the nearest moonshine stil? Got any recluses living out that way?

    Comment by Anna | November 30, 2005

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