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Avery To Be Charged With Teresa Halbach’s Murder

It what many have suspected after the finding that were reported yesterday at the Avery Salvage Yard; prosecutors plan to charge Steven Avery with with first-degree Steven Avery 1intentional homicide of Teresa Halbach. As if the horrific description of what had been found on the Avery property was not bad enough and Teresa Halbach’s keys in the bedroom of Steven Avery. We now are told by investigators that Steven Avery’s blood was found inside Teresa Halbach’s sport utility vehicle.

Prosecutors plan to charge a man wrongly convicted of rape 20 years ago with killing a 25-year-old woman whose vehicle was found near his home, the Calumet County district attorney said Friday.

Steven Avery’s blood was found inside Teresa Halbach’s sport utility vehicle, District Attorney Ken Kratz said. Kratz said he plans to charge Avery with first-degree intentional homicide by Tuesday.

“It is no longer a question, at least in my mind as special prosecutor in the case, who is responsible for, in this case, the death of Teresa Halbach,” Kratz said.

T Hallbach

D.A. Plans To File Homicide Charges Against Steven Avery Video available of District Attorney Announces Evidence Against Avery

Calumet County District Ken Kratz said Avery’s DNA was found inside Halbach’s car and on the vehicle’s ignition key. He said the key was found hidden in Avery’s bedroom. Steven Avery

Sheriff Jerry Pagel said Avery told investigators he had never been in Halbach’s vehicle. Pagel said they’ve now determined that was a lie.

Kratz said the quality and kind of evidence discovered proves there no tainting or planting of evidence.

Halbach case: Grim discoveries emerge; Burned human remains, key to Halbach’s SUV found on Avery land

The bones of an adult woman, human teeth, blood and signs of a failed attempt to burn a body have been found during the search for Teresa Marie Halbach. The veteran sheriff who announced the discovery said the evidence reflects a crime that defies description.

Once Wrongly Convicted Man Charged in Slay S Avery

Avery has denied involvement in the disappearance of Halbach, 25, who was last seen Oct. 31. The freelance photographer had three appointments that day to take pictures of vehicles for sale, including one at a salvage yard owned by Avery’s family in Manitowoc County, about 25 miles south of Green Bay.

Washington Post: Burned Remains Found at Wis. Salvage Yard

All of this evidence against Steven Avery that has shocked even the most veteran investigators while Avery has denied involvement in Halbach’s death.

God Bless Teresa Halbach and her family.

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