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Tara Grinstead still Missing; “I just want her back,” says Bill Grinstead.

Tara Grinstead has been missing for five days as the community has come together in the small town in Irwin County. Member of the town put up flyers that still decorate this town,Tara grinstead 1 where a vigil was recently held to pray for 30-year-old teacher Tara Grinstead and her family.

Yellow ribbons decorate Irwin County High School where Tara teaches 11th grade history, serving as a symbol for Tara’s safe return home.

“I just want her back,” says Bill Grinstead. Grinstead has not seen or heard from his daughter for five days. “We don’t really know what’s happened to her. All we know is that she has gone missing,” he says.

According to WALB-TV, although many are concerned over the missing school teacher for some reason police do not suspect foul play.

Though family friends and many at the school are upset about her disappearance, Ocilla Police Department Chief Billy Hancock does not suspect foul play.

Police say after investigating the house, they found no signs of forced entry. The only things missing were her keys and purse.

If you have any information about Tara Grinstead’s where abouts, please call 229-468-TIPS. A reward has been pledged for her return.

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  2. I will pray for her safe return.

    Comment by jwpolo | October 28, 2005

  3. Being a parent I am distrubed by these events, and I am even more distrubed that the police think this young lady just ran off. What was she running from? She wasn’t married, she had no children, no live in boyfriend, and she lived alone. She had no reason to just walk out. If she was tired of working she could of just taken a leave of absence. Then there are reports from her sister about a clock under the bed, a broken lamp. I would conclude some sort of struggle went on. I beleive someone in her neighborhood heard screams about 3:00am Sunday morning and reported it. No one came forward and said they were screaming at the top of their lungs during that time. Who ever got Tara, she probably knew them, and if she had a restraining order on someone then they need to search his area. Did they do fingerprints, check phone records? Just because there was no sign of forced entry doesn’t mean there wasn’t one. What if she was letting the dog out and someone was waiting for her to just open the door? I pray for Tara every day, her missing is every parents worst nightmare. I put up flyers for her in Worth County and in TyTy where I live. I don’t beleive that she walked off and I don’t even know this young women. I think that probable cause is enough to obtain a search warrent and I think that it should of been done 8 days ago.

    Comment by Randi Hess | November 1, 2005

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