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Judge Places Gag Order on Witnesses in Taylor Behl Case

A Judge has placed a Gag Order on witnesses in Behl case according to the Washington Post. This would prohibit any witnesses from publicly discussing their testimony in front of the grand jury that is investigating the death of Taylor Behl.

A Richmond judge has signed a gag order that bars witnesses from publicly discussing any testimony they give to a special grand jury investigating the death of college student Taylor Marie Behl, officials said yesterday.

The order was signed Monday by the judge presiding over the multi-jurisdictional grand jury, which is expected to convene again this morning in Richmond Circuit Court. Grand jury witnesses are generally allowed to discuss their testimony if they wish to.

Police chief, Rodney D. Monroe, requested the a gag order after he became concerned when information about the police investigation was leaked to the media last week, ‘Police Told Death an Accident, Lawyer Says’.

Benjamin Fawley is reported to have told police that Taylor Behl died accidentally while they were having a sexual encounter, according to an attorney representing Behl’s mother. Taylor Behl’s mother Janet Pelasara was quick to respond to such statements.

“Let’s be clear — Ben Fawley murdered my daughter,” Janet Pelasara said during a hastily arranged news conference outside her attorney’s McLean office. “His claim that it was accidental is just one more perversion of the truth in his ever-changing web of lies.”

Fawley told investigators that he had consensual sex with Behl in her car parked near a beach in rural Mathews County, Va., the night of Sept. 5 and that he accidentally choked her, according to George O. Peterson, Pelasara’s attorney. Fawley also told police he panicked after Behl died and dumped her body in a ravine, the paper reported.

Pelasara called Fawley “a big, fat liar” and said she was speaking for the 17-year-old daughter she buried Friday.

“He had a dark side, and Taylor wasn’t a dark side kind of girl.”

“It is apparent that my daughter died a violent and unspeakable death at the hands of Ben Fawley that night and was not a willing participant,” Pelasara said.

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Investigators Continue to Search Thunder Valley Casino area to look for any sign of 27-year-old Christie Wilson

According to KXTV investigators continue to search and expand the search to cover the grounds of the Thunder Valley Casino property for any sign of 27-year-old Sacramento woman, Christie Wilson, who vanished after spending the night gambling at a Lincoln casino.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Department helicopter and ground teams on all-terrain vehicles spent much of Sunday scouring the property around Thunder Valley Casino to look for any sign of 27-year-old Christie Wilson. It was the second time the area has been searched.

Investigators believe Wilson and 53-year-old Mario Flavio Garcia met in the casino and spent much of the evening of October 4 gambling together. Wilson was last seen on a surveillance tape walking through the casino parking lot with a man investigators believe is Garcia at 1:15 a.m. on October 5.

Police have arrested Mario Flavio Garcia, the last known person seen with Christie Wilson.

Detectives arrested Garcia Friday evening near his Auburn home. He was booked on two felony counts of illegal weapons possession. The charges stem from a search of Garcia’s property conducted as part of the investigation into Wilson’s disappearance.

According to the sheriff’s department, bail for Garcia has been set at $1 million. The high amount is reportedly due to Garcia’s criminal history and concerns that he might be a flight risk.

Man Last Seen With Missing Sacramento Woman Arrested

Mario Flavio Garcia was arrested near his Auburn area home Friday night. They took him in on felony weapons charges, after investigators uncovered un-registered weapons during a search.

Still authorities are playing it safe, only calling him a “person of interest.”

“For us to name him a suspect at this point, we have to have a better level of probable cause other than the weapons charges. We still don’t know if a crime was committed although we suspect it,” said Lt. George Malim, Placer Co. Sheriff’s Department.

Update: Man Last Seen With Christie Wilson In Court

(CBS 13) AUBURN Several new developments in the case of a missing woman last seen at the Thunder Valley Casino in Placer County. The Auburn man who authorities consider a “person of interest” in the disappearance of the 27-year-old woman has made his first court appearance. And a new witness who saw the two together has come forward.

Fifty-three-year-old Mario Garcia plead not guilty to weapons charges Tuesday afternoon. He’s been behind bars since Friday with his bail set at $1 million dollars.

These charges are unrelated to the disappearance of Christie Wilson, Placer County detectives said again today he is the only ‘person of interest’ in the case. A person of interest who was the last to ever been seen with Christie Wilson. It would appear that many of these cases all have the same MO wouldn’t they, Christie Wilson, Taylor Behl, Julie Popovich and Natalee Holloway? Who was the last individual ever seen with the missing girl?

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