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Christie Wilson, 27, Missing in California

After spending the evening at a casino, Christie Wilson, has gone missing  from the Thunder Valley Casino in Roseville, Calif., near Sacramento. She was last seen in the company of a 52 year old man, who is considered a person of interest.

“It’s horrible, just horrible,” her mother, Debbie Boyd, said.

A police officer reports, “They met each other, went from table to table, walked out together to the parking lot.”

Police say surveillance cameras caught the two walking toward the man’s car. Detectives have located the 53-year-old married man, and say he’s a “person of interest,” after finding evidence in his vehicle.

At a press conference, police reported, “We did find items of forensic evidence that we’re taking to the lab.”

“My gut tells me keep focusing on that 53-year-old man,” Debbie Boyd told The Early Show. “He absolutely knows and has more detail, but he’s not, at this point, disclosing. He just becomes even that much more suspicious because he just clams up and doesn’t seem to be able to want to talk. Surveillance cameras don’t show her going anywhere else, but out the door with him.”

The last time that she was seen was at her boyfriends house.

Wilson was last seen on the evening of Oct. 4 by her boyfriend, Daniel Burlando, while she was visiting and staying at his home in Sacramento. He is not considered a suspect or person of interest. Burlando says he got a voicemail from Wilson on Oct. 4 to let him know that she would be out that night at the casino. And he didn’t worry when she didn’t return on Oct. 5 because according to Burlando, Wilson would on occasion stay out all night.

A day later on Oct. 6, when he didn’t hear from her, he went to the casino and discovered her car was still parked in the lot. He filed the missing persons report with police on Oct. 6, and notified her parents as well.

Wilson’s silver BMW was parked about 200 yards from the man’s vehicle, Malim said. Detectives were unable to determine if Wilson got into the man’s car because the glare of headlights obscured the camera’s view.

KTVU has this information if you see her.

Wilson is described as white, 5 feet 4 inches and 150 pounds. She has brown hair and eyes. Anyone with information is urged to contact Placer sheriff’s Sgt. Bob McDonald at (530) 889-7852 or the Sacramento Police Department’s missing persons unit at (916) 433-0650.

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