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Credit Card Used by Ben Fawley after her Disappearance

As reported tonight by Jim Nolan of the Richmond Times Dispatch on MSNBC’s Rita Cosby and Fox News with Greta Van Sestran tonight, Ben Fawley used (correction: his credit card) Taylor Behl’s credit card to buy gas. It was also reported the gas was purchased with his Taylor Behl’s credit card in New Kent County lies between Richmond and Mathews County.

8 News has uncovered new details in that case as well. According to multiple sources, Fawley’s credit card was used to buy gas in New Kent County around the time Behl disappeared. New Kent County lies between Richmond and Mathews County, where Behl’s remains were found.

From MSNBC, Rita Cosby ‘Live & Direct’ for Oct. 12th

JIM NOLAN, “RICHMOND TIMES-DISPATCH”: Well, Rita, what we know is that sometime in the morning following the night Taylor Behl is said to have disappeared, Ben Fawley’s bank card was recorded in a purchase of gasoline and other items in a location somewhere between Richmond and Mathews County. Mathews County as you know is the location where Taylor Behl’s body was found just last week.

COSBY: You bet. Now, the credit card trail that Jim’s talking about

if, indeed, there’s this purchase from the, quote, sort of “prime suspect,” Ben Fawley, who is a guy who had a relationship with Taylor Behl

credit card purchase in between these two counties the morning of, means he was traveling either to or from. That is pretty significant, right, Vito?

COLUCCI: Oh, that’s very big, Rita. It shows that he’s lying. As an investigator, you knew from day one that he’s lying, but this gives you ammunition now to sit across the table and point your finger at this guy, who basically said he was almost abducted by, let’s say, aliens, mysterious people, OK, that nobody knew about or anything else. Then he says he puts gas in a Spanish person’s car who mysteriously just picks him up and drives him back.

It’s ridiculous stuff. You got to wear this guy down. He’s too used to talking to young kids and getting away with stuff. He’s not going to do that. This is a good PD down there.

COSBY: Now, let me play devil’s advocate, Vito. He’s also—if he did do this, he’s pretty dumb because you leave a paper trail.

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Medical Examiner’s Office releases Taylor Marie Behl’s Body to her Family

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, following tests done by the medical examiners office; Taylor Behl’s body was released to her family. There was no conclusive results found as a cause of death according to the medical examiner’s office.

The body of Taylor Marie Behl was released to her family yesterday as sources close to the investigation into her death said the medical examiner’s office will need more tests to determine how she died.

One law enforcement source close to the investigation said the initial autopsy showed “nothing obvious” that would allow investigators to definitively establish a cause of death. The case is listed as “pending.”

“We need a much deeper analysis,” said the source, noting that the process to identify a cause could take weeks as forensic investigators await the results of additional tests on her remains, described as mostly skeletal.

The family has the sad task of making arrangements for the burial of Taylor Behl. There will be a visitation tomorrow and the funeral will take place on Friday.

George O. Peterson, an attorney for Behl’s mother, Janet Pelasara, said plans were to hold a visitation tomorrow — on what would have been Behl’s 18th birthday — followed by a funeral Friday, both in her hometown of Vienna in Fairfax County.

Peterson said the services would be closed to the media and all but “family, friends and well-wishers” of Behl.

Yesterday, the Police task force investigating the Taylor Behl case issued a plea to residents of Mathews County for any information about Behl. Specifically, police are interested in talking to anyone who saw the following items:

Virginia license plate “GRN ERTH”;

Virginia license plate “JPC 2848″;

Ohio license plate “EP 34 KW”; and

a white Ford Escort.

needs the help of citizens in Mathews County.

Police are asking anyone who may have seen her white Ford Escort in the county to call authorities.

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