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Amos Harmon, 73, has been missing since the night of Sept. 22, 2005. Texas Equusearch coordinating information efforts

Amos Harmon has been missing since the night of September 22, when he disappeared while evacuating with his daughter, Brenda Veltz. Harmon’s silver 2005 Chevrolet pickup was found off County Road 1270. He has a history of medical conditions

Angelina County Sheriff’s officials continued the search Friday for a Port Arthur man whose truck was found abandoned near Zavalla, according to a department investigator.

Amos Harmon, 73, has been missing since the night of Sept. 22, when he disappeared while evacuating with his daughter, Brenda Veltz. Driving different vehicles, the two were separated around 3 a.m. on state Highway 69 near Zavalla.

Harmon’s silver 2005 Chevrolet pickup was found off County Road 1270, Sgt. Dawn Stripling said Friday. No evidence of foul play was discovered at the scene.

Harmon has a history of mini strokes and suffers from emphysema and high blood pressure. He was last seen wearing an Atlanta Braves ball cap, green plaid shirt, jeans and black shoes. He wears silver-framed glasses and dentures.

Anyone with information on Amos Harmon is asked to call the Angelina County Sheriff’s Office at (936) 634-3331 for Capt. James Galloway or Monica Hill. The number for Texas EquuSearch, which is coordinating information on Harmon, is (281) 309-9500 or toll-free (877) 270-9500. Flyers are available online at

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Illegal Fire Arms Charge against Ben Fawley

The situation keeps getting more and more complicated for Ben Fawley. The Taylor Behl investigation now leads to an illegal firearms charge against Ben Fawley.

An amateur photographer considered a suspect by police in the death of a college student was charged with illegal firearms possession, the Richmond Police Department announced Monday.

The situation keeps getting more and more difficult for Ben Fawley as first he is arrested on child pornography, then fire arms possession. Can another indictment be too far away?

Ben Fawley, 38, who has been in custody since being arraigned last month on 16 counts of possession of child pornography, has not been charged in the death of 17-year-old Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Marie Behl. Fawley was charged Friday with possession of a firearm while a convicted felon. State law, however, prevents police from providing details on the felony conviction upon which Fawley was charged on the latest count. Investigators said Fawley was in possession of firearms prior to Behl’s disappearance.

WRIC News 8

Richmond Police tell us the prime suspect in the Taylor Behl investigation could be arraigned as early as today on a new, unrelated charge – possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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Taylor Behl May be Buried On her 18th Birthday

According to CBS News, Taylor Behl, whose body had been recovered last may be laid to rest this coming Thursday. It would have been Taylor Behl’s 18th birthday.

(CBS) Taylor Behl, the slain Virginia Commonwealth University freshman, may be laid to rest Thursday, which would have been her 18th birthday, her father tells The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler.

Behl’s father, Matt Behl, told Syler Monday her funeral will probably be held Thursday.

“Of course,” he said, “this is something we had not planned. But hopefully, if we can, (if) all the arrangements come together, her mother and I will take her to burial on Thursday.”

Taylor Behl’s father, Matt Behl, made some comments regarding lessons to be learned for parents and children regarding the internet and what one puts out there.

“I think a lot of parents are probably in similar situations, in not knowing exactly what is going on with their kids, other than the precautionary tales of, ‘Be careful what you put out there.’

“But some of these Internet sites where children are putting out a lot of personal information about themselves, I don’t think parents are wholly aware of it. And in the discussions that I’ve had with some of my friends who have children, or other parents, they are becoming more aware.

A memorial service was help for Taylor Behl

A community has come together to remember a Virginia college student found murdered earlier in the week.

Memorial services were held for 17-year-old Taylor Behl on Friday.

Behl was a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University, and her body was found Wednesday buried off a dirt path in a rural area.

She had been missing for about a month.

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