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Darryl Littlejohn’s suspected as a hit man? Gang probe into Littlejohn with New Judge

The Darryl Littlejohn spider web is beginning to branch out in all direction. First suspected as a “person of interest” in the rape and murder of Imette St. Guillen. Then a possible tie to previous sexual assaults in the NYC/Long Island area. Now a possible gang involvement as a hit man? You think the owners of The Falls bar wished they had spent $20 on and INTERNET background check at the very least?

A federal probe into Darryl Littlejohn’s suspected work as a hit man for a notorious New York drug gang has been hastily reassigned to a Long Island judge after cops began eying Littlejohn in the murder of Imette St. Guillen of Boston, according to a source and federal court records.

A source familiar with the investigation said authorities have been developing evidence that Littlejohn was involved in murders allegedly committed by a Queens gang formerly led by jailed drug kingpin Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols.

Maybe The Falls should have examined his resume a little more carefully and actually cared who they exposed their patrons and the public to?

Littlejohn, a career con from Queens working as a bouncer at The Falls bar in Manhattan’s Soho district, remained jailed at Rikers Island on a parole violation yesterday as NYPD cops worked to develop evidence linking him to St. Guillen’s murder. The brutalized body of the 24-year-old Mission Hill woman was found Feb. 25, 17 hours after Littlejohn escorted her out of the Soho nightspot.

As the investigation continued yesterday, newly unearthed court documents revealed that Littlejohn committed an armed robbery in 1995 with a member of the Queens drug crews formerly controlled by “Fat Cat” Nichols – an infamously violent drug lord now in the federal witness protection program.
(Read more from the Boston Herald on Littlejohn’s past)

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