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Police Search for Missing Jessica Brown, 18, and 13-month-old Deon Lambert in Washington, DC

Jessica Brown, 18, and 13 month old Deon Lambert have been missing since Sunday, November 12, 2006 in Washington, DC area. Jessica Brown and Deon Lambert were last seen in the 1600 block of 18th Street in Southeast.

Police said that on Sunday, the mother of 13-month-old Deon Lambert gave permission to Jessica Brown, 18, to take her son to a local store.

But the pair never returned. (NBC4)


  • Brown is described as black with a medium complexion
  • brown eyes
  • about 5 feet six inches tall
  • 130 pounds
  • She was last seen wearing blue pants, a blue shirt and blue jacket.

  • Lambert is described as black with a medium complexion
  • brown eyes
  • about 2 feet 9 inches tall
  • 23 pounds
  • He was last seen wearing blue pants, a blue shirt and a multicolored jacket

Anyone with any information, please call police at 202-727-9099.

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Scared Monkeys Radio, Dana Pretzer interviews with Clint Van Zandt, Wendy Murphy & Joe Mammana

Scared Monkeys Radio with Dana Pretzer tonight at 8:30 PM EDT


(Click on icon)

Tonights Guests: Toll free call in # 1-877-842-7884

  • 8:30 EDT – Clint Van Zandt (Making Communities safe)
  • 9:00 EDT – Wendy Murphy On Sex Offender Fashions J
  • 9:30 EDT – Joe Mammana On Rewards and Red Tape.

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Raymond Lee Oyler To be Charged with with murder & arson in connection with the California wildfire

Person of interest, Raymond Lee Oyler, will be charged with five counts of first-degree Raymond Lee Oylermurder, 11 counts of arson and 10 counts of use of an incendiary device for his involvement in the Esperanza wildfire that killed initially four firefighters and then a fifth one who suffered from burns over 95% of his body.  Investigators interviewed Raymond Lee Oyler on October 27, 2006 and served a search warrant on his Beaumont residence Monday. There is no reason why prosecutors should not seek the death penalty for the deaths of five heroic firefights. This was a deliberate act of arson, life in prison is too good for someone who would knowingly and willfully set fires that would affect so many people’s lives and cause death.

California authorities have recommended Raymond Lee Oyler be charged with murder, arson and other crimes in connection with the Esperanza wildfire that killed five firefighters.

read the rest here…

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Amish School House Destroyed where 5 School Girls Were Murdered

The one room Amish school house was destroyed Thursday before dawn. It was the sight of the heinous murder where Charles Carl Roberts VI shot to death 5 Amish school girls before killing himself.

What other option was there than for the Amish to rid themselves of this horrible reminder.

“I think the Amish leaders made the right decision,” Mike Hart, a spokesman for the Bart Fire Company, said as loaders lifted debris into dump trucks to be hauled away.

A group of 20 to 30 people, most of them Amish, gathered nearby to watch as the schoolhouse was leveled. “It seems this is a type of closure for them,” Hart said. (MSNBC)

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Line Up For the Inaugural Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio

The inaugural Dana Pretzer Show is going to be Thursday Evening, 9:00 to 10:00 PM Eastern Time. We are thrilled to have for our intitial show the following guests live from The National Sexual Predator Information Center Fundraiser:

  • Beth Twitty
  • Tim Miller
  • Patricia Kilpatrick

We also hope to have a couple of surprise guests as well so stay tuned.

The show will be streamed live over the internet, and if you happen to miss it, then you can download the podcast of the show shortly afterwards from this site.

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Earl Stefanson, 41, Arrested for Brutally Tortured & Murder of Leslie Lamb: “Silence of the Lamb” Basement

Oakland police have arrested 41 year old Earl Stefanson is the torture and murder of 36 year Earl Stefansonold Leslie Lamb. It appears from their investigation that Stefanson may have killed two other woman in his home as well. What they found in Stefanson’s home upon attaining a search warrant was chilling.


Police said they were able to determine that Lamb had not been inside the car where Stefanson claimed to have found her.

Police said they determined Stefanson had a history of abusing Lamb.

When authorities searched his home in the 3400 block of Coolidge Avenue, they found Lamb’s blood and the blood of two other unidentified women.

Police said Stefanson tortured her in a room set up in his basement, which they described as frightening.


(The home on the 3400 block of Coolidge Avenue in Oakland where police arrested Earl Stefanson, SF Chronicle)

The authorities did not go into great detail regarding the basement; however, it was described as something like out of “Silence of the Lambs”. Police are trying to determine who the woman are who the blood belonged to. Stefanson has a history of abusing women. Police are trying to determine whether there are more women out there who may have been abused by Stafanson and ask that they come forward.

It appeared as if Stefanson had made an attempt to clean up the blood and conceal evidence of Lamb having been at the residence, Jones said. At this point, police have no idea who the other two victims are or even whether they are dead or alive.

When police attempted to arrest Stefanson Tuesday night, he led them on a lengthy chase through Oakland and Hayward, Jones said.

Oakland police, with assistance from Hayward police, were eventually able to capture Stefanson and take him into custody. (NBC San Diego)

A former wife of an Stefanson she had lived in fear of her husband and endured “major abuse” during their relationship a decade ago.

She said the abuse stopped only after she and her husband, Earl Stefanson, were arrested for running a methamphetamine lab in Butte County.

“I was forced to be there. I was afraid to leave,” said the woman, who has since remarried and asked that she not be named because she was afraid for her safety. “I lived in a state of fear.”

Stefanson, 41, the son of an ex-president of the Hells Angels’ Oakland chapter, was charged Thursday with murdering Leslie Lamb, a single mother who police said was his girlfriend. Police said he had a torture chamber in his home in the Oakland foothills and that they fear he may have harmed other women. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Earl Stefanson has quite the checkered past:

  • Ex-wife said she had suffered regular abuse from Stefanson during their five-year marriage. She would not go into details, but said the abuse did not include torture.
  • In 1995, she and Stefanson were arrested for allegedly making methamphetamine and growing marijuana in Oroville (Butte County).
  •  Stefanson pleaded no contest in June 1996 and was sentenced to nine years in state prison for running a methamphetamine lab.
  • she had often seen her daughter with black eyes and bruises. “She got away safe,” she said.
  • Court records show that another ex-wife of Stefanson’s, Antonia Gutierrez, obtained a restraining order against him in Fresno County in 1985, alleging harassment.
  • The younger Stefanson had one previous encounter with police in Oakland: In 2004, he pleaded no contest to lewd conduct and being drunk in public after police found him masturbating in a pickup truck near 15th and Castro streets, records show. (SF Chronicle)

Oakland police homicide investigators can be contacted at (510) 238-3821, or on the department’s anonymous tip line at (510) 777-3211.

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Juan Miguel Medrano Jr, 54, Wanted For unlawful Restraint and for Abandoning a Child.

Juan Miguel Medrano Jr., 54, of Brownsville, TX is wanted for aggravated sexual assault, unlawful restraint and for abandoning of his 14-year-old stepdaughter. Surprise, surprise, Juan Miguel Medrano Jr is an undocumented illegal immigrant as well. So who was the 14 year old girl going to run to for help while being abused? Tough to do and an impossible situation when you are an illegal and your abusive step-father knows it.

Juan Miguel Medrano Jr., an undocumented immigrant, is wanted on a warrant charging him with abandoning a child, aggravated sexual assault of a child and unlawful restraint, police said. (Brownsville Herald)

Suspect Wanted for Holding Girl Captive

BROWNSVILLE – Officers are searching for the man accused of keeping a teenage girl captive in a trailer.

Juan Miguel Medrano Jr., 54, is wanted for aggravated sexual assault, unlawful restraint and for abandoning a child.

He’s accused of holding his 14-year-old stepdaughter inside a travel trailer, isolating her from family and friends for the past 2 months. (News Channel 5)

If anyone has any information please call Brownsville Crimestoppers at 546-TIPS.

Police Looking For a Man Accused of Locking Up a Girl in a Trailer

The 14 year old girl and her mother are presently in a woman’s shelter.

According to investigators, the girl’s mother advised them the girl had been locked up by Medrano for the past two months and would not allow her to contact her family. Police say the young girl appeared to be delirious and unaware of her surroundings.

Medrano is wanted for aggravated assault of a child, unlawful restraint and abandonment of a child. Medrano was not at home when the girl was picked up and now they are asking for the public’s help to find him. (KGBT 4)

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Cough Cough … Lots of Dust Here

We are in the final stages of the remodel. If you are seeing this we are on the new server and we have moved upgraded to the latest and greatest version of wordpress.

The template we are used to got broken in the move, and negotiations with the moving company are going slowly. (grin)

But a new look is on its way.

Our old hosting company really hit the skids in the past week and as such we have switched hosting companies. One of our other domains moved over the weekend and the server that we have is doing great. So hiccups should be a thing of the past.

Thanks for reading and we hope to have the room cleaned up by your next visit.

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Missing Destiny Norton, The Media Has Heard our plea for help … Thank you

The other day we posted and began an email and call campaign to the main stream media to draw more attention to the case of the disappearance of 5 year old Destiny Norton. In a short period of time it has been a success. Tonight, Nancy Grace is stepping up to the plate and doing a segment on Destiny Norton tonight at 8:00 EDT.

Monday’s show

Destiny Norton

Why a false alarm has renewed hopes that a missing five-year-old Utah girl will be found. Tune in Monday at 8 p.m. ET.

Also Dana Pretzer of C-Band Talk Radio will also be doing a segment tonight on the 5 year old missing Destiny Norton. However, Dana’s show is not the MSM, its “MAIN STREET MEDIA.”

We have also received positive feedback from Rita Cosby “Breaking News” and the producers of Joe Scarborough that they would do their best to mention the missing 5 year old. We realize that the MSM gets caught in news cycles; however, they need to realize that numerous stories can be handled at the same time and the law of diminishing returns comes into play when a cable network goes wall-to-wall on one story.

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Destiny Norton; AMBER ALERT Issued Due to Possible Sighting

An AMBERT ALERT was issued late Sunday for missing 5 year old Destiny Norton. An individual reported seeing a child matching Destiny’s description in Farmington at 8:10 p.m. at the intersection of U.S. 89 and Shepard Lane.

The child was riding in a black extended-cab Dodge pickup truck, according to police.

The first three numbers of the truck’s license plate were possibly 915 or 519, according to the Amber Alert. A sticker on the rear bumper of the truck read “SPORTS 4×4.”

Police also issued a description of a man seen in the vehicle with the child. He is approximately 40 years old, 5 foot 5 and 160 pounds with black hair. He was wearing black pants, a white shirt, a baseball cap and skater shoes.

Americas Most Wanted: Little Girl Lost

A massive search effort is currently underway in Salt Lake City, Utah for a missing 5-year-old girl named Destiny Norton.


Amber Alert Canceled; Destiny Still Missing

Police canceled the Amber Alert for Destiny Norton after the pick-up truck that match the description as the one having Destiny in it was located. Destiny was not in the pick-up, the investigation continues.

(KUTV) FARMINGTON, Utah Police have canceled an Amber Alert that was issued late Sunday after a man told police he saw a girl in a pickup truck who matched the description of missing 5-year-old Destiny Norton.

The Amber Alert was canceled after the truck was found, police said. The girl was not in the truck and investigation was continuing.

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