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Brandi Laurent Missing Since August 3, 2007 … Body has been Found By Texas EquuSearch

29 year old Brandi Laurent from Kiln, MS had been missing since August 3, 2007. She was last seen on Friday, August 3, 2007 around midnight walking on Fenton-Dedeaux Road in Kiln, Mississippi and has not been seen or heard from since. Texas Equusearch and their volunteers headed to Kiln, MS with Dave Holloway, the father of missing in Aruba teenager Natalee Holloway, to help search for Brandi Laurent. Texas EquuSearch organized a search on Nov. 9, 2007

Texas Group Searches For Missing Hancock County Mother

UPDATE I: We just received a phone call today from Tim Miller of Texas Texas-EquuSearchEquuSearch … THEY HAVE FOUND THE BODY OF MISSING BRANDI LAURENT. (developing …)

UPDATE II:  Multiple search  teams under the organization and direction of Texas EquuSearch have located the body of missing 29 year old Brandi Laurent. In less than one hour after the search began, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Mounted Patrol located the remains of Brandi Laurent. Brandi was found  in tall grass approximately 6 to 8 feet tall near a power line.

The location where Brandi Laurent’s body was found was less than one mile from where she lived on Kiln, MS off of Road 528 and 530. Reports are that her clothing was the first indication that this was the body of missing Brandi Laurent.

Kudos to law enforcement and the multiple search teams and their cooperation in helping the family of Brandi Laurent and bringing them answers and Brandi home. This search effort represents the best of what can happen when law enforcement and search teams all cooperate for the greater good. We spoke with TES Case Manager Cindy Wisdom this afternoon, she stated that all the search teams and law enforcement worked together to accomplish the outcome to bring closure and answers to the family of Brandi Laurent.

It probably will not be long before Brandi’s husband, Leo, will have to be doing some explaining to law enforcement. Its only a matter of time.

Searchers find body that may be woman missing since August

Search and rescue workers believe they have found the body of a woman who has been missing since Aug. 3.

The body found Saturday morning is believed to be that of 29 year-old Brandi Hawkins Laurent who disappeared after a marital spat with her husband.

According information provided by law enforcement officers in the days following her disappearance, Laurent left her home on the night of Aug. 3, with no keys, cell phone or wallet after she and her husband had engaged in an argument.

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The Alabama Department of Public Safety Issues a Missing Child Alert for 17 Year Old Benjamin (Ben) Stanford (UPDATE: Found Deceased, Autopsy: Suicide)

A “Missing Child Alert” has been issued by the Alabama Department of Public BENJAMIN STANFORD1Safety for missing 17 year old Benjamin Stanford. Ben Stanford has been missing since November 5, 2007 when he was last seen on Monday in Anniston and his vehicle was later found in Villa Rica, GA. Stanford is a senior at the Donoho school in Anniston.   Benjamin Stanford is the grandson of Alabama State Senator Jim Preuitt. Law enforcement in both Alabama and Georgia are looking for the missing teen.

Benjamin Stanford Description:

  •  weight 140 pounds
  • brown hair
  • green eyes
  • He was last seen wearing a white ball cap, rust colored jeans and a long-sleeved fleece shirt that was dark gray and purple.
  • Another report states that he was wearing rust colored Carhartt jeans, a long sleeve dark gray and purple shirt and a white Polo ball cap.


ANNISTON, Ala. (AP) — Law enforcement in Alabama and Georgia are searching for the 17-year-old grandson of an Alabama state senator.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety issued a missing child alert Wednesday for Benjamin Stanford, who was last seen Monday morning in Anniston. His vehicle, a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee, was later found on Interstate 20 in Villa Rica, Ga., police said.Benjamin Stanford

Stanford is a senior at Donoho School in Anniston and is the grandson of state Sen. Jim Preuitt, D-Talladega.

If anyone has any information regarding Ben Stanford’s disappearance, please call the Lincoln Police Department at 205-763-7777.

UPDATE I: Reward offered as 2-state search continues for missing Lincoln teen

ERA King Real Estate, where his mother, Lynne Stanford, works, has announced a $20,000 reward for valid information “leading to Ben’s safe return,” according to a mass e-mail that went out Thursday evening.

UPDATE II: Call for Volunteers in Search for Missing St. Senator’s Grandson, TES to help search for missing Ben Sanford

UPDATE III: Body Fitting Description Of Ben Stanford Found

Authorities have recovered a body fitting the description of the grandson of Senator Jim Preuitt.

The body was located about one mile away from his vehicle in the woods near Interstate 20 in Villa Rica, Ga.

Authorities are waiting on the Medical Examiner to release the identity of the body.

UPDATE IV: Body of Alabama senator’s grandson identified

The body of the teenage grandson of an Alabama state senator has been found about 1,000 feet from where his vehicle was located last week along Interstate 20, the senator said Tuesday.

State Sen. Jim Preuitt said Alabama state trooper officials have notified him that the body found Tuesday was that of his 17-year-old grandson, Benjamin Stanford.

“Bless his heart. He was the apple of my eye. He was just so lovable. We can’t believe it has happened,” Preuitt told The Associated Press.

UPDATE V: Report: Autopsy Rules Stanford Death Suicide

WSFA 12 News has learned through published reports that the Carroll County, Georgia coroner and Georgia Bureau of Investigation have concluded an autopsy of Benjamin Stanford’s remains.

The report indicates Stanford died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

For more updates and discussion regarding missing Ben Stanford, go to Scared Monkeys Missing Person forum.

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Texas EquuSearch Joins the Search for Missing Stacy Peterson in Bolingbrook, IL … They Need Your Help

TES and the Family of Stacy Peterson needs your HelpStacy Peterson

Tim Miller and the volunteers of Texas EquuSearch have joined the search to help find missing Stacy Peterson. The family of Stacy Peterson contacted TES, the non-profit search organization,  in an effort to help find their missing loved one. Stacy Ann Peterson has been missing since 10/28/07.

Speaking with Tim Miller this evening he asked that anyone in the Bolingbrook, IL come out and help search and also take part in helping out with the Command Center located at the Westbrook Christian Church in Bolingbrook.

The command center for the Texas EquuSearch team will be the Westbrook Christian Church at 1175 Lily Cache Lane in Bolingbrook. All search volunteers for tomorrow need to be there at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow

 Stacy Peterson – search update 11/05/07

Cassandra Cales, Stacy’s sister, contacted EquuSearch and asked for the national organization’s help, said Cindy Wisdom, case manager for the not-for-profit group founded in 2000 to help authorities find missing people.

“We don’t enter a case unless family or law enforcement contacts us, and we don’t move forward with a case unless law enforcement agrees to work with us,” Wisdom said, adding the group has opened cases on more than 800 missing people and found 300—and the remains of 76 others. “The idea is to bring home missing persons, dead or alive.” (Chicago Tribune)

Texas search team to help in Peterson case

Meanwhile, representatives from The Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team, an all-volunteer group with resources that include divers, helicopters, dog teams, horses and foot teams, were set to help in the search.

Family friend Bruce Zidarich said Peterson’s relatives had reached out to the group last week, and they had agreed to help.

For more updates and information go to

To discuss the case and for updated go to Scared Monkey Forum: Stacy Ann Peterson 23, Bolingbrook IL – Missing 10/28/07


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Texas EquuSearch for Naomi Arnette Missing Since May … Search begins Saturday September 29, 2007

 Naomi Arnette TES Search


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Texas EquuSearch in Ohio Searching for Tony Luzio, Part 3

Tim Miller and volunteers from Texas EquuSearch meet with law enforcement in Ohio to help in the search for missing Tony Luzio. Tony Luzio has been missing since July 4, 2005.




Tim Miller prepared to map out potential search areas from the air with Tony Luzio Sr. in an effort to determine possible search areas.


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Tim Miller and TES Search for Missing Tony Luzio Jr. in Ohio, Part 2

Tim Miller and volunteers from Texas EquuSearch have been working diligently in efforts to try and fins missing Tony Luzio Jr. in Ohio this week end. TES has met with law enforcement, members of Crime Stoppers and the family in order to put together a plan of action to search for Tony Luzio. Tony Luzio has been missing since July 4, 2005.


Tim Miller meets with local law enforcement




(Tim Miller meets with Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, Kevin Miles)

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Texas EquuSearch on the Road to Ohio, Efforts to Search for Missing Tony Luzio and Brian Shaffer (Updates: Image found on Sonar)

As reported earlier, Tim Miller and volunteers from Texas EquuSearch are off to Ohio to help search for missing Tony Luzio Jr and Ohio State student Brian Shaffer. The two boys from Ohio went missing in rather close proximity to each other; however, there is no connection considered in their two cases.


(Tim Miller and TES Volunteer John White prepare to head to Ohio)

Brian Shaffer missing since April 2, 2006

Tony Luzio Jr. missing since July 5, 2005.


For more details and updates to the cases of missing Tony Luzio and Brian Shaffer and in the search efforts of Texas Equusearch, go to

UPDATE I: Exclusive, Divers called in by TES to search for missing Tony Luzio


Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch will be bringing in divers tomorrow morning to search the Alum River in Delaware County, OH. Today TES picked up an image on their side scanner sonar that appears to be a vehicle while searching the Alum River in Ohio for missing Tony Luzio. According to Tim Miller, divers will be in the water at 8am tomorrow. This area had previously been cleared; however, TES has found an image with the sonar that could be Tony Luzio’s vehicle. Updates to follow.

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Texas EquuSearch Plans Search for Missing Tony Luzio; Missing Since July 4, 2005

Tony Luzio has been missing since July 4, 2005. Texas EquuSearch is making plans to go to Ohio to help search for Tony Luzio.


  • Sex Male
  • Race White
  • Age at Disappearance 25
  • Age Now 27
  • Height 6’3”
  • Weight 200 lbs.
  • Hair (Color, Description, Facial Hair) Brown
  • Eyes (Color and Correction) Brown

MySpace account for Tony Luzio

Tony Luzio, age 25, was last seen at a friends home near Rutherford Rd off Sawmill Parkway in Delaware County in Columbus, Ohio, on July 4, 2005 around 4:00 a.m. and has not been seen or heard from since. Tony was driving a silver 4 dr 2004 Honda Civic, license plate DCA 5615. (TES)

As per a recent conversation with Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch, Tim and case manager Cindy Wisdom are currently in Columbus, OH making plans to search for Tony Luzio.

What happened to Tony Luzio? Tony Luzio Jr vanishes after attending a party.

On the evening of July 3rd Tony had gone to a friend’s house to play some cards. Afterward Tony stopped at a local hangout to meet up with some more friends. At approximately 2:30 a.m. the group went to a party less than one mile from Tony’s parents.

Witnesses say they saw Tony leaving the party at around 4 a.m. They assumed he was heading to his apartment though he had given the key to one of his friends. That was the last time that anyone saw Tony.

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Tim Miller & Texas EquuSearch Attend the 21st Annual meeting of Parents of Murdered Children (Family of Kenny Ebarb)

Kenny Ebarb has been missing since July 17, 2005 in the vicinity of the 21000 block of Countryside Rd. near FM 1960 East. The next day, July 16, 2005, Ebarb’s truck was found, abandoned and burned, about 23 miles away, in Huffman, TX. For two years, Ebarb’s family has dealt with Kenny’s disappearance with a range of emotions from hope to despair, frustration to anger, grief to loneliness not knowing what happened or having recovered his body. The case was deemed a homicide without a body.

More than 400 people including the Ebarb family and Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch attended The 21st annual meeting of Parents of Murdered Children. So many times we forget about the pain and anguish that family members go through after their loved one’s body is found. It can be even worse psychologically for those left behind when a body is never found. They are just left to wonder and anguish over what happened. Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch said during the conference:

The couple were joined in the hotel lobby by Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch. Miller said cases of missing young men are “often overlooked or ignored” by the media, which “tends to focus on cases of missing women, or children.”

Miller was the luncheon speaker at the convention. Still, he took time to sit with the Ebarbs, gently advising them to attend one of the many workshops held for parents, relatives and siblings of murder victims.

“Everybody in this room thinks they’ve gone through the worst possible thing – losing a child,” Miller said. “I can tell them they have not. The worst possible thing is what you two are going through – not knowing. Not having that closure that allows you to fully grieve.” (Houston Chronicle)

The families of murdered and missing loved ones are a breed apart and have special issues and problems that none of us could even begin to relate to. Please remember that even after their family members are found. That although their missing loved one has been returned home, their grieving process goes on for years.

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Texas EquuSearch Volunteers Help Search for Missing 5 Year Old Alondra Diaz-Garcia

5 year old Alondra Diaz-Garcia has been missing since June 1, 2007 when she was reportedly kidnapped by her non-custodial father, Reynaldo Diaz. She has not been seen since.

  • Alondra weighs about 38 pounds
  • brown eyes
  • brown hair
  • nearly 4-feet tall
  • was last wearing denim pants and a orange and yellow shirt

Texas EquuSearch volunteers are searching for the girl near Kendleton.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a warrant was issued for Diaz, 38, on July 2.

Mother frantic to find missing daughter last seen with her father

The girl’s mother says she and Diaz were divorced and he was scheduled to visit the girl June 1. The mother dropped her off with her father at a McDonald’s on Gessner and Bissonnet and hasn’t been seen since.

“I believe he is in Kendleton. He has a ranch there with his brothers and I am certain he has taken my daughter there,” said the girl’s mother Dorotea Garcia. (ABC 13)

UPDATE I: Local search for girl called off

A search for a missing Houston girl has been called off in an area in Kendleton and searchers will start looking elsewhere, an official with Texas EquuSearch said this morning.

No trace of Diaz-Garcia has been found, said Frank Black, search coordinator for Texas EquuSearch. He said searchers did not want to say exactly where they would look next as they did not want to potentially tip their hand to Diaz.

UPDATE II: Mother belived that ex-husband Reynaldo Diaz kidnapped Alondra Diaz-Garcia

She believes her ex-husband may have taken the girl to California or Mexico.

“He is a hot-tempered man. His reactions are very strong. He just did this probably on revenge,” Doroeta Garcia said.

She said he may have quit his job and taken $30,000 out of the bank before disappearing.

“Sometimes it’s a very dangerous situation, and sometimes it’s a situation where the parent may not be abiding by orders and hiding the child, and maybe not being physically harmed but some sort of emotional harm,” Harris Co. Assistant D.A. Jane Waters said.

In the case of Diaz-Garcia, a custody agreement had been in place since the divorce in 2005.

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