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Allenna Williams Ward, 23 year old Middle School Teacher arrested for having Sex with five boys

If its a school story, it must be another teacher-student sexual exploitation case. 23 Allenna Wardyear old Allenna Williams Ward is accused of having sex with 5 boys whose ages range from 14 to 15. Ward was busted when an inappropriate note from the teach to one of the victims was found in the garbage.

CLINTON, S.C. (WLTX, AP) — Authorities say a 23-year-old female middle school teacher was arrested Wednesday, accused of having sex with five boys in locations including the school, at a motel, in a park and behind a restaurant.

Clinton Public Safety Director John Thomas says some of the 14- and 15-year-old victims were students at Bell Street Middle School in Laurens School District 56, where Allenna Williams Ward taught. Others went to a different school.

Investigators say there could be more victims.

Warrants show Ward is charged with five counts of second degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and six counts of lewd acts on a minor. The incidents occurred between November and continued up through the past few weeks.

Ward has been fired from her job and is under house arrest. I wonder if this was a male teacher whether the bale would have been so low and house arrest deemed appropriate if 5 female 14 and 15 year old girls had been molested?

School district officials say they held an emergency meeting and fired Ward from her job. Thursday morning, bond was set at $110,000: $10,000 for each of the eleven charges. Terms of her bond include no contact with the alleged victims, no cell phone use, and if she posts bond, Ward is under house arrest.

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Federal Grand Jury Indicts Michael Devlin on Child Pornography & Transportation of a Minor for a Criminal Sex Act

Michael Devlin, the suspected kidnapper of child molester of Ben Ownby and Shawn Devlin_michael corrHornbeck was indicted today by a Federal Grand Jury.

Read the indictment HERE.

Devlin is being charged with four felony counts of production of child pornography and two felony counts of transportation of a minor for a criminal sex act, U.S. Attorney Catherine L. Hanaway of the Eastern District of Missouri announced.

“This is by far the worst thing we have seen,” Hanaway said. “This minor, over the course of five years, had child pornography produced with them as the victim, was taken across state lines so sex crimes could be committed against them.”

It had been reported early on in the investigation that child pornography was found on Devlin’s computer. However, not much had been said since.

Previous charges filed against Michel Devlin.

The indictment states the following:

The indictment alleges that between October 2002 and July 2003, Devlin photographed a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct. Additionally, the indictment charges that between July 2003 and January 2007, Devlin videotaped a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct. In February 2004, Devlin allegedly took a minor to Illinois with the intent to engage in criminal sexual assault. Devlin is also charged with taking a minor to Arizona between June 20 and July 3, 2004, with the intent to engage in sexual assault. (FOX News)

Honestly, Michael Devlin can not be sent away long enough.

If convicted on the first pornography count, Devlin could receive 10 to 20 years in prison and/or fines up to $250,000. Some other counts each carry a penalty range of 15 to 30 years in prison and/or fines of up to $250,000, while those involving transportation for purpose of criminal sex acts, carry a range of five years to 30 years prison and/or fines up to $250,000, per count.

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Additional Charges Added Against Justin Thurber in Jodi Sanderholm Murder Case

Prosecutors have added an additional “aggravated sodomy” charge against Justin Thurber in the death of 19 year old Jodi Sanderholm.

The charge is aggravated criminal sodomy. The new charge will be added to the previous charges of aggravated kidnapping, rape and capital murder, according to Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison and Cowley County Attorney Chris Smith.

Smith said this morning that some evidence had come back that demonstrated to them that the additional charge needed to be brought.

“It was something we thought, but we just wanted to make sure we had the evidence to sustain the charge,” he said. “It’s another charge to go with in what we believe happened to Miss Sanderholm.”

This additional charge will allow the prosecution to go after the death penalty against Thurber. A sentence that he justly deserves.

Smith said the new charge was an “aggravating charge” and in the capital murder statute, if a person commits a murder while engaged in a rape or aggravated criminal sodomy, it allows the state to make it a death-eligible case if prosecutors choose that route.

He said the state already had that option with the rape charge but this would give them another option. (Ark

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Body Found in Arizona Identified as Missing Jacquelan “Jackie” Hartman

The sad but expected news has been confirmed. The body that searchers found earlier Jackie_Hartmanthis week in a remote section of Arizona was that of missing and presumed murdered Jackie Hartman. Having spoke briefly in the past with Jackie’s dad, David Hartman, our hearts and prayer go out to the Hartman family.

Jacquelan “Jackie” Hartman, of Gilbert, was found dead Monday near Arizona 87, northwest of Saguaro Lake, by an all-terrain vehicle rider. Hartman was believed to be dead after police found her bullet-ridden clothes in a dumpster the day after she went missing in late January.

Hartman’s father, David Hartman, declined to comment Wednesday, saying he and his family were still processing the news. The family members spent much of the past three weeks searching around Gilbert and in remote areas along Arizona 87 after Hartman disappeared. (AZ Central)

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday. Jonathan Ian Burns  has already been indicted on first-degree murder, kidnapping, sexual assault and weapons misconduct in connection with the case. Having now found Jackie’s body, there will be no reason why Burns does not pay for his crime. This is the evidence that was needed to solidify the police’s case against Burns.

Jackie Hartman … Rest in Peace.

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Brian L. Rooney, Suspect in Michelle Gardner-Quinn Murder Tried on an Unrelated Sex Charge

How often do we hear about a murder or rape suspect being held on an unrelated charge when being investigated for another crime? In Brian Rooney’s case he is being tried for an unrelated sex crime. Brian Rooney was charged in the murder of UVM student Michelle Gardner Quinn. However, first he must face sexual assault charges against a former girl friend.

Still, the sex-assault case won’t be ready for trial until late 2007, Gretkowski told Judge Michael Kupersmith during a 20-minute hearing in Vermont District Court in Burlington.

Rooney, 36, of Richmond pleaded not guilty Oct. 19 to one count of repeatedly sexually assaulting a former girlfriend between 2002 and 2005, and another count of inciting a felony on an accusation he tried to hire someone to kill the woman after their relationship ended.

A gag order Kupersmith issued in the Gardner-Quinn case bars participants from making public comments about the proceedings outside the courtroom. (Burlington Free Press)

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John Evander Couey Trial Begins Today for accused Rapist and Murderer of Jessica Marie Lunsford

Maybe this might be one of the top 5 “Most Unbelievable line” ever uttered … “People John Evander Coueydon’t like me for some reason.” (John Couey) Gee, ya think? Funny how most people are adverse to kidnapping, child rapists and murderers.

The trial of John Couey, accused monster who kidnapped, raped and murdered Jessica Lunsford, begins Monday. Jury selection is set to begin and the trial will be held in Miami rather than Citrus County where the crime was committed.

The trial was moved 300 miles to Miami from Citrus County, where the crime occurred, because of intense pretrial media coverage.    That coverage has included the passage of tougher sex offender laws in Florida and at least 18 other states and spurred creation of the first-ever coordinated Justice Department effort to track down noncompliant offenders nationwide, such as those who fail to register or aren’t living where they are supposed to.

The trial could be held on the moon, John Couey will not escape the heinous acts that he did. Once again this morning the defence tried to delay the trial from going forward. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Richard Howard denied the motion. Let’s face it Couey … its time to face the justice that you have so rightfully earned.

”The fact of the matter is, this case is going forward,” said Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Richard Howard, who denied a request for a delay by attorneys for defendant John Evander Couey. (Miami Herald)

There is one of the most unbelievable articles in The Tampa Tribune that discusses the victim-hood of John Evander Couey … or Johnny as they refer to him … “Every Way He Turned, Couey Always Landed In Trouble.” Let us never forget what this beast did to a poor innocent young girl. Let us not forget he buried her alive. Let us never forget the innocence of Jessica Lunsford.

Jessica lunsford

Couey later told detectives he knew where she was. For three days, he said, she lived in his closet. For three days, he told detectives in lengthy interviews, he molested her, raped her, then placed her in a pair of trash bags and buried her next to his back steps.

The Tampa Tribune goes on to write a touchy, feely piece on Couey’s trouble filled life and times. Honestly, who cares! Maybe the Tribune may want to spend more ink and paper discussing Jessica Lunsford’s life that will never be. A life cut short in one of the most viscous and heinous ways imaginable.

However, do not worry about John Couey’s troubled life … a Florida jury will see fit to putting him and us out of our misery by handing Couey a guilty sentence and death penalty.

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Christopher Wayne Cassell Sentenced to 50 Years … Sex Offenders “not so” Clean Getaway

Christopher Wayne Cassell, 26, was sentenced to 50 years in prison after his plea agreement to rape and sodomy charges of a Henrico County woman in May. Cassell went through great lengths to conceal the crime; however, his attempted clean getaway was not good enough.

After breaking into her home and repeatedly raping and sodomizing a Henrico County woman in May last year, he made off with the bedsheet and ordered his victim to shower.

“He was trying to get rid of the evidence,” said Henrico Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael V. Gerrard.

But Cassell, 26, wasn’t thorough enough.

Traces of DNA he left on his victim, a middle-aged professional woman who lived alone, provided a cold hit that linked Cassell to the crime. (Richmond Times Dispatch)

Cassell’s 50 year plea deal was in lieu of a trying his chances at a court hearing where the rape & sodomy charges against him could have resulted in four life terms

“It was a brutal crime,” Gerrard said. Cassell gagged his victim, broke her nose and threatened her with a knife in the course of the three hours he spent in her home.

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California Judge Puts Limits on Proposition 83 … More Judicial Activism

U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton restricted some of the wording that was put forth in California’s Proposition 83 that put restrictions of convicted sex offenders. Judge claims that Jessica’s Law not intended to be retroactive.

Voters passed Proposition 83 on a 70.5 percent to 29.5 percent vote in Tuesday’s election. The measure bars registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools and parks, a requirement challenged in a lawsuit by an anonymous plaintiff convicted of a sex offense 15 years ago.

It continues to be an unbelievable concept that Judges wish to continue to protect the rights of sex offenders and pedophiles over the rights of children and victims. This country has a decision to make. It cannot be both ways. It has become obvious that sex offenders rights are protected as they gradually escalate their crimes, ruin children’s and family’s lives until they commit murder. Suddenly there is outrage. Jessica’s Law is intended to protect children in whatever manner possible. It is the judge’s law that interprets it to fit their agenda.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A federal judge ruled Friday that California’s ban on sex offenders living within 2,000 feet of places where children gather can’t be applied retroactively.

U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton said there was nothing in the so-called Jessica’s Law that specified its provisions were intended to be applied retroactively. He added that state law requires the statute apply from the date it takes effect.

More than 70 percent of voters approved the measure, Proposition 83, on Nov. 7 and it took effect the next day.

The law prohibits registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park, effectively banning paroled sex offenders from many California communities. It also requires lifetime satellite tracking for some paroled sex criminals upon their release from prison.


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Michael Devlin Charged with Forcible Sodomy of Ben Ownby & Shawn Hornbeck

Michael Devlin, who has already been charged with the kidnappings of Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck, has now been charged with the molestation and sodomy of the two boys. We knew eventually these charges were going to be brought forth and the unpleasant reality of what these two boys went through would come to light after authorities found Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck in Devlin’s apartment

(Michael Devlin)

Devlin, a 41-year-old pizzeria manager who had previously been charged with two counts of kidnapping, was charged with 69 counts of forcible sodomy, all felonies and each punishable by up to life in prison.

St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCullough said 18 of the counts related to an abduction last month, and the remaining counts were related to an abduction several years ago, apparent references to the Jan. 8 disappearance of 13-year-old Ben Ownby and the 2002 kidnapping of Shawn Hornbeck, now 15.

For the four days he was held, Ben was molested four times a day, prosecutors said. (AP)

Previous posts of Michael Devlin, William “Ben” Ownby and Shawn Devlin

Michael Devlin to Face Additional Charges

Kidnapping suspect Michael Devlin faces 71 new felony charges.

St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced the charges at a news conference Monday.

The charges include two kidnapping counts; the remainder allege forcible sodomy. Each is a felony that carries a sentence of up to life in prison. (KFVS)

UPDATE: Muliple Counts of Sodomy

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Justice Comes Early for Sex Predator, Robert Allen Billings … “God’s Justice”

Sometimes justice comes from above … Why can’t they all be this simple?

Robert Allen Billings, 58, was awaiting trial for sexual abuse charges against a seven year old girl. Linn County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Robert Allen Billings on four counts of first-degree sex abuse.

Robert Allen Billings is no stranger to being a sexual predator. He has two previous convictions for Sex Abuse 1. Billings is registered with the Oregon State Police as a “predatory” sex offender on the Oregon Sexual Predator Registry.

Robert Allen Billings, habitual sex offender was found dead in his cell from an apparent heart attack. I guess we will no longer have to worry about the corrections systems letting this pedophile out and endangering our children. Here’s one way to stop the predators cycle of molesting children and one day escalating it to murder.

Dead is dead and justice is served. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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