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28 Year Old Angela Leavitt and 16 Year Old Boy Missing Since June 3, 2008 … Woman, accused of having sex with a minor

28 year old Angela Leavitt and  a 16 year old boy have been missing since June 3, 2008.  …  A complaint has been issued against the 28 year old Leavitt that she was believed to be involved in a sexual relationship with the 16 year old boy. The two are believed to be on the run together. The 16 year old boy disappeared from his home the same date as Leavitt disappeared from the area.  Also, both Leavitt and the juvenile both quit their jobs on the same date, June 3, 2008.

Angela Leavitt

Angela Leavitt

The text messages were sexual in nature, revealing that Leavitt wanted to have a child with the 16 year old boy.  Investigators were able to determine that Leavitt had engaged in sexual activity with the 16-year-old boy on three separate occasions. 

One of the encounters occurred at Leavitt’s Milton home after Leavitt picked up the boy and drove him to her house.  Based on the information that was obtained during interviews with Leavitt and the boy, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Leavitt. 

Police: Florida Woman Disappears With Kids, 16-Year-Old LoverAngela Leavitt_1

Police said an arrest warrant was issued after they interviewed the two but found they were missing when they went to serve the warrant at Angela Leavitt’s house, according to the Northwest Florida Daily News.

Greg Leavitt said they probably are in a gray 2005 Dodge Durango.

Wife left town with kids, lover, 16, investigators say; Husband pleads for children’s return, asks for public’s help

Investigators allege the pair has had sex at least three times, that Angela textmessaged the boy about having a baby together and that their relationship may have been sexual for months.

Lawmen were about to arrest Leavitt when they discovered she had fled her home. She knew an arrest warrant was issued, according to the Sheriff ‘s Office.

The boy hasn’t been named. He isn’t considered a kidnapping victim, said Sheriff ‘s Sgt. Scott Haines.

Authorities have not issued an Amber alert for him or the Leavitt children.

They said the 16-year-old’s parents have been very cooperative in the investigation.

If anyone has any information as to where Leavitt is located is asked to contact the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office at 983-1242, or Crime Stoppers at 437-STOP.  Anyone providing information to Crime Stoppers that results in an arrest is eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.

UPDATE I: 16 year old missing boy is located

The 16 year old boy that was being sought in connection with the disappearance of Angela Leavitt was located this morning in Pensacola.

According to Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Scott Haines the missing juvenile was located after he contacted investigators by phone.

The boys was in good condition and is currently being interviewed by deputies to determine if he can provide any useful information that will help locate Leavitt or her two children.

UPDATE II: Angela Leavitt arrested at airport

It was only a matter of time before Angela Leavitt was apprehended. Angela Leavitt is now in police custody and about to regret for the rest of her life her lack of judgment.

PENSACOLA – Police arrested Angela Leavitt on Tuesday at an airport baggage claim – where she said she was about to surrender, anyway.

The 28-year-old Milton woman, accused of leaving town to continue a sexual affair with a 16-year-old boy, is being held at the Santa Rosa County Jail without bond.

She is charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor, a second-degree felony.

Angela Leavitt , Milton Mother On The Run Is Now Behind Bars

Angela Leavitt stepped off her plane at the Pensacola Regional Airport as airport police waited for her. She was taken into custody while she and her children waited for their luggage.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office says someone called in a tip about Leavitt’s flight. She has been taken to the county jail. Her children will be given back to their father, Greg Leavitt.

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14 year old Saddie “Elaine” Julian of Boise, ID Missing; Teen Runaway with 27 year old Morgan Jones

14 year old Saddie “Elaine” Julian is considered an endangered teen in Boise, ID.

Police in Boise, ID are asking the publics help for missing 14 year old Saddie “Elaine” Julian, who is believed to be an endangered runaway. It is believed that the 14 year old ran off with 27 year old Morgan Douglass Jones of Birmingham, AL. The two are believed to have met on-line on the internet. Investigators believe their last known location was Eastern Washington.

Saddie is described as 5-feet tall, 90 pounds, light/pale skin, long red hair, and a thin build.

Jones is described a 5-foot-9, 160 pounds, shoulder length red hair, with light/pale skin. He was last seen clean shaven

Saddie Julian_runaway

Boise Police believe that Saddie Julian, 14, left town with Morgan Jones, 27, on May 28th. A felony kidnapping warrant has been issued for Jones’ arrest.

Julian went missing after meeting a 27 year old Alabama man while playing a game on the internet.

Police believe Morgan Jones, developed an on-line relationship with the girl and then drove from his home in Birmingham to Idaho to meet her.

It appears he picked Julian up Wednesday morning and may have left the state with her.

Investigators believe their last known location was Eastern Washington.

Jones is now wanted on a felony kidnapping warrant.

Jones was last seen driving a bright yellow, 2008 Chevy Aveo, with Alabama license plate OMGROFL.

Police Ask for Help Finding 14-Year Old Missing Girl

UPDATE I: A teenager missing since last Wednesday has been found unharmed at a remote campground in Franklin County, Washington.

Morgan Jones is currently only charged with kidnapping, awaiting further investigation.

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13 Year Old Marangeli Velasquez Missing in Chicago, IL Since Wednesday May 14, 2008

13 year old Marangeli Velasquez has been missing since Wednesday, May 14, 2008. According to reports, the 13 year old did not show up for school but instead went to the area of 79th Street and South Jeffrey Boulevard with two other girls.


  • Velasquez is 5 foot 1
  • 150 pounds
  • brown hair
  • brown eyes
  • medium complexion
  • She was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black sweater, a navy short-sleeve school shirt and white gym shoes.

According to police, Marangeli Velasquez, who lives near West Lawrence Avenue and North Troy Street and attends Albany Park School, cut school Wednesday with two friends. The three girls traveled to the South Side to “meet up with some boys” near East 79th Street and South Jeffery Boulevard,

Marangeli Velasquez did not show up for school Wednesday and instead went to the area of 79th Street and South Jeffrey Boulevard with two other girls, according to an alert from Grand Central Area detectives. The two other girls have since returned home, police said.
On Friday, Marangeli parted company with one of those girls at the Metra station at Clinton and Madison streets in the West Loop, saying she was “going to the West Side.”

She has no cell phone and no known boyfriends, police say. Marangeli was last seen wearing jeans, a black sweater, a navy blue short sleeve school shirt and white gym shoes. She is 5-feet-1, 150 pounds and has brown hair. She lives on the Northwest Side near Lawrence Avenue and Troy Street and attends Albany Park School. (Chicago Sun Times)

Anyone with information regarding Velasquez’s whereabouts is asked to contact Detective Nari Isakson at 312-746-6399.

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Missing in Sugar Land, TX: Ashley Mann, 15; Kyla Davenport, 14, and Lauren Watson, 13, Thought to be Runaways

Police in Sugarland, TX are looking for missing Ashley Mann, 15; Kyla Davenport, 14, and Lauren Watson, 13, who were last seen early Saturday in Sugar Land, southwest of Houston. The girls are though to be runaways.

Sugar Land police are asking for help in locating three teen girls who are missing and thought to be runaways.

Police said Ashley Mann, 15; Kyla Davenport, 14, and Lauren Watson, 13, were last seen early Saturday in Sugar Land, southwest of Houston.

A vehicle that the three are thought to have been riding in was found in a downtown Houston parking lot near Austin and Capitol, police said.

If anyone has any information regarding the three girls whereabouts, please  call Sugar Land police at 281-275-2525.


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15 Year Old Jeffrey Blake Stone Missing in Attalla, AL Since March 24, 2008

15 year old Jeffrey Blake Stone has been missing since March 24, 2008 when he was last seen near his home in Attalla, AL. Jeffrey’s stepmother Lynn Stone stated that Blake became upset after she had asked him to clean his room and subsequently left the residence.  She also states that Blake has left the residence before, but normally returns in a short after. So what happened this time to make the situation change? The search for the missing 15 year old Jeffrey Blake Stone has provided few results.


  • Sex: Male
  • Race: White
  • Age 15
  • Height:  6’2″ (188 cm) 
  • Weight:  155 lbs (70 kg) 
  • Hair Color: Blonde 
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Jeffrey was last seen near his home on March 24, 2008. He has a pierced left ear and a scar on his left knee. Jeffrey was last seen wearing a light T-shirt under a plaid long-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, a light-brown Carhartt jacket, black shoes with red trim around the soles, and a baseball cap. His nickname is Jeff.

UPDATE I: Search Under Way For Missing Etowah Teen

A command post has been set up at Anchor Baptist Church, located at 14199 Highway 278 West, Attalla, Alabama 35954.

The search is being conducted using all available resources to the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office including: Etowah County Sheriff’s deputies and mounted unit, Etowah County Rescue Squad, several local volunteer fire departments and family and friends of the Stone family

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

UPDATE II: There has still been no sign of missing Jeffrey Blake Stone

In the stores where he was reported to have been spotted, investigators have looked at surveillance video and investigators do not believe the sightings are of Stone.

About 100 people helped with an intensive ground search on April 3 but nothing was found to lead to Stone’s whereabouts.

His home is in a rural area, with thick brush, briars and undergrowth, and the terrain has steep hills, caves and ravines. The search was in an area of about a 3-mile radius around Stone’s home.

It is believed Stone took no money or food with him when he left.

There has been no sign of Stone since he left his home on Littleton Cutoff Road about 12:30 p.m. March 24. He was reported missing by his stepmother, Lynn Stone.

Lynn Stone told authorities that he left walking about 12:30 p.m. when he became upset after she asked him to clean his room. His dogs were following him but they since have returned home.

To discuss the case of missing Jeffrey Blake Stone, go to Scared Missing: Jeffrey Blake Stone.

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Missing Marine, Margaret McMahon, seen on ATM video in Salina, Kansas

The U.S. Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, CA, are missing and confirmed Margaret_McMahonthat the status of Lance Cpl. Margaret McMahon and Pfc. George “Kevyn” Reid II was officially changed to “unauthorized absence”. Police believe that the couple may have run away together, even though McMahon’s mother fears she had been abducted.

McMahon’s mother, who fears she may have been abducted, filed a missing person’s report with the Escondido Police Department, the town where the couple shared an apartment about 20 miles from the base.

Investigators searched the couple’s apartment Thursday, Lt. Robert Benton of the Escondido Police Department told ABC News, and found no evidence of foul play.

“We don’t have any information that suggests that there’s any suspicious circumstance other than they are voluntarily missing,” Benton said.

Benton said the couple’s Chevrolet Cavalier, which is either white or silver in color, is also missing.

Benton said the couple’s Chevrolet Cavalier, which is either white or silver in color, is also missing.

UPDATE I: Missing Marine seen on ATM video in Midwest

After viewing McMahon, 20, on video Tuesday trying to withdraw money in Salina, Kan., police dropped their investigation, saying the evidence confirms that McMahon was outside their jurisdiction. Police said they “relinquished” the investigation to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

Lance Cpl. McMahon was identified by a relative who viewed the video, in which McMahon appeared to be alone, police said. Also on Tuesday, a day after McMahon had gone missing, someone withdrew $400 from McMahon’s bank account in Hazelwood, Mo.

McMahon, who family members said a day earlier had argued with her new husband, fellow Marine Pfc. George Kevlyn Reid, 22, appeared to be under “no duress” in the cash-machine video, said Escondido police Lt. Neal Griffin.

UPDATE II: Missing Marines May Have Gone AWOL 
Theory Couple Wanted to Avoid Being Sent to Iraq

UPDATE III: Missing Marine Contacts Family

UPDATE IV: Lance Cpl. Margaret McMahon-Reid and Pfc. George Reid II surrender to military officials

A newlywed Marine couple living in Escondido created a national stir when they went missing for days, only to surrender to military officials last week after making a cross-country trip.

McMahon-Reid has resumed her duties at Camp Pendleton. Her husband is being held in the brig at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, where he is stationed. Marine officials wouldn’t explain why one spouse is behind bars and the other isn’t.

They also haven’t said whether the couple would be punished. If Reid and McMahon-Reid are charged with going “absent without official leave,” or AWOL, their case would hardly be unique.



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Hannah McConnell, 13, and Gage Petherbridge, 15, Missing … Ran Away from Home Together

A nationwide search is on for 13 year old Hannah McConnell and 15 year old Gage Petherbridge who have run away together. The ran away from their homes Saturday with one family’s minivan, $680 in cash and a dog named Mandy. Looks like they have taken the important things in life. Don’t leave home without the Xbox. Think these two when found won’t be grounded until they are 18? Hopefully, they will be found safe.

The youths haven’t been seen since last Saturday, when Gage snuck out of his home and took the family’s white 1997 Pontiac Montana with Michigan license plate 6DYW54. They pair left with $680, clothing, an Xbox 360 and Gage’s dog, Mandy.

Hannah McConnell

Hannah McConnell

Gage Petherbridge

Gage Petherbridge

If you have any information on the two teens you’re asked to call the Genesee County Sheriff’s Dept. at (810) 257-3406

The Flint Journal reports the Vienna Township teenagers left notes and journal entries saying they were running away together. Julie McConnell says her daughter has bipolar disorder and left without her medicine. Mary Wismer says her son has had his learner’s permit since June and is a very cautious driver.

Genesee County sheriff’s Capt. Chris Swanson says police have reason to believe they may be in the area of Huntington Beach southwest of Santa Ana on the coastline in Orange County, California.

Mom fears for teen daughter who fled with boyfriend

Runaways draw national attention

Hannah’s mother, Julie, said she was told police were following a lead in the Gladwin area and were also talking with her daughter’s classmates.

Their names have been entered in a national database along with the minivan, a white, 1997 Pontiac Montana, license plate number 6DYW54.

Gage, a ninth-grader at Clio High School, does not have a driver’s license.

The teens left home early Saturday with about $700 and Gage’s cocker spaniel, Mandy.

The teens apparently ran away to be together.

Gage’s MySpace page says “im lost without her” and that he is “completly inlove (sic) with hannah elane mcconnell and no one can ever change that.”

An entry for his mood on the page shows a sad blue face next to the word “distraught.”

Hannah’s MySpace page shows two hearts with the words “I know who I love.”

Missing Michigan teen called from Nevada, boyfriend’s family says

Teens call from the road that they are running low on funds. Funny how that happens when mommy and daddy are not there to provide for your every need. I guess the two showd have thought about that before they decided to run away. $680 just doesn’t get one very far these days, especially with the cost of gas. Then again, what would a 13 and 15 year old know about these things, or personal responsibility for that matter.

A 13-year-old Vienna Township teen, who ran off with her 15-year-old boyfriend and has been missing for a week, made a call to a friend today from motel in Nevada, family members of the boyfriend said today.

Mary Wismer, Gage Petherbridge’s mother, said Hannah McConnell called a friend in Swartz Creek, telling him that they were in Nevada, but running low on money.

Police are trying to track where in Nevada the call was made, Wismer said.

UPDATE I: Michigan Teen Couple, Hannah McConnell & Gage Petherbridge’, Who Ran Away in Family’s Van Found Safe in Louisiana

Think these two are not grounded until they are 35!

A nationwide search has ended safely for a 15-year-old boy and his 13-year-old girlfriend, who turned up in Louisiana nine days after fleeing their Michigan homes in the boy’s family minivan.

Hannah McConnell and Gage Petherbridge were found Monday in Cameron Parish, Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell told WJRT-TV and The Flint Journal.

The boyfriend and girlfriend were playing with seagulls on a Gulf of Mexico beach, just east of the Texas state line, authorities say.


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Anu Solanki Missing in Illinois Since Christmas Eve … UPDATE: $250K for Search for Runaway Newlywed … Found Safe

24 year old Anu Solanki had been missing since Christmas Eve. Dignesh Solanki Anu Solankilast saw his wife Monday when they both left for work. A call to a friend after she got off work was the last time anyone has heard from her. Her has been located Anu Solanki’s car in a forest preserve.  Thus began the costly search for Anu Slolanki.

Cook County Forest Preserve police searched Tuesday for a missing northwest suburban woman and may ask a dive team to search the Des Plaines River Wednesday, a spokesman said.

Anu Solanki’s Honda Civic was found about 4 p.m. Monday in a forest preserve near Hintz Road and Milwaukee Avenue in Wheeling, Forest Preserve District spokesman Steve Mayberry said.

Anu Solanki_missing

UPDATE I:Divers, copter search for missing northwest suburban woman

Divers were searching the Des Plaines River near Wheeling this morning as a Cook County sheriff’s helicopter combed the area for a northwest suburban woman whose abandoned car was found this week in a forest preserve.

Cook County Forest Preserve police are coordinating the river search and working with the Cook County sheriff’s police and the Wheeling police and fire departments.

The couple have been married for about seven months, Shah said. Solanki is originally from Virginia, and moved here after she wed. Several relatives drove overnight to arrive Christmas morning after hearing that she was missing.

Dignesh Solanki said his wife told him Sunday night that she was going to the forest preserve’s river to discard a broken religious statue. The Ganesh statue, which has an elephant head, was used in their marriage ceremony in New Jersey and was mailed to them recently, the husband said.

UPDATE II: Search For Missing Woman Concludes For Today

Most of the officers searched the six miles of shoreline on foot with two trained dogs.  A third dog and police officers traveled up and down the river by boat. 

Mayberry said that so far, there is no sign of Solanki or of her missing cell phone, purse and laptop computer.  He refused to say whether police now consider this a recovery operation.   
Sheriff’s detectives spoke again with several family members, including Solanki’s husband, Dignesh, at the Skokie courthouse. 

The family is aiding the search by distributing fliers, and Mayberry said the conversations were held “only for the purposes of gathering information for the missing persons investigation.” 

UPDATE III: Missing woman Anu Solanki is alive, authorities say

UPDATE VI: Illinois woman back after $250K search

It appears that we have a “runaway newlywed”. So much for just leaving your husband and getting a divorce. Instead pretend that you have gone missing and waste tax payers money and the police’s time.

CHICAGO – Family members arranged a meeting at an undisclosed location between investigators and a married woman from Illinois whose disappearance on Christmas Eve prompted a costly search. 
Anu Solanki, 24, met with law enforcement officials at an undisclosed location Friday, said Cook County sheriff’s police spokesman Steve Mayberry.

UPDATE V: Missing woman who ran: I was unhappy in marriage

Anu Solanki, the 24-year-old newlywed who appeared to go missing this week, has told Cook County Sheriff’s police she instead ran off with another man because she was unhappy in her marriage.

She and her friend Karan C. Jani, 23, drove on Monday from a forest preserve near Wheeling to Jani’s Los Angeles apartment, said Bill Cunningham, chief of staff for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

She and her friend Karan C. Jani, 23, drove on Monday from a forest preserve near Wheeling to Jani’s Los Angeles apartment, said Bill Cunningham, chief of staff for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

“She basically wanted out of her marriage,” Cunningham said. “She wanted to make a clean break.”

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Freshman High School Student, Diana Janna Karasev Missing Since August 17, 2007 (Update: Found Safe)

14 year old, high school freshman Diana Janna Karasev has been missing since Friday when she is believed to have met a man that she met on the internet. She was last seen at 2:30 pm on Friday afternoon. When will teens ever learn about the dangers of meeting people that they have met on-line?

Police said late Saturday night they believe Diana Janna Karasev, a freshman at Etowah High School, left the school with an unknown male she may have met online. Karasev, who goes by “Ester,” was last seen at the school at 2:30 p.m. Friday.

Karasev is white, 5-foot-3, weighs about 105 pounds and has black hair and brown eyes. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing a red shirt and black hooded sweatshirt.

Anyone with information should call the Cherokee sheriff’s office at 678-493-4080. (AJC)

UPDATE I: Missing 14-year-old found at boyfriend’s house

A 14-year-old girl missing for two days was found Sunday afternoon at her boyfriend’s house. Police said fears that she may have gone to meet someone she met online were unfounded.

The girl, Dianna Janna Karasev, who goes by the name of Ester, was charged with a misdemeanor for running away, according to Sgt. Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.

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Raven Dinsmore and Amber Valdez Missing in GA … Runaway

Raven Dinsmore and Amber Valdez are both missing in GA and considered runaways.

Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police need your help to find two missing teenage girls. Police say Raven Dinsmore and Amber Valdez both ran away from home. Dinsmore hasn’t been seen since March 28. She’s 15 years old, 5’5″ tall, weighs about 130 pounds and wears her hair in braids. She’s known to frequent Paradise Park and Timberland Apartments. Valdez is 14 and has been missing since March 21. (WTOC-11)

If anyone has any information please call Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Detective Sharpley at (912) 651-6742.

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