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Juan Miguel Medrano Jr, 54, Wanted For unlawful Restraint and for Abandoning a Child.

Juan Miguel Medrano Jr., 54, of Brownsville, TX is wanted for aggravated sexual assault, unlawful restraint and for abandoning of his 14-year-old stepdaughter. Surprise, surprise, Juan Miguel Medrano Jr is an undocumented illegal immigrant as well. So who was the 14 year old girl going to run to for help while being abused? Tough to do and an impossible situation when you are an illegal and your abusive step-father knows it.

Juan Miguel Medrano Jr., an undocumented immigrant, is wanted on a warrant charging him with abandoning a child, aggravated sexual assault of a child and unlawful restraint, police said. (Brownsville Herald)

Suspect Wanted for Holding Girl Captive

BROWNSVILLE – Officers are searching for the man accused of keeping a teenage girl captive in a trailer.

Juan Miguel Medrano Jr., 54, is wanted for aggravated sexual assault, unlawful restraint and for abandoning a child.

He’s accused of holding his 14-year-old stepdaughter inside a travel trailer, isolating her from family and friends for the past 2 months. (News Channel 5)

If anyone has any information please call Brownsville Crimestoppers at 546-TIPS.

Police Looking For a Man Accused of Locking Up a Girl in a Trailer

The 14 year old girl and her mother are presently in a woman’s shelter.

According to investigators, the girl’s mother advised them the girl had been locked up by Medrano for the past two months and would not allow her to contact her family. Police say the young girl appeared to be delirious and unaware of her surroundings.

Medrano is wanted for aggravated assault of a child, unlawful restraint and abandonment of a child. Medrano was not at home when the girl was picked up and now they are asking for the public’s help to find him. (KGBT 4)

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Trial Set to begin for Dean Schwartzmiller, Accused Serial Child Molester

The trial for 64 year old Dean Schwartzmiller, who authorities state may be the most prolific Schwartzmillerchild molester in history. The story of Dean Schwartzmiller simply shows the problems in how child molesters are dealt with and the slaps on the wrists that are given. Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller was previously arrested nine times; however, managed to avoid lengthy prison terms, coach youth football, move in with another convicted sex offender

Now, more than a year after Dean Schwartzmiller was arrested for allegedly abusing two 12-year-old cousins, his trial is set to begin in a Santa Clara County courtroom.

Schwartzmiller, 64, has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of child molestation and child pornography in connection with the boys, whom he befriended in December 2002. Opening statements are scheduled to begin Monday in a trial that could last more than a month. If convicted, he faces life in prison.

Schwartzmiller is suspected of possibly molesting over 36,000 victims.

A convicted child molester jailed in California may have committed sex crimes against thousands of victims, police said Thursday after finding computers, notebooks and meticulous, handwritten lists of boys’ names and apparent codes for various sex acts.

During a search of his bedroom in San Jose, police discovered binders full of child porn and numerous logs with lists of more than 36,000 children’s names — mostly boys — and codes that appear to indicate how he abused them.

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Sex Offender Richard W. Thompson too Short to Survive in Prison? Who cares!!!

What is wrong with judges in this country? A 5-foot-1 man can sexually abuse a 12 year old girl but some how he is too short to survive i n jail according to a judge. First of all who cares, second of all how is being too short a defense? This low life had no problem molesting a child, yet some how our legal system protects him as he is too short to survive i jail. What ever happened to protecting the children, the defenseless of our society?

A judge’s decision to sentence a 5-foot-1 man to probation instead of prison for sexually assaulting a child has angered crime victim advocates who say the punishment sends the wrong message.

But supporters of short people say it’s about time someone recognizes the unique challenges they face.

Cheyenne County District Judge Kristine Cecava issued the sentence Tuesday. She told Richard W. Thompson that his crimes deserved a long prison sentence but that he was too small to survive in a state prison.

Though he could have been sentenced to 10 years behind bars, he ended up with 10 years of probation instead. On Thursday, the state’s attorney general, Jon Bruning, promised to appeal within two weeks, calling the sentence far too lenient.

“I’m concerned about the message this sends to victims and perpetrators,” said Marla Sohl with the Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition, adding that it shows more concern is being placed on the criminal and his safety in prison than the victim.
(Yahoo News)

How can height play a part in the sentencing of a sexual predator? Obviously his height did not prevent him from committing the crime. This just plays in a long line of judges who would rather protect the rights of child molesters than their victims.

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Baby sitter Brandon Jaffe, 15, Arrested for Forcing 8-Year-Olds To Perform Sex Acts

Some of these stories just defy sensibility. Brandon Jaffe, a 15 year old baby sitter in Central Florida was arrested for forcing two 8-year-olds to perform sex acts on him. How do we know, the parents had installed a hidden surveillance camera to video tape happens in the home.

The video captured Jaffe forcing the young children to perform oral sex on him, a police news release said.

The high school student faces 11 felony counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a child.

“These type of cases require us to be very meticulous in collecting evidence. We will continue to review all facets of this case until the investigation is completed,” said Flagler County Sheriff Donald W. Fleming.
(WKMG Local 6)

We can’t wait to hear his boy’s defense attorney claim that his clients civil rights were violated and his right to privacy by being video taped with out his permission. Of course this is sarcasm; however, there is most likely an attorney out there that would have no issue doing so.

The police are now worried that there may have been other previous victims. People are urged to call the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office if they have any information.

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Key Witness missing in CO slavery case against Homaidan Al-Turki and Sarah Khonaizan

An Indonesian woman who was kept as a virtual slave and who was also a key witness against a Saudi Arabian couple, Homaidan Al-Turki and his wife, Sarah Khonaizan. A modern day slavery case where the victim was forced cook clean and was sexually abused.

Homaidan Al-Turki and his wife, Sarah Khonaizan, face state and federal charges alleging they required the woman to cook, clean and provide child care in their home in suburban Aurora for little or no pay from 2000 to 2004.

Prosecutors also allege Al-Turki sexually abused the woman, and that she was sometimes loaned out to work for other families. Labor officials say the couple owe the woman about $62,500 in wages.

Al-Turki and Khonaizan also face Colorado charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and extortion, and Al-Turki faces state charges of sexual assault. Their state trial is scheduled for June 12.
(Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

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Disney Employees Accused of Gang Raping Fellow Disney Worker

The woman, who is part of the Disney College Program, has accused four men who are also part of the Disney College Program of gang rape. The woman states that she was walking to her apartment when she was grabbed, forced her into a Commons apartment unit and took turns raping her and forced her to perform sex acts.

The woman, who is part of the Disney College Program, told police that she was walking home to her apartment in Orange County, Fla., when four men confronted her and then grabbed her.

She said the men then forced her into a Commons apartment unit and took turns raping her and forced her to perform sex acts.

The woman told officers that she repeatedly told her attackers to stop, according to the report.

“The report is very explicit as to what occurred,” Orange County sheriff’s spokesman Jim Solomons said. “For all practical purposes, it essentially was a gang rape.”

(WKMG Local 6)

Disney officials did not comment on the case and am sure wanted no part of such publicity. All individuals involved seem to be part a Disney College work Program.

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Mom, Boyfriend Charged in NYC 4-year-old son, Quachon Brown’s, Death

Yet another terrible situation in New York City with the child welfare agency. It is reported that Administration for Children’s Services caseworkers had visited the apartment where Quachon lived in November 2005 and reported it “to be in order.” Well, once again with the case of children case workers the term “in order” could not have been further from the truth.

A woman and her boyfriend were arrested Tuesday in the alleged beating death of her 4-year-old son, the latest in a recent series of child abuse fatalities that have rattled the city’s child welfare agency.

Alicia Smith, 26, faces a manslaughter charge in the death of Quachon Brown, police said. Her boyfriend, Jose Calderone, 18, was arrested on a second-degree murder charge.

Investigators believe Calderone physically abused the child, a police official said.

In less than two months from when case workers visited the home of Quachon Brown, “in order” became everything but. When police had entered the Bronx apartment they found Quachon dead with what appeared to be a fractured skull and other injuries.

Police responding to a 911 call early Monday found Quachon dead in the family’s filthy Bronx apartment. Investigators think the boy had died Sunday.

Autopsy results were pending, but police said there was preliminary evidence that the child had a fractured skull, a damaged liver and atrophied leg muscles.

When will these stories end and children’s services take their positions more seriously? These people handle cases of the most vulnerable among us. Maybe they should start acting like it.

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