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Texas Jacomini Family Plane of Four (Tommy Jacomini, Susie, Tommy Jr & Victoria) Missing in Colorado

A family of four from Texas is missing. The Plane that Tommy Jacomini was piloting has vanished without a trace. Aboard the Cesna 182 was the pilot, Tommy Jacomini, his wife, Susie, and their two young children, 8-year-old Tommy Jr. and 6-year-old Victoria. small plane that took off Friday bound for Texas but did not reach its destination. Officials said that he never filed a flight plan and no distress call was received.


Tommy Jacomini (back right), his wife Susie (back left), and their son Thomas (front right) and daughter Vivi (front left)

A family of four vanished without a trace after its small private plane took off from Steamboat Springs, Colo., KPRC Local 2 reported Saturday.

On the Cessna 182 four-seat plane was the pilot, Tommy Jacomini, his wife, Susie, and their two young children, 8-year-old Tommy Jr. and 6-year-old Victoria.

The family was headed back home to its ranch in Brenham, Texas. The family never reached its intended destination.

Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch will try and help in the search for the missing Jacomini family.

Miller said he would be involved in flyovers and will also use drone airplanes.

“Hopefully, we can get out there and bring the resources to bring this to a close,” he said.

Search Underway for Plane Carrying Texas Family of 4

UPDATE I: Hiker Finds Plane Wreckage Near Where Plane reportedly Disappeared

This is not looking good for the hope of any survivors from the missing Cesna 182 and the Jacomini family.

Rescue crews were en route Sunday to a Colorado mountain pass where a hiker reported finding wreckage Sunday near the search area where a Texas family’s plane disappeared.

Summit County sheriff’s spokeswoman Paulette Horr said authorities were trying to verify the report about the plane wreckage near Georgia Pass east of Breckenridge, about 65 miles west of Denver.

UPDATE II: Plane wreck discovered on Georgia Pass

A plane wreckage has been discovered on the Georgia Pass; however, authorities have not yet confirmed if plane is missing aircraft out of Steamboat Springs

SUMMIT COUNTY — A hiker summiting Mt. Guyot just east of Breckenridge called 911 this morning after discovering the remains of a small plane crash, but authorities have not yet confirmed if it is the same plane that went missing Saturday morning out of Steamboat Springs .

The Summit County Communication Center received a call on Saturday morning from Routt County advising an aircraft that left from Steamboat Springs on Friday morning, but it had not reached it’s destination in the Houston, Texas area.

UPDATE III: Texas family’s plane found; no survivors

Houston family killed in plane crash

Sad news to report in the case of the missing Jacomini family from Texas.I investigators have confirmed that they have found the Jacomini’s plane in Colorado and that there were no survivors. God bless them all and may they rest in peace.

UPDATE IV: Jacomini family killed in plane crash to be laid to rest

How absolutely sad and gut wrenching … an entire family to be laid to rest … God bless them.

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Potential Discovery of Evidence by Search Team in case of Missing Caylee Anthony

Now 3 year old Caylee Anthony has been missing for over 2 months. There have been few leads as according to reports Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, has said little to investigators while behind bars.

At this point in the case, any bit of news or evidence could prove valuable in helping find and solve what happened to Caylee Anthony. An independent volunteer search team for Caylee Anthony might have found potential evidence while searching. They discovered clothing and a backpack and called Sheriff deputies to gather the possible evidence.

Go HERE for pics and post.

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