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Lee Cutler Missing since 10/20/07 from Buffalo Grove, IL

18 year old Lee Cutler has been missing since October 20, 2007 from Buffalo, IL Lee_Cutlerwhen he was last seen Saturday morning when he dropped off a friend after a Friday night birthday party in his hometown.

“There was no precipitating event with family or with friends. Frankly we are all sort of flatfooted and shocked,” said family friend Daniel de Garzia, spokesman for the family.

The sheriff’s department found Cutler’s 2007 Toyota Corolla on Monday parked near a wayside on Highway 33 in the Town of Fairfield.

Investigators said that they have recovered a blanket and backpack belonging to the teen near the Baraboo River. They searched along the river on Tuesday.

Search For Ill. Teen Turns Up Pill Bottle, Letters

An empty pill bottle and letters to and from loved ones have been found by searchers looking for an Illinois teenager whose car was found parked in a highway rest area on Sunday night near the hiking country of the Baraboo bluffs.

Details about the letters were not disclosed, but Sauk County Sheriff Randy Stammen said in a news release that the bottle was for Advil PM, an over-the-counter pain reliever and sleeping aid.


Sheriff’s deputies in Sauk County, Wis., found Cutler’s 2007 Toyota Corolla off the road near a cornfield. The car was locked and unoccupied, according to police in Buffalo Grove, Ill., Cutler’s hometown some 170 miles away. 

UPDATE I: Car Keys, Wallet Belonging to Missing Illinois Teen Found Near River

The items found by authorities were located about 300 yards downstream from Lee_Cutler3where a backpack and blankets were discovered on Monday.

Wisconsin search teams found car keys and a wallet belonging to a missing Illinois teen in a pair of pants hanging from a branch in a river.

Lee Cutler, 18, of Buffalo Grove, Ill., was reported missing last weekend after attending a friend’s birthday party. Police started a search of the area near Baraboo River after his 2007 Toyota Corolla parked near a rest stop.

Search divers found a pair of tan slacks Friday with the keys belonging to the Corolla and wallet with Cutler’s identification on a partially submerged branch in the Baraboo River. A black leather belt was found on a nearby branch believed to belong to Cutler, according to a report issued by the Sauk County Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE II:  Friends start Web page as search continues for Buffalo Grove teen


A Buffalo Grove teenager missing since the weekend has a zest for life, said a family friend whose suburban home has been turned into a sort of command center for classmates monitoring the search.

“It’s not something you would lose and not go after,” said de Grazia, whose home in Long Grove has been hosting nightly gatherings of friends and peers who started a page on called “Let’s Find Lee.”

“These young men and women are tracking information, squashing rumors, getting information to police,” he said.

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  1. Good luck finding Lee for he sounds like an amazing young man! We’re praying in Canada!!!

    Comment by Roger | November 17, 2007

  2. I just saw the show for Lee Cutler on ID. It just took me away and I am very sadden. I hope and pray for his safe return to his family and friends. God Bless!!

    Comment by Steph | February 15, 2010

  3. Mrs. Frazin,
    I can not get the image of your sad face out of my mind. You seem like such a devoted, kind, and loving mother. And to also lose your husband at the same time seems so unfair. No one should suffer like you are suffering.
    I pray for the return of your son. Hang on to your amazing faith and incredible strength.

    Comment by natalie imbrogno | May 24, 2011

  4. wow, this case just leaves me astonished and sooo curious,,this case is unique i saw it on ID and it has no resolution which makes you wonder what truly happened to lee because there is soo much suspicous evidence his car, his pants, his wallet how could he have left somewhere without them, and why would he have wanted to leave his family and everyone behind without saying anything maybe something happened or he had a special reason that he left, but then if someone would of killed him his body should of been found by now or some evidence as of blood or something,,,unless the murderer took the body away from there very far,,and left his car and stuuf there, because if lee was alive i have a feeling he would have called his mom or something i mean she has done so much to find him he would have already known unless he has a reason to not want to talk to his family,,and as for the army theory maybe that might be true or something,,,but im very sorry for the family and i hope if hes alive he comes back or something because this case really intriged me

    Comment by yeaahbuddy100 | May 31, 2011

  5. Watch the documentary of Lee on TV today in Australia. Just pray to God he is okay. His mother words still echoes in my ears for days. Her words my biggest worries is to die not knowing the truth of Lee whereabout. Come home lee your mom need u.

    Comment by Peter Deng | August 12, 2011

  6. I have a theory as to what happened to Lee. Based on the evidence I have seen. There have been about 35 cases similar to this one. The evidence you don’t have is just as important as the evidence discovered.

    Comment by Norn | November 24, 2011

  7. Though I don’t know where Lee is, but I know his feeling in that case. When he left his home, he didn’t want to give himself a suicide in fact. You can see he had carried his money. He just wanted to lead a new life, a life belongs to himself.In that life, he won’t pretent his feelings any more. Because of the family, he felt that he was so lonely that he did’t want to stay there.His mother married his stepfather, which gave Lee too much pressure because he felt as if he was a outsider.He wanted to be a good child in that family, but he couldn’t. Though it’s not his fault. He fell in despair, but he didn’t want his beloved knew it.He had a great sense of responsibility, he knew what he wanted and what he needed to do. If he is alive, he will come back after he feels he have realize his dream and faith.
    (When I was eighteen, I used to dreamed to do what Lee had did.)

    Comment by Lucy | November 27, 2011

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