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42 Year Old Liza Murphy Missing Since August 19, 2007 in Bergen County, NJ

Liza Murphy, 42, has been missing since August 19, 2007. Her husband, Joseph Murphy, told police that his wife left their home after they had an argument on Sunday. Liza Murphy has not been seen from since. Liza Murphy reportedly left with only the clothes she was wearing, no cell phone, no money, no wallet. Authorities were planning to search the Oradell Reservoir in Emerson, NJ.

The case of missing Liza Murphy has become more suspect as Liza’s husband, Joseph Murphy, apparently tried to kill himself by stepping into traffic. Now don’t we all wonder what would cause Mr. Murphy to try an kill himself and then clam up after the failed suicide attempt?

The search for 42-year-old Liza Murphy, of Emerson, took place as Joseph Murphy recovered at Hackensack University Medical Center, a day after authorities say he stepped into traffic in nearby Westwood.

Joseph Murphy suffered a broken pelvis and other injuries after the self-employed painter was hit by a fire department car. He previously stepped in front of a bus and a Lexus before the fire official’s cruiser hit him, Emerson Police Chief Michael Saudino said.

Since the accident, Joseph Murphy has been uncooperative with detectives questioning him at a hospital intensive care unit, Saudino said. (

Search for Emerson mom expands

Authorities grew increasingly pessimistic Friday as they stepped up their search for a missing Emerson mother.

“To be honest, it doesn’t look good at this point,” Emerson Police Chief Michael Saudino said Friday afternoon. “I find it strange that she hasn’t tried to contact her children, let them know that Mom is OK.”

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  1. [...] missing persons case just got a bit more strange and troubling. 42 year old Liza Murphy has been missing since August 19, 2007 in Bergen County, NJ. Now her husband, Joseph Murphy has tried to kill himself. What was Joseph [...]

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  2. I Would love to help out and become a part of the search and rescue teams but I can not get a reply from Scared Monkeys to join their website. I was at the search for Brian and Tony this past weekend and feel I have hit a road block I am not very smart with the computer and I have tried to figure out how to join a local task force to help with local missing persons in my area. I have an 18 year old daughter that will be going off to college next year. I am trying to prepare her and teach her and myself of all the precautions that I can to prepare her for the outside world and to prepare me for her being on the outside world. So please consider me and accept me to your website. I am currently sending my membership application into EQUUSEARH now to help out when and as often as I can. I can not imaginge what those parents go through not knowing what happend to thier children. I hope you reconsider and accept my membership so I can be up to date on when and where I can help! Thanks for your time and consideration.

    Kimberly M Raymond/Long
    SM: All you have to do is email them.

    Comment by Kimberly Long/Raymond | August 28, 2007

  3. This one seems like a no brainer to me. I am sure we will soon be reading of his arrest, hopefully. How sad, I hope they find her or her body. I just can’t understand or sometimes believe, how so many husands kill their wives. What the heck?? I am not a fan of divorce but isn’t it better than murder? People are sick.

    Comment by Pak31 | August 29, 2007

  4. Being a resident of Emerson, NJ Liza Murphy was an acquaintance of mine. I’m deeply saddened for the Murphy children and don’t believe for a minute that Liza would be so desensitized as to not contact her own children. She loved her children. A lot of negative press has been formed against Liza and it’s unnecessary. I believe that she is no longer with us and someone who shall be nameless is responsible for that. I think the police have given up too easily because she had an undesirable past and was having a hard time in her present circumstance. If there had been a person missing in the Emerson community that was more affluent the search would still be going on. I think it’s terrible how certain people get discarded. I can only hope that the Liza Murphy case will get solved so her 3 children can have some kind of closure. It would be ashame if Liza’s children had to grow up never knowing what happened to their mother. May God Bless the Murphy children and hold them close.
    M&E: I cant imagine how anything negative would be against Liza.

    This is a no brainer case as to probably who dun it.

    Comment by H. O'Keefe | September 18, 2007

  5. It’s now 10/11/07 and there has not been a single thing in any local newspapers about this woman, since August! Anything? Is the husband a suspect? Is he still in the hospital? So many questions, I hope her case is still being worked on. I hope her kids are coping with this difficult situation.

    Comment by JrZyChris | October 11, 2007

  6. Oh my god Liza I was thinking about you and you hadent sent
    Christas card or called me so I called info to get your Phone # no listing so I went on facebook to find you and this is what i found Please any family members reading this post let me know what happend I cant beleive it. I am truley devestaded to read this She was my best friend and I will miss her very much I always think of her and I cant beleive this is happening. God bless Liza Stellotos
    Liza has always and will always be A great friend and a Great person. I cant even think of this. This is Truley a Tradey How could any one do any thing To Liza Like this
    Why was this not on the news? Why are they not still looking for her? Who ever did this to her can go to hell

    Comment by joanie keating | December 8, 2010

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