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Jessie M. Davis, 26, Missing Since June 15, 2007 … 9 months Pregnant

9 month pregnant Jessie M. Davis has been missing since Friday, June 15, 2007. Her two year old son was found alone in his room in the home.


  • white female
  • 5 feet, 4 inches tall
  • 135 pounds
  • blond hair
  • hazel eyes
  • 9 months pregnant

Porter reported Davis missing from her Lake Township home Friday morning. Since then, Stark County deputies have been searching for Davis, 26, who is nine-months pregnant. Davis’ 2-year-old son, Blake, was found alone in her duplex at 8686 Essex Ave. NW.

Porter went to her daughter’s home after she didn’t answer the phone and failed to drop Blake at her house before going to work. (Canton Rep)

If anyone has any information about her well-being and whereabouts contact the police at (330) 430-3684.

Pregnant Stark woman missing

Update I: See the YOU TUBE video of missing Jesse Marie Davis

Update II: Police Searching for Missing Pregnant Woman in Ohio

Authorities planned to canvas the neighborhood Sunday afternoon.

“At this point it’s just very frightening because they don’t have any actual suspects,” said Jane Davis, the missing woman’s sister. “They’re just looking for any possible clues at this point.”

Porter discovered her daughter missing Friday morning, when she found her 2-year-old grandson home alone.

“I said … ‘Where’s Mommy?’” Porter said. “And he just said ‘Mommy broke the table, and Mommy’s in the rug.’” (FOX News)

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  1. I’m sure it is the boyfriend or his wife. Another pregnant woman was killed in MD. A white woman who was dating a black guy was shot to death because he didn’t want to support their kid. Happening a lot lately huh?

    Comment by Boo Bear | June 19, 2007

  2. I am praying for her and her family.

    Comment by NayNay | June 20, 2007

  3. im pretty much sure that that her baby daddy had something to with it also it all seems to closly related for it not to be him or at lease someone who is closely encountered with him and its also suspicious how that 1 day old baby was found on that lady’s door step with the ambilial cord still on it the days match too closely for that baby not to be jessies and if it isnt id be surprised i just pray to god that jessie davis is found alive and well and her baby also im sending my best wishes out to the family

    Comment by pooka18 | June 21, 2007

  4. I hope that a($$)hole gets the death penalty. (EDIT)

    Comment by Slime Balls SUCK | June 23, 2007

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