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Breaking News – John Couey Convicted in Jessica Lunsford Murder – Jury Recommends Death Penalty

The trial of John Couey in the Murder of Jessica Lunsford is over and the Jury has recomended that he recieves the death penalty for the horrific crime.

In less than one hour the jury deliberated to determine that Couey was guilty of abducting, raping, and killing 9 year old Jessica. Their verdict now means Circuit Judge Richard Howard will determine whether Couey will be put to death or face life imprisonment.

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The Dana Pretzer Show – Wednesday, March 14th, 9 PM ET – Special Guests Dwight Hicks, Izabella St James, Pamela Bach Hassellhoff, and Tim Miller

Listen to an eventful Dana Pretzer Show on the Scared Monkeys Radio Network.

Dwight Hicks – NFL Star , Actor and Motivational Speaker.
Izabella St James. – Playboy Playmate, author and actress.
Pamela Bach Hasselhoff – Actress and Singer
Tim Miller- Texas Equsearch
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4 People Arrested in the Disappearance of Christopher Barrios

UPDATE: Charges on the 3 suspects not including George Endenfield include obstruction of justice, making false statements, with “concealing the death of another person.” Fox News 

New reports coming out of Glynn County Georgia are saying that 4 people have been arrested in the disappearance of Christopher Barrios. The primary suspect, George Endenfield, his father, his mother, and a 4th man that has not been identified. This is a tragic case and I hope that the local law enforcement can find the boy and get him home safely to his family.  

Four people have now been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a young boy from Brunswick, but still no sign of Christopher Barrios.
Late Tuesday night, police in Glynn County received new information from two individuals claiming to know the location of Barrios’ body.

Authorities brought in a helicopter with infrared technology and cadaver dogs to search an area about a mile down the road from where Barrios was last seen, but nothing came of the search.

Police arrested the father of George Edenfield, the sex offender who has been in jail since Friday and a prime suspect in Barrios’ disappearance, and another man who has not been identified. The two are charged with obstruction of a police officer, giving false statements and concealing the death of another person.

Earlier Tuesday, authorities arrested George Edenfield’s mother, Peggy, on the same charges. George Edenfield remains in jail on a violation of probation charge. Edenfield lives across the street from the six year old boy, who hasn’t been seen since last Thursday night.

Tuesday evening volunteer searchers packed up for the night.

“I have nine grandsons of my own and if something happened to those kids I don’t know what I’d do,” says volunteer Bernice Singleton.  Via First Coast News

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