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Christopher Barrios Missing in Georgia, Registered Sex Offender Arrested

Chris_Barrios6 year old Christopher Barrios is still missing days after he was reportedly seen in the mobile home of the registered sex offender, George David Enedfield. Over 300 people have been searching for the young boy in hopes that they can find him.

Authorities have searched nonstop since Christopher Michael Barrios Junior was reported missing Thursday about two hours after he was last seen near his home in the Canal Mobile Park Home in the coastal county. Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering said he believes the boy was abducted, but so far no clues about what
happened have emerged.

G-B-I spokesman John Bankhead said Levi’s Calls are mostly used for confirmed abductions but “given the scenario, we felt it was best to go ahead and issue one.”

Authorities expanded the investigation over the weekend to include checking Dumpsters, motels, dirt roads, wells and any other site where the boy could be found. Doering said officers have
spoken with family members and friends, but the interviews have turned up little helpful information. via First Coast News

GeorgeEdenfieldThe suspect in the case, George David Enedfield, was taken into custody yesterday after he changed his story on contact with Christopher Barrios Jr. and is being held by Glynn County police.

The sex offender, whose name was not immediately released, was arrested on a violation of probation charge on Friday, the day after Christopher disappeared. Police said unsupervised conduct with Christopher was a violation of the terms of his parole.

“He gave us one story about his involvement and then we checked it out and it turned out not to be truthful,” Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering said Tuesday morning. “We brought him back here last night out of jail to help us go where he claimed he had put this young child — wasn’t truthful. It seems every time you talk to him he changes his story.”
Monday night the Glynn County police named him a suspect and searched his home.

Doering said that after suspect’s mother also several conflicting statements — at one time telling police Christopher may have been in the home alive after he was reported missing. Doering said she was arrested on a charge of obstruction of justice. via News 4 Jacksonville

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  1. We should be able to use Sodium Penathol (?sp) in cases like this.

    Comment by rose | March 13, 2007

  2. 1. Creeps like this one need to be sentenced to death and executed.

    2. When are people going to realize that we cannot leave our children unaccompanied in public (not even our own yards) by a responsible adult? Slimes like this one look for such opportunities. We HAVE to protect our children.

    Comment by justinsmama | March 13, 2007

  3. Why was the child not being supervised by an adult while playing in public view? I have never ever taken my eyes off of any of my children for even one second!

    Comment by dee lahruex | March 15, 2007

  4. i miss chris R.I.P {rest in peace}

    We love u baby boy!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Shayna | March 15, 2007

  5. I agree about supervision. I can’t imagine why in the world you would leave a child unsupervised when you KNOW there is a sex offender accross the street! For goodness sake – WHY??

    Comment by Danielle | March 16, 2007

  6. This is a sorry state of affairs, when we as parents have to police our children from these animals. We should not have to worry about them being out. We need to change the laws–these pigs should not be BREATHING! They should not be out there in public. What good does knowing where they are and live do? They are positively going to offend again, there is no doubt about it! So why put them out into society? This is how much we value our precious innocent children!! I am so saddened, hurt and disgusted. All the lawmakers can do, like Sen Schumer, is argue and police the other party. Why dont we make them create laws and pass them to protect our society and in particular, our children. Parents can only do so much!! We are not God! The government is set up to keep us from chaos and to keep its people as safe as possible. The govt is failing it’s people and most importantly, it’s children, who are our future.

    Comment by Nancy | March 16, 2007

  7. i think child molesters need to be nutered and given life sentences without parole. they are proven to be incurable so why turn them loose with our children .

    Comment by pat freeman | March 16, 2007

  8. My heart goes out to sweet little Christopher’s father and grandmother. This is so tragic! We need to get tougher prison sentences for sex offenders of children. Why was offender living near children?

    Comment by Bonnie | March 16, 2007

  9. I was there, the volunteers. it was incredible…

    We are Heart Broken, as Human beings, as an Community.

    I have to take a step back, this is so heart wrenching…

    Comment by Rhonda | March 20, 2007

  10. I just read about the evidence – they both (father and son)molested that child and killed him and the mother watched. I feel like I’m going to throw up – I just knew by looking at their pictures that they were both depraved and now my suspicions are confirmed and I’m even sicker about this than before.
    I can’t get his final hours out of my mind – oh that poor child. Their are kids who go through abuse and molestation every day – maybe he is in a better place then those that suffer day in and day out. If these two don’t get the worst punishment imaginable I can’t imagine who should.

    Comment by Danielle | March 21, 2007

  11. This world we live in is so evil…when my wife was pregnant and still now I wonder what my boys will have to face growing up. There are so many traps, scams and just evil people that want to take their innocence….Murders like this, I hate to admit cause me to question my faith and religion. God is a merciful God correct? A loving God? I know these things, but I still have to ask why…maybe these are the last days and the test that us Christians must pass…because lately with all the things going on, I have begin to question my faith? I know that God loves all of his children…Hell I dont know what I know anymore?

    Comment by Father of two boys! | March 21, 2007

  12. I cannot imagine the loss that Christopher’s family, loved ones, and friends are experiencing at this moment. I, too, believe in God, and sometimes wonder how and WHY things like this happen. People like the Edenfields need to pay for taking Christopher’s life, by serving a mandatory life sentence with no parole-not by receiving a death sentence. Giving the Edenfields the death sentence seems much less painful than a sentence of life in prison. In either case, it is time that we all DEMAND our legislators to make more stringent laws to protect our children and punish sex offenders. We all are responsible for that regardless of our political affiliations.

    Comment by Miss Bennett | March 22, 2007

  13. I am so horrified, I can’t believe anyone would do such things to an adorable little boy. These people should have no rights and be put to death immediately…no questions asked….

    Comment by Another mother | March 22, 2007

  14. It saddens me to hear people blame Christopher’s family for what happened. I am not a perfect parent and I don’t expect anyone else to be either. As parents I’m sure we all try to protect our children the best we can.

    The bigger problem here is why was this man given a plea deal after his 1997 child molestation conviction? Obviously child molesters have a very evil, deep-seeded problem. Do we really expect for them to change their ways after a slap on the wrist???

    Comment by Mother of two boys | March 22, 2007

  15. One jail for the rest of your life…people who do this to the most innocent of human beings should never be allowed to see the light of day..

    God rest this young boys soul…My prayers go out to his surviving family.

    Comment by Evelyn | March 22, 2007

  16. child molesters should not and do not deserve a second chance to roam freely among the rest of us they have no place here it is so scarey that we cant even let our children ride there bikes around the block or to walk a few blocks to school i dont understand why they dont just lock them up the first time?? most of these cases that end up in the death of a young child could have been prevented!!! we have to protect our children !! i am sick of hearing these things happening and im sick of the laws that are protecting these monsters if it was a huge drug bust or an armed robbery would they get a second chance or even a few months in prision??? no they wouldnt they would be in prision for years!!! so why in the world would they let a child molester have a second chance??? because there is no money involved?? our children dont deserve this they are worth more than any amount of money!! our laws need to get there priorities straight

    Comment by kellie | March 23, 2007

  17. Sign petition for Christopher Barrios Law! go to Search Christopher Barrios Law. We have talked to congressmen in washington. We need 20,000 signatures! please lets do this for Little Christopher! One strike and you’re in prison for life!

    Comment by Nikki Hall | March 30, 2007

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